Beggar King
by KJ Hannah Greenberg





“I didn’t spit in your cup like he did.”


“I didn’t kick you while you were sleeping in that box like she did.”


“I didn’t steal your money, like both of them did.”


“Throw all three of them to the Cockatrice.”


“Yes, Sire.”


“Malvin, you’re more agitated than usual.”


“Whatever, Cora.”


“They couldn’t have known you’d become king.”


“They shoulda’ known I was sent for their gain. Charity saves the giver. We recipients just got the crumbs.”


“They’re only human.”


“As are we.”


“You know what I mean.”


“Stop it! When you give me that look, it’s hard to resist you.”


“Well, the apocalypse has passed. It would be useful to repopulate.”


“I have to hear more pleas.”


“You have to hear an heir. We’ve none, yet.”


“What am I going to do with all of their offerings, Cora?”


“Share them.”


“There aren’t any more impoverished people.”


“So, make a banquet. Give everyone a door prize.”


“That’s a good idea. You’re saving me hours. Maybe, I could tell Rhett to cancel all of my afternoon audiences.”


“Your Majesty, your benevolence builds worlds.”


“I’d settle for manufacturing a young royal.”




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