Two poems by Rhonda Banton.

Your woman

As I lay before you
A vessel
Filled with desire..

A woman a female
A goddess of love

Naked soft and sensual
After your love

Leaving the scent
Of my womanhood
Inside your blood

I softly whisper

Thank you for..
Loving me

* * * *

Hardcore Love

Some say it was
Not a good thing

I thought it was
A great thing
You said it was to

I was your hard core lover

Soaking in your desires
Making love with you...
You were my drug of choice

I thought I was your true lover

You rocked me
In your easy loving

My perception of you was wrong
Your fog so thick
I did not see

Nothing about you was easy
Not even your love

It was hardcore to the bitter end

But the fog has cleared
With a flurry of sunshine

I am unblemished
Clean and sober...

From you

* * * *

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