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by John D Robinson



‘You Know That?’


‘You’re nothing! you know that?

you’re nothing!’ she snarled at me

and then walked out of the small


I thought about what she had said,

she was right,

I was nothing and I felt good about

this and drained my drink and

strolled to the bar and ordered

another, I couldn’t think what else

there was to do.



a line, (a short blue one)





It took a few moments

for the memory to

resurface after he’d said

her name,


tall, slender, natural

blonde with a style and

elegance of stunning

feminine beauty and a

Nordic accent that seemed

to sensually evaporate,

‘I fell in love with

Vigdis’ I said:

he looked at me,

not quite believing

what I had said and

he didn’t know what

to say:

‘I never told anyone

else that I’d fallen in

love with


I didn’t tell


or my wife, I kept

it a secret’ I said:

he frowned,

uncomfortably and

then grinned an unsure


‘I fall in love



always falling in love’

I said:

he nodded:

‘I mean, I fall in

love just

 for a few


sometimes, well,

most of the time,

it’s a brief thing’

I said:

‘I got it’ he said.



a line, (a short blue one)



Another Alleyway


‘Martin died two weeks ago of a

heroin overdose, his body was

found in an alleyway in London:

I’m sorry, I know you two guys

hit it together’ she said to me

as she opened up the curtains,

the sunlight assaulting the room,

exposing her nakedness

through the thin nightgown,

highlighting her smooth curves:

I sat up in bed and after a few

moments, I said:

‘Thank you for letting me

know, I appreciate that’

‘I’m making some coffee,

please, come and join us’

she said,

as an image of my dear poet-

friend laying lifelessly in

some pissed stained alley

stormed my thoughts as it

does right now.



a line, (a short blue one)



Twinkle Toes


‘I had it away on my toes, I

headed into the woods’ he

paused and looked at me,

grinning and the said:

‘A police helicopter was on

my ass, police tracker dogs

were on my ass and a team

of armed police officers

were on my ass , chasing me

through the night-time woods,

I led them a good dance

before I gave myself up and

then after some hours in a

cell, I was released without

charge after my wife had

sobered up and withdrawn all

allegations of my

involvement in an armed bank

robbery several years back: I

was on the front pages of

the national newspapers’ he

said and then laughed softly:

‘That’s some story’ I said:

‘Well, that bitch fucked-off

to Canada with my investments

and my bastard cousin, I

haven’t seen or heard

from her since’ he said,

frowning, ‘I’m lonely and I

miss her’

he told me.



a line, (a blue one)


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