The Whiteness of Sheets
by KJ Hannah Greenberg




She gently kissed the top of his head, noting how his soft hair whorled and how his breath, with each exhale, made the most agreeable of sighs. Carefully, so as not to wake him, she ran the back of her hand down the side of one of his cheeks. He shuddered, so she stopped.


Stepping away from where he slept, his covers kicked mostly away from his body, she, too, sighed. Her feelings for him were true. His for her were equally composed of the most genuine stuff.


She wondered why she had waited so long. Sure, she had committed for a lifetime, but the joys they experienced surpassed those that she had known in any previous relationship. She bent over to kiss him once more.


He rolled toward her, but did not wake. Again, pleasant noises came from his sweet mouth.

Again, he rolled, just a little.


She noticed that the whiteness of white sheets had been compromised. Maybe, while she was eating lunch, his diaper had overflowed.


Sad to wake him, she lifted him away from the soiled linens and changed both her baby and his bedding. As he fell back asleep, he sang to the moon. She hummed in harmony.




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