New poems
by KJ Hannah Greenberg



Songbirds and Dumpster Cats: Middle Eastern Marvel


Songbirds, dumpster cats

War over relative notions

Under my window.



a black line


A Regime of Cells and Their Opposites


A regime of cells and their opposites, such garbled genetics,

Sorted in centrifuge, kept from erroneous mixings, previously

Came together to form living stanchions, to create biological

Demesnes beneath flesh and sinew, also around select bones.


Those desiderata brought life to microbes stuck in chemicals.

In a province of gaslights, angelic curls, odd jalopies, where

Citizens discounted mediation for sexual harassment, mulled

Kind words or vitriol, fusty bits saddled tramontane organs.


Regard, healing as a saturnine experience, no matter propinquity

Among care providers and patients; mostly, susceptibility to bribes,

Parenting experience, even other “nontraditional” pursuits, makes

Young princes snicker while prevaricating around their neighbors.


Corporeal door locks, cameras, other possessions of relative sycophants,

Dab tint onto canvas, block social stiles, drop caltrops at corners, bark,

Grow facile with convergent media. Cishet individuals’ happenstance

Sometimes circulates messages full of fluff as well as hyaline nonsense.


Meanwhile, piles of berries, other woodland wonders, serve contentiously.

Honey, the best of fruit, compared to “liberal,” desultory topics, including

Ardent stalwarts’ herding obstreperous masses over hortatory possibilities,

Causes courtiers to propitiate themselves around the king’s table, but fail.


Some fill small wagons, light permitting, with milk cartons, jay feathers,

Until playing caroms, calls up portraits, gratis, hidden orchestras’ melismas.

Among persons adequately civilized to preserve the custom of letter writing,

Flapdoodle accompanies partying. Anyhow, chuffed persons rarely curtsy.


Life and death situations with undersized children effulgently impact hubris.

Tantrums, devoid of compulsion, of rage, or of other misconstrued rationale,

Like irregular regard for women’s welfare or for the health of fractious men,

Create homes for all nature of eidolons, mainly folks covered in verbal scrim.



a black line


Economically Confused


Social sanction, role reinforcement, marketability, breadth, also utility,

Don’t suffice unless focused on loss leaders or general market share.

Corporations still confuse “ideal” cultural elements with “real” ones.

Performance remains a dressed up version of countryside pandering.

Still, heuristic value’s improved when accounting for judging worth.


Conclusions about cultural implications of physical communication,

Draw, primarily, from empirical measures, elsewise form concretely

Referential words, idealistic proclamations, too much fizzy soda.

Intentions, which validate messages from all social strata, deflate.

Pretenses aside, packaging makes people eager to forget values.


Models of human behavior, which fail to fit the rank of proficiency,

Skip the interrelatedness between material and nonmaterial goods,

The interdependence of social norms look, instead, to pickled herring.

Likewise, situations posturing as beneficent, appeal to out groups.

Discredited writers earnestly protest such reduction of phenomena.


Placing ethical dimension in pathos, teleos and ethos often brings,

At some significant level, a reinforcement of empowereds’ status.

Thus, “vital edifices” (both avant-garde and traditional), putrefy.

Legitimized, as well as up and coming varmints, spin rhetoric, weed

All manner of semiotics to suit that bastion of “specialists” who vote.


Whereas analytical skill purports to promote heterogeneousness,

Only thinking that grapples with metaterms’ moral tensions truly

Makes boy scouts proud; status quo wins by a nose via presumption

Over any inchoate, which internal, cognitive, faddish tropes offer.

That which appeals to amateurs, especially young hedgehogs, wins.


Some disavowed folks possess funky color, grasp the sensory nature

In mediated pivotal expressions, pretend to grow accountability.

The burden of proof stays with those who would encourage revolt.

Life’s habits and quality helps, forever, perpetuate the elite’s régime.

It’s far easier to birth multiple babies than to civilize white papers.


a black line

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