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by Fabrice B. Poussin



Forgotten Shadow


He smiled, stuttered

and he stood there

in the middle of the road

making phrases of steel

to some kind of oblivion


Boy of many decades

and thoughts of a child

dreams of rest

in a life without beginning

an existence with no end


He seemed to stare into a future

glaring onto a wall

no one else could see

his eyes shining with a joy

only he could understand


An old friend undeclared

separated by generations

but he shared a taste for seconds of courses

simple as his desires were

at a dinner made for others.


Toy of a father deprived of heart

he slaved to earn a bed

to die alone with his kin

drowned in welcomed senility

forgotten shadow of my younger days.



a line, (a short blue one)





I often wonder whence the power comes

giant hands caressing the limbs of my oaks

embraces to threaten their centuries.


It was but a moment when all was quiet

shadows spread across the realm

deep with the balm of a new summer.


Where was this hurricane born

to what distances must I travel

and understand those origins?


Now all is calm at last and the storm has passed

I remain surrounded by the icy chill of a cloud

in awe at the power that again eluded my quest.



a line, (a short blue one)



Night Crawlers


2:13 in the damp darkness
creatures pursue their march
exploratory in dense futility.

Flashes of a dim light through thin crevices
bodies at rest with remains of a late delivery
taken by the wanderings of absurd walking dead.

On the other side of the still hour
voices clamor inanities imbibed with high spirits
while a colossal canine responds in likely syllables.

Presents for unspoken celebrations journey
upon the century old steel wheels to little hearts
whistling their ominous cry through the suburbs.

Now fireworks in the depths of a vacant lot
children hide as fathers fall for a broken dream
footnotes in the headlines for troubled times.

2:14 as the dew begins to rise
forecast to another dominical bliss
when all that was intimately his recedes to the abysses of the world.



a line, (a short blue one)



The little life I saw

It’s easy to miss the important details
while speeding through endless days
as little lives saunter without a worry.

Time does its thing when darkness again settles.
to make way for a new light on all mysteries
so many tiny tragedies invisible to man.

This day again I ventured on a familiar road
one traveled by shadows blind to the land
perhaps I alone cried upon the little life I saw. 

Frozen into eternity for a fortnight
it lay on the concrete floor
silent as if it had never been. 

I know I may encounter it again this eve
devoid of its gentle dreams
erased by the hands of the hurried monsters.

I find solace in the meek thought
that it once brought great joy to the oaks
and I smile for I may love it although I never knew it. 



a line, (a short blue one)



Watching her Become


At the end of the road of ecstasy

within the fibers of a fiery milky way

a gentle star ventured into the darkness.


Deep into the cavernous entrails

safe as it swam to a nurturing anchor

its energy growing on the wave of a secret ocean.


Listening to the soft beat of a brand-new soul

alert to minute moves at unfathomable distances

she is poised to witness the becoming.


Timid dot of light in this stranger world

guided by laws carved long before time began

it continues its course to larger horizons.


Home to this eruption of infinite miracles

the flesh warms to a burn robbed of her blood

as the completion of a dream comes close.


Resting in arms wide as the first creation

she smiles at the vision hidden all around

a coy little girl’s first giggle in the making.




a line, (a blue one)


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