Poems. By Mary Cresswell.




A knight came riding, hawk in hand,

straight from Tirralirraland.

The troubadours tried with no avail

to point him towards the Holy Grail,

but he said to the lads of low estate,

“I’m only here to peregrinate.”

So the peasants took him at his word.

They chucked him out with his pampered bird,

and to this day the legends tell

of the knight who gave nary a falcon hell.



a short black line


Miss Dickens Sees
A Bird Hop Down The Walk


Whoopitty doopitty

Emily Dickinson

hopped down the walk with a

glass of sauterne.


Overly noisily


she ended up getting both

halves of the worm.



a short black line


The Coal-Mining Community Expresses
Its Solidarity When Talking To The Media
After The Current Disaster And Is Deeply Grateful
For The Good Wishes Of The Wider Community
As Always



Down mine.

Took hours.

Sang hymns.

Up yours.



a short black line


Double Dactyl


Jiggery pokery

Gwendolen! Algernon!

Poor Lady Bracknell! The

whole world’s a mess!


Proof of identity


shows that Society

always knows best.


a black line

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