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Five Sonnets
by Terry Brinkman



Sonnet CCCLV


Waiting until midnight to begin to write

Love that kills, scraping men

Her ghost will haunt you to write with her pen

The gate glimmered in still night

Putrefied with running grave sore footed light

This evening dancing on the bowling green at ten

Taking gravely oaths affidavits until then

Only cold fowl cigars to smoke at starlight

Sleep until Maggot beds wake us in vain

Lilla tree dang in side of his laughter

Clapped to carry in her cost sleeve insane

Such a rooted dislike of that rafter

Oyster eyes with a sappy head profane

Sub-normal level of adhockery thereafter




a line, (a short blue one)





Greyed bold face drinking Stratford Goddess Cider

Due hot white explicable ground wide

After picking peppers Piper is back with a bride

As kids tumble in a cornfield glider?

Found them between the catcher of the Rye outsider

Home Roses unveiled dyed

Save the flies in the face of the fireside

Sixty seven years after the decider

First embraced still chill

Sheeted mirror candles view willing

Bronze lidded Azul eyes under the Daffodil

Old fellow was pee bush chilling

Carping voice cried for a Whippoorwill

His shashlik Sweeney’s moustache thrilling




a line, (a short blue one)





Wroth young banished from the barbeque

Damn well have to see the Roman young

Her Dagger unsheathe and unstrung

Best came forward enthusiastic curfew

She’s gone to buy some Nehru

Dangerous love songs auric warned high-strung

Green thinking weeds shows up in the spring

The peat smoke blocks the sun’s view

Heart of the hillside shadow of the glen’s bloom

Night by night old Ben dug for the worm

Life does spring like a Broom

Questions purely academic Art’s confirm

Deepest poetry holy breath idolatry flume

Ineffectual Twi creakingly analysis term




a line, (a short blue one)





As she back stroke in a discreet back

Tying her stole with one hand in a bag

Reading little book about the Toad’s Flag

Bier woe betide any red Cardinal

Bully about the muzzle’s rack

Covering her fluent croak with an Irish nose rag

Belly on her like a poisoned cradle weeper’s drag

Most amusing expressions burst sideways Jack

Black edged note paper Alter blue

Slight air of the cabbage after dinner

Those ram burritos dames blew

Gave them a crick in their necks watching the spinner

Her poetic licensee Perring brew

Pack the bag of plums for the breadwinner




a line, (a short blue one)





Mother stood behind her boy’s zoom

Sleek slender furrowed backbone

Harrowed starred on crosstree cornerstone

Would she understand the mutes’ cloakroom?

All yellow candles above the Tomb

Dinner before love song of Ashland postponed

Son and father both unconscious trombone

Smiled on all sides of the room

She was here fellow country-woman gap

Rethread tired brilliants Zen

Above the Hearth sleeping cat’s nap

Played four hundred and eighty times in the Den

No one made it out to be the Irish woman’s mishap

Hews and hues the color of Oxygen


a line, (a blue one)


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