The Five to Eight Parent
by KJ Hannah Greenberg


The five to eight parent can’t: jest,
Rock out at parties, visit clubs,
Sit in reservation-culling cafés;
No hour’s left from multitasking.


She depends on “mommy time,”
Orthodics, avocados’ benefits,
Community babysitting pools,
Bargain, family-friendly films.


Pregnancy’s her consistent caller,
Along with vinegary potato chips,
Elastic skirts, make-up free days,
Microwave meals, “good” coupons.


All along, she jockeys keyboards,
Smiles pretty, finishes articles,
(Worth worldly insignificance),
Does “whatever” to pay bills.


Daddy’s free time, true, contrariwise,
Gets spent: eating pizza slices, fries,
Maybe reading library books in parks,
Surely, SMSing “the boys” if jogging.


a black line

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