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by Linda Casper



It really was not the time of year to be parading around the streets in a pink tutu, if there was ever a time of year to do so.  Audrey could only be grateful that, because of the location, it was a highly unlikely that she would bump into anyone she knew.  There was always the chance that she would be caught on one of the hundreds of snaps that the girls kept taking on their phones and a photo of her to be beamed around the world on social media.  She cringed as she thought of the risk of being spotted by family, friends or colleagues.

For the umpteenth time, Audrey asked herself why on earth she had decided to attend a hen party wearing an outrageous outfit which left little to the imagination. She approached the group of giddy girls and was handed a pink sash with the wording “Tracey’s Hen Party” in black.  Nobody had enquired about her relationship to the bride-to-be.

At least she didn’t appear to be the oldest.  The Hen’s mother and aunties had come along, but they seemed to have no problem in entering into the spirit of things.  Revelling was the word that came to mind.  Audrey didn’t consider herself to be a killjoy but the party had already called into a bar for neon coloured cocktails and a chip shop, and now they were on their way to the next venue.  It wasn’t even seven thirty, so it was going to be a long night judging by the number of neon signs advertising karaoke and kebabs. 

She hoped that her exploits would be worth it. What does a feature writer have to do to research an article these days?  She dreaded what her editor had lined up for next month’s issue!




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