by A.J. Huffman





My Mind Recedes


with the waves.  I watch

it float, thoughtless and carefree,

pulled by a tide it no longer cares

to comprehend.  It sees my body

as sand it can dissolve and wash away.

I wish it well,

as the wind decrees we shall no longer be

anything but microbial blessings

following the breeze.




a black line



I Dream in Shark


Prone body poised to breach,

erupts in avalanche of aggressive force.

Hunger is the only language

I understand.  Need

paints my eyes black.

I see only red.

Attack is the dance of my desire.

I feel the pulse of life,

fading in midnight’s teeth.  I open

my eyes.  Light

is the only regret I know.




a black line



Of Hive





                     of busy










a black line



I Am Building


a profession, a tower, something

erected, intended to reach

heaven, a structure

of large size,

facilities, an establishment

for factors of manufacturing,

a dwelling, to endure, sustain,

withstand without yielding

or submitting, the basis,

the groundwork of anything,

the lowest division, the act

of founding, of establishing







a black line



A Touch of Champagne


Inebriated amalgamation.  A bubble-

catching shade richer than beige,

paler than gold.  Picture perfect waterfall-

fed pool of reflection.  Tint

in crystalled toasting vessel.  The giggle-gifter,

echoing around a wedding’s kiss.



a black line


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