Dog bites man.
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Web-site 15 years old, shock

Struggling minority-interest web-site Wianmop has lasted 15 years despite almost total apathy from its potential readership. We asked editor Dale Editor to tell us why he has persisted with this folly for so long.

"Well, I don't know really.. It's Winamop by the way, and my name is Dave."

"So Dale, why did you start it up and who is the secret power behind the enterprise?"

"Err, I'd hardly call it an enterprise, I just started it for fun really, because I thought we could do something interesting I suppose. There is only me doing it, I'm not in reciept of a bid from Rupert Murdoch or anything!"

"Rupert Murdoch is buying Winnymup?! That's great inside info... Hold the front page!"

"Oh dear.. where's he gone? I'll get my coat."



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Rupert made us do it!

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