Bananas Splits
by Terry Brinkman



Every week I and a group of other guys meet on Thursday at 8:30 for breakfast, a group of fifteen meet, not everyone every week, usually Eight or Nine meet. I have been retired Seven years some have been retired up to Ten years.

After breakfast I go to the bakery and pick up some bread and other bake goods. Last week there was road work on my usual way from the bakery to my home. The detour put me north bound down Ninth east. I drove past where the old Kmart I use to go to as a kid; it was gone they were building a huge apartment complex.

Years ago when I was a kid from Third grade until I got married, I lived a couple blocks North and East from the old Kmart.

When I was in Grade School I and my friends would go to Kmart for Bananas Splits. It was always a contest (well everything was). At Kmart there was a fountain where you buy sandwiches salads and drinks - oh yea and Bananas Splits. The Bananas Splits was a lottery you would pick a balloon, it had a price paper folded in it. The price was between 1 cent and 37 cents if we got a lowest price we could buy a drink for 10 cents, and make your own drink. (That was a new thing back then). Oh yes of course the one of us with lowest ticket won and the other guy had to drag the wagon home. We all made sue asides that was a drink with all the flavors mixed. The Bananas Splits we got depended on who was working, the old ladies (yea, old then but younger than I am now) would give us extra Ice cream.

I and my friends would make a plan for the Bananas Splits about a week in advance. During that week we would gather Coke Bottles to pay for the Bananas Splits - 3 cents per bottle. Kmart day we would wheel our old wagon full of bottles hoping we had enough for the Bananas Splits (now I wonder why we just didn’t count the bottles - oh well)

Now I go to Retirement Breakfast with my friends; years ago I went for Bananas Splits with my friends. Guess things don’t change much!


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