New poems
by “Ash” Gamble


Stormcloud Writer


I like to write in the whirlwind

of booze, but I'm sober now,

I like to write in the raindrops

but the ink spills and runs

onto the sand

I like to write in a fury

but sometimes I have to slow

down and check my meaning.



a short black line


Old Codger Man


the snot-nosed kids call me

old codger man because they

don't know where I've been,

they don't know what I hold


don't know about my wife

who passed

and the three dogs I love

and the house I have that

looks at the water



a short black line


Sail Boats


the man who pulled a gun

on me for dating his daughter

wore a shirt made of sailboats

and bounced as he came

after me like a summer breeze

but I did not run

because I had seen barrels

before without the sea



a short black line


A Real Irish Whiskey


the company I keep

is full of itself

and asks for a real Irish

whiskey, so I decide

I would rather travel with

another herd, one that

knows not to insult

the bar tenders



a black line

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