Amid Giants’ Awkward Works by KJ Hanah Greenberg



Our portion of creation, humanity,
Still insouciantly harbors, shelters
Mercator projections of fey reality.


Consider, a recent assignment involving cassowaries,
Also fossas found among small numbers of couples,
By dint of sacrificing academic poutines, solenodons.
After shuffle board failed, we kicked in local cuisine.


Few dead, whether in spirit, or in fact,
Improve cumulative averages fainting.
Rather, denizens code exposed to ice.
Survivors cost unnatural bride prices
Still, make no noise near sheep drops,


Departed people helped stumbling emotions link up.
Counterpoint to teaching Boston’s advanced glazing,
They shock mission-driven food beasts’ appreciation,
Hire substitutes for high profile social roles & nostrils.
When driving landaus, cuddling industry norms, most
People come alive, count amid giants’ awkward works.



a black line

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