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New poems by Andy Bate


Down by the River .


A lovely day down by the river,
A picnic for two,
Just for me and you,
You, who set my heart all of a quiver .
Beneath the fine blue sky,
You oh so shy,
And how besotted was I,
As I kissed you down by the river .


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Doubting heart.


My love, my great love,
You worry too much,
Your eyes betray a fear,
Yet I am here, forever here,
Let your worries pass,
Return to you dreamy contentment,
I am here, forever here,
For You are my life, my soul,
You are my forever,
The magic, the fun, the tears,
The reason for it all,
Yet you worry your mind it will end.
How can it end my love, How,
It cannot end as there is no end,
unburden your mind again,
Forever, even beyond forever,
I will not fail you, I will not,
Spare your heart this doubt, this torment,
Nothing can compare to this,
No, nothing ever can compare,
There is no bitter end my love, my great love.
This is our eternity.


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My sister the fashionista.


My dear, Dear, sister,
She is such a fashionista,
She just has to have the best.
She is never happy,
Unless she looks snappy,
And stands out from the rest.
As soon as she has the cash,
Off she will dash,
To buy what she hasn’t got.
A different style worn each day,
Just so people will say,
Wow! That girl looks so hot.
My dear, dear, sister,
She is such a fashionista,
She just can’t help but spend.
The latest must have gear,
No matter how dear,
She in herself sets the trend.
So many different clothes,
A diamond in her nose,
In the mirror she practices her smile.
It is Her sole intention,
To be the centre of attention,
And revel in the compliments on her style.
Great hair, great nails, great clothes,
She really strikes a good pose,
You really can’t miss her.
She is the ultimate fashion queen,
She really steals the scene,
My sister , the fashionista.


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The point of no return .


She despaired she was nothing,
Nothing without him,
She jumped into the raging river,
Knowing she couldn’t swim.
There was no point to anything,
He was her reason, her dream,
She was found with his photo in her hand,
Washed up on the sand a mile downstream .
They commented how young she was,
A tragedy, a life laid to waste,
She lost her love and her life,
The despairing girl who acted in haste.


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The secret seeds of sin.


Long ago I sowed the seeds of sin,
Better that you not know.
Misdeed and betrayal kept within,
Shadows and whispers that follow.
The depth of deception I create,
Covering my weakest hour,
You would only come to hate,
In fear of exposure I feebly cower.
A stain on a cheating heart,
Grown from my seeds of sin,
I don’t want to tear you apart,
Indiscretion, So hard to keep in.
This single night of liberty,
Should I show remorse and confess,
Mind games of a sordid secret within me,
Everything is such a mess.
She could not compare to you,
She with no name,
The prospect of losing someone true,
Honesty or lies ,either way shame.
Soul searching and penance,
Desperation ,turmoil and pain within
A lifetime of recurring conscience,
Because I sowed my seeds of sin.



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