New Poems
by KJ Hannah Greenberg


Hold my Hands


Hold my hands, those extensions of my heart,

Like these lips, pure planetary ephemera,

Are modest worlds to cherish.



a short black line




I look toward the sky,

See wondrous creatures flying

Toward the setting sun.



a short black line


Sail Away


Sail away. Help me, please. Release.

Tease others. Let me go. You know my tact.

My sighing eye. My tears, fears, jubilation.

Nightmare lullabies. Keepers’ games;

All the same kinds of ugly. Dull moments

Spent bright and clear on glens, dells,

Hillsides near, dear, precious in sunlight.


Trees align, rows by rivers, copses filling

Landscapes. Shivering, I drape leaves, forbs,

Orbit your rays. Shadowy secrets persist;

Bloom in mist’s fine droplets. Pristine no more,

Monsters loom. Here, there, elsewhere.

Mechanisms, gears, punked out garbage,

Streams funky music beyond bayou bedrock.


Sock fabrics stretch. Wovens yield,

Speed along limbs, toward maverick

Explanations. Lamely pitch forward

(Taming monkeys causes moonshine,

Weed, plus speed to multiply). High

Hopes of dope call forth authorities.

Nope, ain’t ‘gonna run away home.

Nope, ain’t ‘gonna run away home.


a black line

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