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by KJ Hannah Greenberg



To Satisfy a Curiosity


To satisfy a curiosity, often, one might elect to apprise huge swatches of

Ideas, else temper wild questions with the likes of diacritical differences.

It was believed, long ago, that horology was as nothing relative to tribal

Myths, collected skins, root vegetables stored against the cold of winter.


Later, we silly humans embraced cognitive linguistics, chose to rationalize

Sundry presumptions vis-à-vis empirical, hermeneutical, likewise critical

Representations of news, war, peace, other incommensurate moral orders.

Nonetheless, we stuffed cotton candy into our maws and drank excessively.


Existent epistemologies do little to allow presuppositions about discourse.

Often, when facing quandaries, we sink into some mental abyss or another

As it’s easier to intentionally, or “accidentally,” incorporate inappropriate,

Irrelevant channels for shared meaning (semantics’ long been underrated.)


At the end of the day, per se, we’re left with hierarchical modes of gauging

Communication. No amount of rider mowers, slingback sandals, box turtles

Ever succeeded in bringing together disparate people aiming to throttle each

Other’s suasory talk. Basically, logical simplicity’s nothing relative to amity.



a line, (a short blue one)



Forget What You Know about Love


Forget what you know about love. Let sail ideations concerning would-be partners,

Fanciful hopes for devotion, else the universe of unctuous romance. Grieving gals,

Those most belittled, regularly disparage themselves, reframe old trauma as peers’

Broken dreams, especially when including reveries of social “deviants.” Artlessly

“Normal” relationships betray womenfolk.


Consider how cultural homogeneity preserves desirable structural transformations,

Becomes organizational powerbrokers’ scuttlebutt. Discourse concerning luckless

Events, like rape, differs from natter about white collar crimes, gets converted into 

Acceptable, necessary morsels for realizing dialogical solutions to collective woes

As well as individual worries.


Yet, in confusing “accountability” for “virtue,” we stop tackling large and small

Acts that’d be otherwise disdained. Equally, we freeze up in managing premises

Needing undergirding. These societal elements obfuscate all beneficial indicators

Of choices. In turn, their perspicacity ill-suits broad strata-making agendas, foils

Wished for improvements to our civilization.


Only after overcoming allocated presumptions concerning “correct” depictions of

Interventions, might we disseminate unpopular designs resembling dethroning odd

Leaders, unseating transformations, and masking reality’s composition.

Given that Emolument’s never unrestricted, perhaps, positive optimism rounds securest when

We speak our minds about love’s truth.



a line, (a short blue one)



Grown Past the Tribulations of Youth


Grown past the tribulations of youth, yet not entirely reduced

Via cronehood’s tests, some slowly graying gals fume, loudly

Make their mindsets plainly known. Reflect how middle-aged

Mamas bereft of perfectly shaded sketches, or of crescendoes

Correctly approached, can survive dispassionately, can reject

Spot-on interpretations that cast-off illuminating authenticity.


What’s more, individuals whose head coverings differ greatly

From ones in doctored images, upon involving themselves in

Protests, clearly realize oldsters’ demarcations carry weight.

Hence, every identification that they make with storytelling’s

Traditions becomes an association punctured by our society’s

Avowals. basically, those ladies’ believed-in aptitudes bomb. 


Collective imprimaturs, in turn, belay fortune as well as such

Joy as is experienced when aiding other people. Repeatedly,

Compassion show itself to be more crucial than “distinction”

Character, i.e., a willingness to transform society, continues

As an entirely different broadcast. More than courage, social

Exchange demands heart; dynamic moves necessitate depths.



a line, (a blue one)


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