Beast. By Sensous2000


The night wind blows
I see your eyes in the dark Glowing
Red lights reflecting in them

Surreal I feel myself drawn
I know you are seeking…
Hungry and ready for the filling Of me……

The taking of strange ground
The scent of a new beast…

The she beast..inside of me
Responds to the calling

Brave, proud and wild
Guttural desires that are
Raw, naked, and animal like

The wolf can feel in the air
The trembling of my body

Smelling my heat and enjoying
The fear and the heat
Knowing the feast will satisfy


I look to him

Hearing his call and lift bravely my
Life source my very blood

My desire is...the blood you seek
Red and rich filled with heat
Your claws of lust dig deep

Holding ..tearing and
Opening every part of me

I am secrets now
You have found her and she lies
At your feet¡­

I throw my head back and take the
Erotic pleasure that you give

Expanding my limits and touching
The universe with my cries of
Wanton pleasure and your growls
Of lust, we break into the silence


Of a still cold night....

* * * * *

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