3 Poems
by Terry Brinkman




Our House


First and foremost she out stayed her welcome at home

Last of the Monacans’ Copper Colored Roof

Girl who’s out of fashion milking cows wearing Pink

Wise precaution unobtrusive molten Hay Ceylon

He muttered facial expressions with a lurk in her barn

Ghost woman with rich silk stockings waiting in the rafters

Struck him Ilk two identical names dirt grow fine

Sweet murmurs of a tenor voice quirk shaving sheep

Reminded himself twice not to forget dawn

House well worth twice the money it’s cheap

Knock or not to knock, to enter or not to enter the barn

On the day but one preceding to keep

Perceived from two different points of darn

Night of pubic thoroughfare with sheep




a black line



Sonnet CCCXI


Absence of light to dark to write

Osteopathic lower middle and upper tentative

Inverted Coffee Cups left her too talkative

Four long-lacerated Black Olives turning white

Dark woman and fair man unite

Swathe of Coral-Pink Tissue paper not sensitive

Crinkled lead paper Irish bisected representative

Inspiration shines at twilight

Ten seconds concaved surface of the Wok

South King Street’s sixth scène lion

Holland Cloth passed over her to walk

Creature Cocoa drank in jocose-serious crying

Municipal Fish Marked left to unlock

Christmas Pantomime personal Orion




a black line



Sleepy Whale 441


Elbow length Ivory work gloves over alabaster shirt

Large red silk scarf all but covers her face

Master Barber black skull cup base

Woman’s corduroy overalls under her skirt

Whole breast covered in dirt

Her pal’s Ball-dress covered in lace

She wiggles try to get out of embrace

Inside her Opossum Muff her hand to insert



a black line


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