New poems by G. David Schwartz (* and Jennifer Wiehe)


Here I Sit *


Here I sit

Thinking about you

It is so sad

Here without you

Yet I go about my way
Trying to get by
I will not lie
It is hard
Again here I sit
With thoughts of you
And nothing more to do


Here I sit

in any whether

Wondering how life will get better

I think of life and think of love

Then think I want to stand up

Here I sit no longer
I am getting stronger
My mind clear
no longer weary
I will find my love some way


* * * * *



When People Get Old


When people get old they like to talk
About who did this and who did what
But I am still glad, you see
That people are still talking abut me
And what does make me happier still
I will say as I take this pill
They are yet so peaking of me
And I am not yet deceased



* * * * *



I Like Steve


I like Steve because he’s not serious about anything
Except his wife and kids
And sometimes not even them
That’s the way his life is
I like Steve because he tell jokes so often
And so few on them are rotten



* * * * *

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