coming to terms
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New poems by Clifford K. Watkins, jr.


Fiery Graffiti & Stars



With a gait that yearned for consolation

You descended into a vale with a derelict soul

Our eyes met as shields of armor vanished

Leaving my heart defenseless in absence of breastplate

And as your flour-hued flesh quivered

All the stars in your eyeglasses couldn’t remedy our blindness



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When I find myself lumbering in gloom
I think back to my disbelief in your exhilaration
And your essence delivers me into peaceful luminosity
As I fluently transcend my empty room
I possess the eyes to see wholly
Coupled with a voice capable
Of eliminating the utter blindness
That deadened the beauty of your presence



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To Fathom Tranquility



While his faint voice reverberated in tedium
A craven mime scarcely hovered above the abyss
With a roving psyche that conveyed drafts of lunacy
Then on a whim the racing thoughts
Were razed by the fleeting blaze
Of an alluring star
And at that moment
He could fathom tranquility!



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Broken Silence's Voice



There was a flash of obscurity when our eyes met
And our meager strands soon shuddered in puddles of regret
Yet we reached for the firmament from respective abysses
Aching for the warmth of flesh
Coupled with give-and-take bliss
Only to recoil to our dimly lit streams
To release our inhibitions through befuddled compositions
Pretending to be whole
We struggle with the dismal realm of fragmented dreams
Questioning the construct we call a soul



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Brisk with sobriety
Imagining your awe-inspiring aura
As I hopscotch through a kingdom of heartwarming dreams
Savoring every morsel of your creativity
Ecstatically feeding on your words of truth
I no longer gaze farther than the rain-soaked glass
Trying to fathom the intricacies of your soul
For I'm at peace with myself
And the coagulated ballpoint is for now
A trace of a vanishing planet!



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