Angelic Dreams. By Len Bourret


(Copyright 2008)

Out of the starlight shown compassion,
forbearance, and the leniance of mercy,
deviating, digressing, diverging, swerving,
and veering from the simultaneity of day
and night's mournful course departed,
the banana moon's lullaby cradle and
soothing windchimes are hanging,
removing the bleakness, the isolation,
and the solitude of loneliness, which
no conviction, impending doom, or
life sentence can condemn, our day's
journey restored by natural, periodic
suspension of conscious night's
sleeping, and the bitterness of our
struggles lightened and sweetened,
by the realization of our dreams we
are touched, as angels so patiently
wait, to give us a taste of a banana
split moon.

* * * * *

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