Why I Am Not a Vegan
by Vincent O'Connor




the fierce Great White Shark has cadaverous choppers

to gnash and to gnaw careless swimmers, beware!


and great cats will stealthily glide through the grasses

then pause and then leap and then rip your throat bare


some snakes they will stalk you and with their mouth seize you

to hug you and squeeze you until they engorge


while crocs they will patiently stalk from the water, to

drag you and drown you (I'm so sorry, George)


but the deadliest beast you are like to encounter

in fields or in pastures unthought of 'til now


is the food machines processing grass into milk

the ineffable, effable, everyday cow


brown eyes and cute moos and an air of tranquility

munching their cud but if you only knew


laying deep underneath that veneer of decorum

the execrable, odious things cows will do


they'll ingest cuddly kittens and freshly hatched chickens

and with nary a care, expectations they’ll flout


they’ll maul you and biff you and stomp you and bop you

alone or in groups so you’d better watch out!


don’t try to caress them or cuddle or mess with them

feel up and milk them their ire to arouse


for statistically speaking to score a long life

you should swim with the sharks and not run with the cows



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