Poems By Rhonda Banton (Sensuous2000).

Sensuous Nights

Fragrant smells of
Honeysuckle on the vine
Surround my senses

So thick is the
The smell

You can almost
Taste it

Sweat softly
Runs down my

Around my hairline

In the distance
I hear an owl call out
Answered by the lonely
Sound of a train as it
Passes by

Summer in the south

I lay here in the heat
And think of our…

Sensuous nights in London

You don't hear and
You don't think of the hot nights
We had

Or do you?

This time I may never know

But I am wet…
From the heat.

* * *


If I could be anywhere on this earth
I would be with you....

I would let you
Rock me

Each and every night

Sleeping naked beside you
Wrapped in your arms

Our wetness still…
On my thighs

Reminding me
Of the love you gave me

Your sweet love

Raping my passion
Ravishing me

Until I can give no more

If I could be… I would be…
with you

* * *

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