Leaving. By Sean McGahey.

The long meandering road
The instantaneous rasp of wheels
On the dual carriageway wake up the
Local melancholy folks and lawmen…
The inviting horizon
The foretaste of what’s to come
The aesthetic landscape

Luminous words in a strange land
Lowly feelings of regret
Impassioned words of yearning
Yearning for sacredness
In the rain
In distraught
In ostensible
Whilst waiting...

Feeling like Jack I
Stagger, stumble & totter
I’m leaving
Do I want a send off?

The culpable feeling of sadness
Swamps my heart as I prepare to leave…
No more momentous ecclesiastic
Speech’s of love and devotion…
I’m leaving you
I’m leaving you
I’m leaving…

Winamop Poetry

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