Five Poems by G David Schwartz


I Do Not Wear Aprons


I do not wear aprons

but I sure do like capons

And caps and gowns

Out in Naples

I do not wear moonbeams

I do so look out for new dreams

And while you may call me silly

Well, Tony, I'l just castle you Billy

I do not wear aprons

But I will eat all your bon bons



a short black line


Please Look For Me If You Will


Please look for me, if you will

I am both cold and I've god a chill

PLease look out for me then

And perhaps we can become friends

And if you wish I will kiss your neck

And your German Shepherd I will pet

Please look for me, if you will

No need to look up on the hill

I don't go up there for the chill

But look in the water if you will.



a short black line


I Would Like To Kiss Your Lips


I would like to kiss your head

And I'd love to kiss you lips

and I'd also love to kiss your nose

Yep that is want I just said



a short black line




The residue

Is not for you

It is not good

and that is true

The residue

Is not for me

Just trow it in

That big old sea

Residue you

Residue me

Residue the

big old sea.



a short black line


I Have Nowhere To Go


I have nowhere to go

Except away from the snow

I've hated it since before I was old

I do despise the horrid horrible cold



a black line

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