Rock 'N' Roll Toad by Rebecca Johnson.


There's something lacking in my life,
What that is I just do not know,
But if I sit down and think about it,
I discover it's a Rock 'N' Roll Toad.

But what this Rock 'N' Roll Toad wants with me,
I just cannot figure out,
When all of a sudden a "ribbit" in my ear,
An invitation to a jump about.

Jumping from lily pad to lily pad,
Followed by a dip in the wet,
Wait, where did my Rock 'N' Roll Toad go?
He's drowning. Quick, we need a vet.

It's not looking good for your Rock 'N' Roll Toad,
Water from my eyes begins to leak,
The Heartbeat has stopped in my Rock 'N' Roll Toad,
Oh well, I'd only known him a week.


* * * * *

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