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Here the editor burbles on, documenting the history of the site as it develops. It's getting to be quite a long list now, but it does allow you to scroll back right to the beginning, over fifteen years ago - Winamop's "big bang".. or was it a whimper?



December 2018


Come along everyone, we need to "spend, spend, spend" or all the shops will go broke!

Well, I think I've done my bit, I've bought myself some cosy slippers and large bottle of malt whisky.

Happy Christmas!

But before I start on the mince-pies I'd better introduce the December edition of Winamop. There's much to enjoy here, and there's probably nothing good on TV.

Here we go..

it says "stories"

Martin David Edwards wrote this Christmas story from a slightly unusual perspective. Everybody has a favourite meal for the festive season, I wonder what turkeys eat? There's a clue in the title: Human For Christmas .
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Andrew Lee-Hart is back with an unsettling case of child murders. This used to be such a good area, who could be doing something so awful? It's called Shards.
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A Christmas story from the in-house team resurfaces as we reboot Oilstain for the festive season. Join Matt on his quest to find the true spirit of Christmas.
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it says "poems"

KJ Hannah Greenberg has contributed to Winamop every month this year, she ought to win a prize! I wonder if I have any mops left? This time it's three poems: On Sounding Like a Basset Hound - Duplicitous, Bleeding Hearts and Vagabonds and That Sexy Hamster.
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Robert Allen Beckvall introduces himself to Winamop with this new poem The Trials and Tribulations of Champions. We salute him.
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Gary Beck's 'Mortal Coil' is an unpublished poetry collection and Gary is giving us a sneak preview. Here are Winter Warning - Interactive Dynamics - Warning Signs - Give Until… and Illegal Entry.
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Joyce Walker brought us a story earlier in the year but this time she brings poetry. This selection has some to make you laugh some to make you cry. A Jack The Lad To His Mrs - A New Me - Census At Bethlehem - The City - Incy Wincie Spider and She Takes The Floor. Superb!
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I hope you have a good holiday - if holiday it is where you are - and that we will see you again in 2019.

Don't forget that we are always looking for new talent, some big names started here you know!

If you feel you would like to join them please send your contributions to me via the "Mail Us" button on the home page.

See you next year.





November 2018

Time marches on and now there isn't much of 2018 left.. how did that happen?

Firstly, one parish notice: JD DeHart's new book A Five Year Journey is out now.

Let's get the November edition on the streets before Christmas comes round again!

This month the wheel has turned and we have a bucket-full of poetry but not so many stories, I just can't win. But to balance things up we have some art photography from story-smith Martin David Edwards. It's a little different to our usual fare, see what you think.

Off we go!

it says "stories"

Harry Downey wrote this piece some time ago, he sent it to me and I lost it. It's so small it went down between the cracks. Here it is at last, it's called From Mary's Point of View.
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KJ Hannah Greenberg has a moving story for us. Well, it's a story about moving, which is also moving in itself. Read Change, Too, is Good.
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Martin Green is here to tell us about A Day In March. Yes, I know it's November but you can't rush these things. Oh, wait a minute, I'd better go and put the bins out..
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Martin David Edwards has written many a story for us, but this time he brings some art photography on the theme of a Winter Wonderland. It's all about that cool look.
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it says "poems"

Perry L. Powell returns to Winamop a. He writes tender and beautiful poems. Here we have The Lineaments - Unaccountable and Denuded.
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George Gad Economou takes us into some dark places. Starting with Another Dry Bottom and the epic Mornings of Intense Insanity we then dive into the depths of Boozehound’s Last Song before maybe finding some hope in Abstinence.
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JD DeHart has three new poems for us this month. They are called: Glossophobia - Jab and Costumes. By the way, he doesn't wear his underpants outside his tights.. that's Batman.
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John D Robinson is also back with new material. Some bad things have happened but the poems are all the better for it. Try The Bum’s Dispersed - The Same - The Hollow People - The Excercise and Much More.
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What did you make of all that?

I'm always amazed and impressed that so many contributors are willing to nail their colours to the mast and contribute for no reward except the sheer joy of it.

If you feel that you'd like to do something similar, or something completely different, then please get in touch using the "Mail us" button at the bottom of the home page. I'm sure I don't have to remind you that Christmas is coming so anything a little seasonal would be very welcome!

Goodbye for another month or so.





October 2018

October ought to be the 8th month really, what with "octo" being Latin for eight.. It's all because the year used to start in March so April would be month 1, May month 2, and so on, making October the eighth month. Then about 450 years ago some busy-body came along and moved the start of the year to January. Oh well, if we didn't know any Latin I don't suppose it'd bother us?

Why am I wittering about this anyway? Whatever the month is called, it's time for Winamop!

This month I bring news of a new book by Andrew Lee-Hart through Wild Wolf Publishing. Find it here

On to the content..

it says "stories"

KJ Hannah Greenberg has written a short piece for us this month. Short but sweet! It's called The Whiteness of Sheets.
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Robert Steward introduces himself to Winamop with a fine story set in an English class in Bologna, Italy a few years ago. Read Imagine.
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Martin Green used to have a cat. For all I know he may still have a cat, but not this one, this was his first cat and her name was Mickey.
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Andrew Lee-Hart returns with a story of a well-respected(?) teacher in a primary school. He'd been there for years and years. We begin at the end; at his funeral. The title is Shepherd, mainly because that was his name.
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Margaret McNee. Lastly we continue to follow the diary of a group of young Scots on a "grand tour" of Switzerland in 1908. This time they visit the Lutschinenschlucht and have some tea!
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it says "poems"

Sandeep Kumar Mishra is a new name to us [BIO] and he brings us a collection of five interesting poems. They are: The Books - My gallery has ended - The Death of the Seas - I Painted an Ocean and A Rainbow Memory.
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EG Ted Davis is also new to Winamop and introduces himself with this poem Just plain ordinary Jesus. He's not impressed..
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Things swung the other way this month; lots of stories and not so many poems, that hasn't happened for a long time.

I'm not complaining though, it was all good stuff and I hope that you enjoyed it.

If you feel that you would like to join our happy band of contributors then please do so.

Just click on the "mail us" button at the bottom of the home page to send it in.

Goodbye for now.





September 2018

As we fall into autumn (a bit of a pun, sorry..) the weather here at Winamop command and control centre has turned wet and windy. A good time to be sitting inside reading this august journal. Of course if your weather is fine then it's also a good time to sit outside reading Winamop on your ICD (Internet Connected Device, evidently..). If you are reading on a small screen remember to try the "Printer Friendly" option by clicking on the smiling printer at top right of most pages. It might be clearer.

Parish notices this time concern JD DeHart who has a new book of poems out called A Five Year Journey, available at Dreaming Big Publications. We have some great poetry by JD on the site this time too.
Gary Beck tells me that he has another new book: Dogs Don't Send Flowers now available through Amazon.

Waffle over, let's get on to the content..

it says "stories"

Andrew Lee-Hart's story this time is about an elderly lady who treasures a passionate poem written for her in her youth by a now-famous poet. He's coming to town to do a reading soon, perhaps he'll remember her? It's called Cleopatra.
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Kevan Youde brings us a day in the life of a detective called to the scene of an attack. A familiar scenario leads him to believe that this may be the work of a serial killer he'd been looking for. Read Never saw it coming.
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J.B. Pick left a large archive of unpublished work which we occasionally dip into. Here is a story from his early days, a somewhat spooky tale called The Phantoms.
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it says "poems"

JD DeHart has a new book out (see above) and to whet your appetite here are five poems. The first three The Fate of Our Forest Home, Herd Instinct and A Night for Neighbors are new work. We also have and The Whale in the Sky and On the Stalk.
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John Sweet is back with five great new poems. Check out - houses burn - one after kahlo - your enemy's momentum, your lover's god - dolorosa and in the age of gold.
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KJ Hannah Greenberg's poetry makes you think. That must be the purpose of any written thing surely? Sometimes the thinking slows the flow of the poetry, so just pause and give it another read. It'll be worth it.
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Vince O'Connor has written a new poem for us, it's about insomnia. It won't send you to sleep!
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We've had more poems than stories this month, so come on story-tellers let's have some more prose next time!

Just click on the "mail us" button at the bottom of the home page to send it in.

Until we meet again, enjoy your time on planet Earth.





August 2018

I'm late, for a very important date! The August edition of Winamop is running behind schedule but has finally turned up, apologising profusely, wearing odd socks and with its shirt hanging out.

It isn't our biggest ever edition but it has hidden depths.. For a start Andrew's story weighs in at 3,287 words, get yourself a cup of tea before you embark upon it because you won't want to stop. And, although It may look as if there are three stories, in fact there are four, as Martin has provided two!

It's not just quantity either, all the stuff this month is top-notch, I do hope that you enjoy it.

it says "stories"

Andrew Lee-Hart's story is about a dying man. You know how your whole life is supposed to pass before you at that moment? Who's to say what life that might be. The story is called Untrodden Ways, I recommend it.
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KJ Hannah Greenberg introduces us to an old woman living in Tsfat, Israel. Lonely Planet calls it "an ethereal place to get lost for a day or two" but if you're old and lonely you need the comfort of family.. Read A Time of No Redemption.
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Martin Green recalls a couple of experiences he had during visits to London. I've put them together as a "two for one" deal as they sort of follow on from each other. It starts with Ruth Rendell has my pen and goes on to Helen Ingalls.
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it says "poems"

Ann Christine Tabaka [BIO] was last with us in October and it's been worth the wait as you will see when you read her latest collection. It contains: A New Day Dawns - A Storm is at Hand - Dying Embers - Night Refuge and The Final Mile.
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Michael Lee Johnson brings us four new poems on the business of life and increasing age. We have Old Men Walk Funny - Just Because, Bad Heart - Canadian seasons Exiled Poet and Injured Shadow.
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J.B. Pick Once more we revisit one of his little books. Here we have six excerpts from "early rising" published way back in 1981. The poems are The runner - The Expedition - The road - Father and Mother - Time and Evening.
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And so we come to the end of another fine edition of the venerable 'mop. If you would like to contribute yourself please feel free to do so. Just click on the "mail us" button at the bottom of the home page.

Until this all happens again, goodbye.





July 2018

Summer-time and the livin' is easy.. Time for a small but perfectly-formed edition of Winamop perhaps?

I must first tell you about Gary Beck's new publications: He has a chapbook "Voices of War" out on Atlantean Publishing, and a paperback/Kindle poetry collection called "Blunt Force" available through Amazon. What a busy fellow he is!

Also busy are our stalwart contributors this month, a select band of the finest writers and poets around..

it says "stories"

Jane Seaford returns to Winamop with a super story about a marriage on the rocks and an unexpected relationship which follows. It's called The Atheist and God.
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Harry Downey is back with a story about a cricketer, a dog owner and most exceptional man. Knowledge of cricket is not necessary in order to enjoy - The Eyes Have It.
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Martin Green describes a February day in the life of an octogenarian living in a Sacramento retirement community. Well, it can't be that bad can it? At least the weather's always nice in California!
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it says "poems"

KJ Hannah Greenberg continues in her poetic vein this month. Here are I Gave You Me - Some Boats and Juliet Capulet, Her Nurse, and the Moon. Some of her best yet.
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Sofia Kioroglou has written us a new poem. I'm sure you've had a dream in which you were achieving something wonderful? Like perfect gymnastics perhaps?.
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John D Robinson [BIO] continues his poetic journey through the harder side of life with power and humour. Here are: What Is It? - 1st Time Gloves On - A Vasectomy And Sibelius - A Bright Sunshine and Over-Time.
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A.J. Huffman brings us five new poems this month. Enjoy My Mind Recedes - I Dream In Shark - Of Hive - I Am Building and A Touch of Champagne.
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A nice diversion from the tedium of another day on planet Earth?

I must get out more!

See you next time, and don't forget that you can contribute too, just send me an email via the button at the bottom of the home page.





June 2018

Well, that's 2018 half-way through already. Goodness gracious! Doesn't time fly when you're enjoying yourself?

Before we get down to the mid-summer edition, I must just tell you about Bruce Harris' new collaboration with "", just go to their web-site and scroll down to number 5 and you'll find Bruce's stories, and others too.

So, what have we here on Winamop? A few stories and quite a few poems to enjoy, that's what!

it says "stories"

Andrew Lee-Hart starts proceedings off again this time with a tale of a house - now a museum - , a visitor and a curator who seems to know the place well.. read The House of Memories.
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Martin Green has been on this earth for some time now, what's left to do? I guess time just sort-of passes doesn't it? Here's a typical Day in January as an example.
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J.B. Pick takes us to a world somewhere where music has been banned.. not just those auto-tuned nasal singers that we could do without but all music. Imagine the effect of hearing it for the first time.. read Beware of Music.
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it says "poems"

KJ Hannah Greenberg returns to poetry on this occasion with three new ones for us. Here are We've Learned It's Moot, Lost Potential after Lambing and The Mage’s Incomplete Solace.
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George Gad Economou is new to Winamop and I can't tell you much about him.. We'll let the poetry speak for itself. Here we have Chained on the Bed, Cockroaches mating under the Mattress, Flying Needles and Harrowing Moments of Bourbon.
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Sofia Kioroglou writes poetry in hot and steamy Athens. I hope she has air-conditioning! This one is called The Fig Tree Will Bear Fruit. If it gets watered of course..
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JD DeHart returns once more with another collection of poems. They are The Smartest, Old Sayings, Detective, Tiny and Dramatic. All those things and more!
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I hope you found something you liked, maybe it inspired you to write a story or some poetry yourself?

If so, come and join us, the e-mail link is at the bottom of the home page.

Bye for now.





May 2018

Before we start I must tell you about Gary Beck's new chapbook "Internet Yearnings" which is available from Fowlpox Press. For some reason the web-site plays Coleman Hawkins - How Come You Do Me Like You Do (I enjoyed that) but don't let that put you off reading Gary's book.

I'm sorry you missed the birthday party, we had jelly and balloons and everything!

You'll just have to console yourselves with the May edition which is right here.

So let's head off into our 16th year starting with this splendid crop of stories and poetry, from some old friends and some new faces.

To make the newcomers feel at home we'll go round the room and each of us will introduce ourselves to the group, then we'll break for coffee.

Anyone need de-caff?

Where are the biscuits? Oh, wait a minute, who wanted cookies?

Why can't anyone else in the world make proper biscuits? Ones that you can dunk in a cup of tea..

Oh never mind, scrap the bonding exercise let's get straight to the content:

it says "stories"

Andrew Lee-Hart is back with another historical piece featuring Lancelot at the time of King Arthur's Camelot... and beyond. Read Forlorn.
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KJ Hannah Greenberg's epic tale concerns a relationship unravelling, then the strands intertwine in different ways. It's called Familiarities.
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Bradford Middleton returns this month with a tale of a man barely functioning, how will he get through the day?.. Will he even make it 'til lunchtime? Read A Morning Circling The Drain.
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Simon King wrote a story about British Prime-Minister Edward Heath last time and now he's turned his attention to Charles Crumb, brother of the notorious cartoonist Robert Crumb. It's called Charles.
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The editor. Yes, I have written a little history of the site which I hope will interest those of you who regularly visit Winamop. Why we did it.. that sort of thing. Not interested? Oh well, you can't please everyone.
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it says "poems"

Neil Ellman has a knack of interpreting works of art in poetic form. The poems stand up without the pictures but the combination is delightful. This time he is inspired by the work of Roberto Matta, Yves Tanguy, Sam Francis and Paul Klee.
read this!


DS Maolalai introduces himself to us with this suite of five well-made poems. BIO Here you have 2nd hand - The wine. Like Macbeth. R - My new leather jacket. - Drinking with Matt. and A beautiful Tuesday.
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JD DeHart turns his hand to poetry this time, and he makes an excellent job of it too! Here are three new ones called Underpinnings - Creek and What We Come to Know.
read this!


Adam Levon Brown is the brains behind Madness Muse Press BIO and he introduces himself to Winamop with five impressive poems: Serpentium - Seeking Solace - Thy Kingdom Come - Midnight Stroll and Bullets and Fire.
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That was good wasn't it?

If you want more, come back next month and I hope that we will have some for you. That, of course, depends upon the fine band of contributors who keep us going.

You can join them, write something and send it to me. Use the email button at the bottom of the home page.






May 5th 2018

Today is Winamop's 15th birthday!

Who'd have thought, back in 2003, that it'd still be going after all this time?

2003 wasn't a particularly good year: the Columbia space shuttle fell apart killing seven astronauts, Saddam Hussein's regime was being toppled (that went badly..), David Blaine was suspended in a glass box by the Thames and had things thrown at him (didn't go too well either..), Ian Duncan-Smith resigned after only 2 years as Tory Party leader (wasn't going well..), Liverpool based soap-opera Brookside ended after a 21 year run (nobody noticed), George Bush visited London (didn't go well.. huge protests over Iraq war), Rover brought out the City-Rover (absolute crap) and DVDs overtook VHS as the most popular home video format.. DVDs? what are they?

So it looks as if - along with Birmingham's* Bullring Shopping Centre - relatively speaking, Winamop is one of the more successful things to come out of 2003!

If you'd like to see what Winamop looked like in 2003 when were riffing on Winamp's web-site, click here to enter our time machine.. (we actually used to give away mops!).

We'll be back in a few days with our 15th birthday edition.

Don't miss it!


* Winamop is based in Birmingham UK



April 2018

What a fool I am, to be away on holidays whilst I should have been here preparing Winamop..

As it happens, it has just allowed the in-box to fill up to bursting point with excellent stuff for you to enjoy.

So let's get underway with this, the late-running April edition:

it says "stories"

Andrew Lee-Hart has come up with what sounds to be a useful text, it's called Guidelines for a Good Life (or Lessons I have Learned), but having studied it I should probably recommend caution before following it all to the letter!
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Joyce Walker hasn't written for us before but here she is at last.. It's amazing how many words there are in the English language isn't it? Words for things that we didn't even know existed until told about them. Joyce learned a few when moving house..
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JD DeHart has always wanted to write a story - this story. This is the story he always wanted to write, and now he's written it. It's calledThe Story I Always Wanted to Write:. Visit Slam City, but keep your eyes peeled..
read this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg is spending a little time in 1957, when all things were possible and a bunch of kids could organise a carnival all by themselves. Let's hope the weather turns out nice! It's called Just Three, 1957.
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Martin Green has been writing his "Uncle Pringle" stories for some time, but this is his first one for us. Uncle Pringle is a mediator, a man who can un-knot a knotty problem. This story concerns an incident some forty years ago, which could have serious consequences today.
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it says "poems"

SuzAnne C. Cole is new to Winamop and introduces herself here with five new poems, mostly on the subject of spring. How appropriate!
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Sofia Kioroglou returns with this evocative poem about a characterful street in Athens. If you are curious you can find it on Google Maps.. it looks nice! It is Dionysiou Aeropagitou street.
read this!



Do join me for the 15th birthday edition next month, fancy dress optional!





March 2018

Just when we thought spring had sprung, the "beast from the east" blew in to the UK.

No, not Mr Putin, but a spell of icy weather streaming in from Siberia. Brr!

Time to stay indoors in the warm and assemble Winamop for March.

It seems as if our contributors have been snuggled up to their warm PCs too and have produced a bumper crop of writing for us this time.

Let's get started..

it says "stories"

KJ Hannah Greenberg is probably our most prolific contributor, for which I am duly grateful. She has been with us since 2008, but her story this time concerns an even longer relationship. It's called Thirty-Four Years or So, Give or Take a Shoe.
read this!


Harry Downey, last with us in 2015, has come back to the fold with this tale of skullduggery and tax avoidance. Read A Rose By Any Other Name.
read this!


Andrew Lee-Hart is a fine story-teller who has brought us many great reads. Here we visit a parallel existence where tolerance is seriously lacking. Uncomfortably close to home I think. Read Hugh and decide.
read this!


George Aitch BIO has this tale of two students on a trip down to London. Their favourite band is playing at last and this will be a show not to be missed! Read We Go Out .
read this!


it says "poems"

Michael Lee Johnson has contributed poems before and this time his poems are illustrated with pictures. Audio of him reading them is also available. A multimedia experience! We start with Heaven is My Horse Fly.
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John Sweet has been in Winamop a couple of times and here he is again with another five rather good poems.They are: time, in all directions, Universe A, Glorified, this is the fire and looks up, shoots at the sky.
read this!


John D Robinson appears to live a colourful life, judging by the company he keeps in his poems! Here we have Spiteful Annie, The Alien Object, Business As Usual, ‘I’m Making Movies’ and Welcome Back To Work Interview.
read this!


A.J. Huffman writes emotional and insightful poems and we are happy to have five new poems on the site this time. I Dream in Seclusion, Aquamarine, Rainbow Bridge, Glitter Unplugged and Of Egg.
read this!


Gerard Sarnat is celebrating a Jewish heritage and mourning the loss of life due to the Californian droughts, fires and floods. The collection comes with pictures and is called Spring Fever Transcend Dances .
read this!


That's the lot for March, here's hoping that spring will be back soon here in the top half of the planet.

I already have a few pieces for April so it looks as if that should be a good edition too. Don't foget to come back and see us soon.

Remember that it is our fifteenth birthday in May so I am looking for birthday or anniversary related material for that special edition. Not long now..





February 2018

Here we go again!

It seems that our contributors have approached 2018 with great enthusiasm and started producing books galore!

First we hear from Bruce Harris whose new book of stories The Guy Thing - which he has published to raise money for Huntington's Disease charities - is now out (excerpt featured this month). His partner of over thirty years, Anthony, was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease in October 2016 and since then Bruce has been working to raise money for Huntington’s Disease research. The book is available here.

Bruce's stories are excellent as you will know if you've read any of the ones we have featured in the past. Here.

Adam Kluger has a new illustrated collection of flash fiction: Desperate Times: Short Stories (45 stories) which, he says: "Has miraculously been published by a wonderful French Publisher, Belphegor Editions. It's available on Amazon as a paperback and is soon to be translated into French for the French Book Market".

Also new on the market from one of our contributors is Gary Beck's short story collection Now I Accuse. "Diving deep into love, enmity, compassion, and regret, acclaimed poet Gary Beck brings us through the complexities of life with his brilliant collection". Find it at Winter Goose Publishing.

it says "stories"

Bruce Harris's book The Guy Thing is out, as mentioned above, and we are lucky to have an excerpt from it to whet your appetite. It's a story of school days - but relevant to life at any age. Read Us and Them.
read this!


JD DeHart brings us a piece of "Prose Poetry" this time, I'm in a quandary as to where it should go. Should it be in the Prose or the Poetry section? Well, it's here now and it's called Green Sandal Monologue.
read this!


J.B. Pick started a satirical literary journal called "POINT" back in 1957. In this article from the first edition (which hardly anyone read) we meet Adam Picklewit and John Charlatan, stars of the book "A Land Fit For 'Eros" which also came out in that year. You now have the chance to find out about The True History of Vacuism - an entirely new art movement..
read this!


it says "poems"

Orbindu Ganga has another poem for us this time and this one is about a close encounter of the amorous kind. The title is Touch me not ... .
read this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg returns to poetry this month. She has created these three intricate poems: Clouds of Bad Attitude Precede Rainbows, When Adopting Great Dangers and Least He Foment.
read this!


Cattail Jester was last with us in 2016 when he was starting out as a published poet. He has stuck with it and is making waves. Here are three of his latest poems: Glider, Routine Creature and Tongue in Cheek.
read this!


Jenny Lu is an imaginative poet who contributed to Winamop last year. She's back in 2018 with two super new poems Ready, Row and Butterfingers . I hope that you will enjoy them!
read this!


It's funny how things ebb and flow isn't it? Everyone's publishing books and writing poetry but we're a bit short of stories this month. If you have a story in you I'd love you to send it in to Winamop. The e-mail button is at the bottom of the home page.

I already have lots of poetry for March.. let's hope we can find some fiction (or fact) too!

See you next time.





January 2018

2018's been going for a couple of weeks now and so far it's business as usual, the wars continue, Trump's tweets cause shock and awe, Brexit bores the pants off everyone and the NHS is suffering its usual winter crisis.

And I've had the flu!

So really, it can only improve..

One bright spot on the horizon is Winamop's 15th birthday in May, so get your thinking heads on and see if you can come up with anything birthday-related for the special celebratory May edition.

Meanwhile it's time to get the January edition underway, so here we go!

it says "stories"

Andrew Lee-Hart has another of his beautifully crafted multi-chapter stories for us. We join a homeless man on the streets. He doesn't know his name, he doesn't let that worry him, but but he does have some pretty bad dreams.. The title is Homesick.
read this!


Eric Suhem's story this time is about a toll-booth cashier, someone you might meet every day and hardly notice. Maybe if you struck up a friendship it could lead to something? Read The Toll-Booth Cashier.
read this!


Martin Green is getting old, it happens to most of us, but sometimes it's hard to appreciate the gift of a long life.. His piece is called Egrets.
read this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg kicks off the new year with a conversation recorded in a Royal court somewhere. The Beggar King has taken charge.
read this!


it says "poems"

John Grey has five excellent new poems for us: When She Hung The Painting, Here Tell, Another Bad Hair Day, A Child Born To Ageing Parents and Las Vegas Encounter.
read this!


Mindy Watson introduced herself to us in September 2017 and I was very pleased to receive another collection of her poems recently. She is experimenting with poetic forms. Here are: Seesaw (a villanelle) and Shark Cage (a rondeau).
read this!


Rob Plath was last with us in 2013 and now he's back with three new poems. We start with homemade earring, then an untitled piece and we finish with just shrug, you son-of-a-bitch.
read this!


JD DeHart also brings us three new poems for 2018. We start with A Day of Cancellations, I Write Words and end with You Never Can Tell. C'est la vie!
read this!


Well that's it, we're underway with a shiny new year, and it's up to us to make it a good one!

See you next time.





Christmas 2017


Welcome to the Christmas and New Year edition of Winamop! Here at Winamop central, it has been snowing, and we've been eating mince pies, which means we are all feeling very Christmassy.

It's been a good year for us with a consistent supply of fine material from our faithful band of contributors. I thank them all sincerely.

Unfortunately we have lost a few along the way, some may return, others cannot. Adios amigos.

I have one piece of news: Gary Beck has a new chapbook out at Atlantean Publishing it's called Hallowed be Thy Gun and is written as one single poem starting in the French and Indian War and on through war after war in America.

Right! Before we have to suffer all the trauma of having to remember that it's 2018 when we've only just got used to it being 2017 any more; let's get into the last Winamop of 2017.

Merry Christmas! Or if that's too late; Happy New Year!

it says "stories"

KJ Hannah Greenberg The Hedgehog republic is in trouble, send for Bill, Phil, Milly, and Dill! And watch out for those lethal lizards! There's going to be a blood-bath in Fences and Neighbors.
read this!


Andrew Lee-Hart. Ian is a minister, he has a lovely parish in Shropshire and a young wife, he should be happy.. but he obviously isn't as he's run off to London where he has met Prince Albert’s Daughter. There's trouble afoot.
read this!


Now back to 1908 with our series on the Scottish girls' grand tour to Switzerland. Transcribed from Margaret McNee's diaries it's a fascinating insight into life over 100 years ago. This time we join them on a trip to the Trummelbach falls.
read this!


Captain Wozzo is our children's hero, ready to fight the good fight wherever and whenever he is needed.. except when he's busy of course.. He's back with a Christmas special.
read this!


it says "poems"

Sofia Kioroglou has sent us a new poem. It's called Maria Skobtsova - The Holy Fool and is about that remarkable woman.
read this!


Michael Estabrook was last here in 2016 but he's back - right back - to prehistoric times and the days of the real and/or legendary creatures which we can envisage roaming the earth millions of years ago.
read this!


Orbindu Ganga paints a wintry picture this time, which is most appropriate! His poem is called My Snout-fair Snow …
read this!


J.B. Pick loved the cold, crisp winter landscape around his Scottish home, and of course he wrote about it quite often. Here, as a special Christmas treat, is a selection of some of his evocative winter poems.
read this!


That just about wraps it up for 2017, I wish everyone a bright and successful New Year.

Now let's launch ourselves into 2018! Winamop will be fifteen years old, so what will befall this stroppy teenager as the new year unfolds?

I'm hoping for a nice full in-box in January so that I can start off with a great edition.

I've already written to Santa..

Watch this space.





14th November.

We have returned, I've been on holiday to the not-so-frozen north of Scotland and you've probably been doing something awfully exciting as well.

That all pales into insignificance now, because we're here and ready to go with the November edition of good-old Winamop.

Off we go!

it says "stories"

Linda Casper is back! She was last with us in 2014 with Rita The Recycler and she has another short piece of fiction for us this time called Write On. It's good.
read this!


Martin David Edwards would like to demonstrate a new lifestyle App for your smart-phone. This really is the pinnacle of A.I. It can even find your perfect date.. or can it? Find out in The App, available in your App store tomorrow.. maybe.
read this!


Kevan Youde takes us back in time to the dining room of a commandeered château where a young aide de camp meets his new commanding officer for the first time. First impressions are all important in A Natural Progression.
read this!


Jerry Vilhotti tells it like it is in his hard-hitting Page 94 piece In the Land of Milk and Venom.
read this!


Bruce Harris is campaigning in support of the Huntington's Disease Association and has a new website devoted to the cause. Here's a trip back in time to an old story of his that's well worth a read.
read this!


it says "poems"

KJ Hannah Greenberg turns her hand to poetry for us this month. We start with Tomorrow’s Bleak, Worry-Woven Landscape then No More Notice and to finish we go Home, to Jerusalem.
read this!


Sofia Kioroglou brings us just one short but powerful poem this time. It's called A Monster. You can decide who fits the description..
read this!


Orbindu Ganga [BIO] is new to Winamop this time and his poem Being Frolorn... is all about autumn..
read this!


J.B. Pick's little books of poetry were always a highlight at this time of year. He isn't here to write them any more so here are a few poems from the 2007 edition called Evening Light.
read this!


Well that's all we have for you this time. I hope you'll come back and find Winamop bursting with goodness in our Christmas edition.

For that to happen we need our contributors to get festive, but not too festive to write! Send us a contribution by using the email button at the bottom of the home page.

Bye for now.





6th October.

If I were a tree I'd be losing my leaves, but as I'm an elderly man I'm merely losing my marbles. At least a tree can look forward to a new set of leaves next spring, but my marbles ain't coming back any time soon..

I do like autumn though, those leaves change colour before they fall, the mists roll in and the skies darken, makes you want to sit indoors all warm and cosy with a nice new edition of Winamop to read doesn't it?

So, with apologies to those of you in the southern hemisphere who are just embarking upon spring, here is the autumnal October edition of Winamop.

it says "stories"

Christopher Branson joins us for the first time with this story of a young girl's life cut short. What would she have become? A ballerina maybe? Her parents certainly thought so..
read this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg is having a family discussion. It might be about food, it might be about sex, it might be about a misbehaving web-site. Whatever, it's funny and worth reading! It's called Genetic Drift.
read this!


Andrew Lee-Hart has written another of his well-crafted stories for us. This is actually two interwoven tales and it starts when an estranged wife finds an old diary in the back room of a house when helping to clear it out. The title is Angels.
read this!


Martin Green is back to the keyboard and has come up with a sci-fi story concerning a time machine and Donald Trump. That's the thing about time travel, I sometimes wonder what sort of future I have wandered into!
read this!


art heading

Wayne Russell has been taking beautiful photographs of buildings, mainly old ones, in his travels around the United States. Here is a gallery of five of them.
Have a look


it says "poems"

Ken Allan Dronsfield is feeling autumnal. He brings us five new poems, mostly reacting to the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Enjoy Sting of a Snowflake, Where Tall Trees Dance, Au Revoir to Summer, Respite and A Stellar Ballet .
read this!


Blanca Alicia Garza [BIO] returns with a selection of poems, some of which have been published elsewhere. It's a great showcase of her work. The poems are: Autumn Skin, Golden Moonbeam, Bittersweet, Soul Serenade and A Cold Shiny Stone. I love cold shiny stones..
read this!


Ann Christine Tabaka [BIO] introduces herself to you with this lovely suite of five poems. We have: Seaside, Ritual, On the Shelf, What We Say and New Age.
read this!


Vince O'Connor makes a very welcome return to the pages of Winamop with this selection of three sensitive poems: Delirium, Photographs and To Thine Own Self Be True.
read this!


A mighty collection, and all due to the skill and goodness of heart of our contributors, to whom I am most grateful.

If you also have a desire to write - draw or whatever, a generosity of spirit and some talent, then please contact me, the email button is at the bottom of the home page.





11th September.

What's going on with the world? Earthquakes, hurricanes, nuclear sabre-rattling and The Great British Bake-off on Channel 4?

Well, there's not a lot we can do about it, so let's just immerse ourselves in some fine stories and poetry.

Before we start I must tell you about Katie Lewington's new self-published chapbook Popcorn, which you can find here at Amazon. It's well worth a look.

Good; now for the super September edition of Winamop.

I'm really pleased to be able to bring you a fine selection this time, and our contributors have been working so hard that we've caught up a little time. That means you didn't have to wait a whole month for this edition.

Enough of my waffle, let's get to the good stuff..

it says "stories"

Andrew Lee Hart returns. I have been looking forward to bringing you this story since it arrived, just after August's edition was finished. It's of the usual high quality from Andrew and it's called Dead and Buried.
read this!


Martin David Edwards is also back with another excellent story that I've been eager to present to you. The synopsis for this one is "A man seeks a thrill but gets a shock". It's called Braintease.
read this!


Martin Green takes another trip to the planet Euphemista where things are similar, but not quite the same, as here on Earth.. This story is all about the pitfalls of Getting a Promotion on Planet Euphemista.
read this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg takes us out into the world of the wild where one species feeds on another. It's a hard existence for a bird trying to raise a family in Redwing.
read this!


it says "poems"

Jenny Lu is new to Winamop and introduces herself with a suite of poems on the subject of relationships. We have Switzerland - 2015, Muddy Socks, Au Revoir and The Silver Lining.
read this!


Mindy Watson is also making her first appearance here with: Lucidities (two ovillejos), A Queen of Infinite Space (a rondel), Shifted Spaces (a kyrielle), and Emergent’s Roots (an acrostic sonnet).
read this!


Sofia Kioroglou brings us a single poem this time, but it's a good and uplifting one! It's called If life ain't been no crystal stair . She has a YouTube video for this one too!
read this!


John Grey [BIO] has a brand new selection of his high quality poetry for us to enjoy. The poems are: During The Riots, On The Red Line, Human Sacrifice, City Folk and A Disappointing Year, Same Old Pond.
read this!


Well that was good wasn't it? We'll do it again next month so long as the contributions keep coming in.

If you feel that you would like to send something in then please contact me, the email button is at the bottom of the home page.





19th August.

Welcome to the sizzling August edition of Winamop. Our contributors have been working hard to fill it with the finest stories and poetry - when they could have been away on holiday. That's how dedicated they are.

If you're lying on a beach somewhere or trekking up a rock-strewn mountain I hope you enjoy reading it. On second thoughts, if you are trekking up a rock-strewn mountain you'd probably better look where you're going and read Winamop at base camp!

Ready? Set. Go!

it says "stories"

Eric Suhem gets this edition off to a flying start with a tale of young entrepreneurship clashing with big business. The title is Lemonade.
read this!


Jane Seaford first featured on Winamop a year ago. Now she's back with a story about a meet-up between two sisters on the occasion of one of their birthdays; what could be nicer? Quite a lot of things evidently.. Read Happy Birthday and see.
read this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg reflects on the relationship between parents and their almost-but-not-quite-adult offspring. Often a tricky time.. No! You can't have any more money! Post - Teens is the title.
read this!


Simon King is new to Winamop (Welcome Simon!). If you are over 55 and live in the UK you can probably remember the demise of Edward Heath's government in the face of rising industrial unrest. Simon takes us back in his story Heath.
read this!


JD DeHart returns! In Hamlet 2.0 he places the prince in the modern age of Twitter and Instagram. Does that improve the situation I wonder..
read this!


it says "poems"

Jake Sheff introduces himself to Winamop with an excellent set of new poems. Here are The Way A Mother Dances - In Times of Economic Hardship - Estate Sale - And Yet, They Rage and The Political Poet.
read this!


John D Robinson is back with a new set of poems. I have to warn you with a big red R because some of them are pretty strong stuff. Good though!.
read this!


J.B. Pick, our founding father, left a rich treasury of poetry and prose when he died and occasionally we dip into it. Here are some of his short poems from two of his little books games & short words and As simple as possible.
read this!


That's about the size of it for August. September is shaping up nicely already, if you are considering contributing please do so soon! The email button is at the bottom of the home page.





22nd July.

Back in June and I feared that we wouldn't be able to continue putting out monthly editions, but thanks to all the contributors below, we've managed to assemble a terrific collection of stories and poetry for you.

It's great to have Donal back with us, as well as Martin, Channie, Andrew, John, Vince and Fabrice and also to welcome new contributors - Bradford and Gale - to the site.

Before we get to the content there is just one parish notice: KJ Hannah Greenberg tells me that she has a new poetry book, Mothers Ought to Utter Only Niceties, available on, but if readers buy it through, they can use the discount code, KRJ5K8P5 to get 30% off!

OK. Lots to enjoy so let's get started..

it says "stories"

Donal Mahoney returns! Great to have one of our most prolific contributors back; this time it's with the story of Rudy who is in a wheel-chair. Most people don't have a problem with that.. Read A Problem with Rudy.
read this!


Andrew Lee-Hart is a great constructor of worlds and this one lies before and after the second world war when communism was both fashionable and feared. It is called Entertaining Angels. I recommend it.
read this!


Martin Green is also one of our most prolific contributors and he's back too! He tells the tale of a planet far away, but strangely familiar, where feminism has been cranked up to 11. What would that mean for Love on the Planet Euphemista?
read this!


Bradford Middleton [BIO] has written his first story for us, it's called Love Around the Corner and it's about Jack who has become disillusioned with relationships and has rather let his life go - but maybe there's a slim chance of him finding love?
read this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg makes the case for the older and more experienced writer. She's pushing at an open door here! The piece is called Saggy Skin’s Beauty Queen Prose.
read this!


it says "poems"

John Grey is an accomplished poet who has written for us many times. Here we have We Pioneers, Swinging Gate, Death of a Cat in These Parts, Breakup With Joanna, Sleepless and Pregnant Rita.
read this!


Vince O'Connor returns to Winamop with a couple of new poems: She and Losing.They are tender and poignant.
read this!


Gale Acuff [BIO] is new to Winamop and introduces himself here with a suite of poems on first love at Sunday school. You'll enjoy them.
read this!


Fabrice B. Poussin has contributed some photography in the past but now he brings us a suite of poems, some with a sense of warmth and some with a sting in the tail.
read this!


Well, I hope you found something you liked in this month's edition. If all goes well we'll be back again some time in August.

If you'd like to contribute, just contact me via the email button at the bottom of the home page.

Until we meet again.





22nd June.

We did it!

Thanks to all those who rallied round, put fingers to keyboards and wrote until they could write no more. That elite band of authors and poets which you see arrayed below.

Fine contributors all.

So, this edition may be a little behind schedule but it's a good one.

I hope that you enjoy it.

it says "stories"

Kristy Kerruish [BIO] brings us a story about a couple of archaeologists who have unearthed a stone head. It's obviously very old but, as it was buried in the ground it can't mean much to the locals can it? It's called The Beltane Fires.
read this!


Kevan Youde returns with this tale of an inquisitor so effective that he can squeeze a confession out of anyone. How does he do it? Read The Inquisitor and find out.
read this!


Eric Suhem takes a trip into the country to visit some unusual villages. If only one could find the perfect place to live, maybe this next village will be it? The story is called The Village of Belonging.
read this!


JD DeHart is here to introduce us to Doctor Milo, who bamboozles everyone with his amazing mathematical prowess. But is he all he seems to be?
read this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg reflects upon her life as a writer in this piece called Beasties, Babies, Publishing, and Circuses. Surely it can't all be bad?
read this!


it says "poems"

Gary Beck kicks off the poetry corner with a selection from his collection Ignition Point. Gary also has a new 116 page book out called Virtual Living which is widely available. Get yours today!
read this!


Neil Ellman is the poet who references works of art in his pieces. Last time he featured the work of Paul Klee - and we have a Klee painting here too - but this time he casts the net a little wider...
read this!


Michael Lee Johnson has got trouble. Trouble with doctors, trouble with women, trouble with life.. He's not down about it though, and brings a touch of humour to his poetry.
read this!


"With a little help from my friends" we got by - well it is the 50th anniversary of the release of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band!

Thanks to you all, readers and writers alike.

Until the next time.





6th May

Are you feeling full of the joys of spring? If not, why not? The blossom is on the trees and the sun occasionally shines, so it seems that 2017 has finally got into its stride.

If you've mown the lawn or watered the window box or just stumbled in after a nice healthy walk - or perhaps just crawled out of bed after a heavy night in a seedy bar - then just relax and unscrew the lid from our jar of delights. You've earned it!

Here in Britain we've got a general election going on, Winamop brings you up to date with all the candidates who want to lead us through the next few, difficult years in our News section.

There's also a new Page 94, but that's not important right now. Let's get on with the good stuff.

We have some top fiction in the Stories department and a small but perfectly formed Poetry section which will inspire you.

Off we go:

it says "stories"

Donal Mahoney has written many stories for Winamop. By my reckoning this is number 56.. quite some achievement! This one is about Two Old Poets, One in a Rush, and that's what it's called.
read this!


Eric Suhem has brought us the story of a wife who has been married to a birdwatching husband for 30 years and her daughter who plans to marry an ornithologist. A marriage made in heaven?
read this!


Andrew Lee-Hart joins us again with the tale of Samson; a boy growing up in a turbulent Warsaw before the second World-War. His life was influenced by an inspirational Rabbi, an influence which lasted to the end.
read this!


Martin Green has been feeling his age, what about a spot of light gardening to lift the spirits? Those roses need feeding..
read this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg's story this month is one of her "Bunnies" tales (sorry, can't resist a pun). Here Plumper makes a big sacrifice for her offspring in Rabbit's Foot.
read this!


it says "poems"

Gerard Sarnat kicks off a small but excellent poetry section this time. Gerard is a much published poet and a medical man BIO. This collection of pieces is most entertaining and should make you think.. and there will be more soon!
read this!


John Grey [BIO] impressed me with his last collection of poems and now he's back with more, equally fine, poetry. This time we have Jamaican Sunday, Why I'm Stuck Here, Ms Unique, Not Even Thinking of Love, Beachcombing and On The Subject of Spring. Superb.
read this!


That's all we have for you this month, hopefully we'll return in about 30 days with some more. If you feel like contributing don't forget to get in touch, the email button is at the bottom of the home page.

À bientôt, as my Scottish grandmother hardly ever said.





8th April

Happy Easter everyone.

I have just returned from a land far, far, away - only to discover that it's time to finish Winamop's April edition (no fooling!).

Before we start I have some exciting news from KJ Hannah Greenberg: Her new book, Can I Be Rare, Too? is now available via Amazon. It includes some stories you may recognise!

And whilst on the subject of Winamop contributors publishing new books: Gary Beck's new volume of poetry Tremors is now available on Amazon as a paperback or Kindle edition.

Parish notices over?


Start the music..

it says "stories"

Donal Mahoney's story this time is about the way an upbringing which is less than ideal usually has consequences further down the line. It's called An Affective Disorder, the Doctor said.
read this!


Andrew Lee-Hart is back [BIO] with a new story concerning an aspiring architect, a drunken Duke and his pet project. His stories are full of colour and detail, a very good read. This one is called Folly.
read this!


Martin Green reckons that the Martian's are coming. Well, the way politics are going it probably couldn't get worse.. Or could it? Find out in The Martian Invasion.
read this!


Alex Wyte is an occasional contributor to Winamop and this is one of those occasions. He's been spring cleaning with unexpected consequences. Still, it'll make a good story.
read this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg is finding it difficult to feed the family - especially the large ones - without spending a fortune. What about quinoa? That's cheap and nutritious, they'll love it!
read this!


it says "poems"

Martin Friel has written another poem. Every month I sit here and ponder on the place of Winamop in this world. Is it worth the time and money that I expend upon it? What is the point of me doing it?
Well.. This is the point. (Thanks Martin).
read this!


John D Robinson returns with a new collection of five excellent poems; this time examining the life of a poet in some detail - and it doesn't look too healthy. Is it too late to consider a detox?
read this!


JD DeHart has created a "prose poem" for us next. Looks like prose, reads like poetry. Well.. why not? It's called Faulkner in February.
read this!


Jim Spriggs has written nothing at all...
read this!



It's about this time that an Easter bunny comes on and says "That's All Folks" and I crawl back under the bed-clothes until next month.

In order to ensure that there is an edition next month I'll be needing some submissions. The E-Mail button is - as always - at the bottom of the home page.

¡hasta luego! as they may say in the Canary Islands (if I've got my Spanish right).





8th March

Yes it's March, watch out for mad hares and that fellow Brutus.

Before we get to the new edition, a bit of news:

Erstwhile contributor Bruce Harris has been in touch he would like you all to know about his new web-site at It has interview material from Joanne Harris, Alison Moore, Sue Moorcroft and other leading writers.

The site is intended to provide support for the Huntington’s Disease Association, following his partner being diagnosed with this hereditary illness in October of last year. A worthy cause.

Meanwhile back here on plain old Winamop we're settling in to 2017 quite nicely. This March edition is quality all the way.

We'll start with, as always, stories..

it says "stories"

Donal Mahoney's father came to the US from Ireland at a time when relations between the Irish and the occupying English were very bad. His youthful zeal for the cause of Irish independence had landed him in serious trouble. He never forgot his mistreatment, but he did learn a new trick..
read this!


Martin David Edwards makes a welcome return now with The Happiness Retreat a story in which a man goes to a weekend happiness retreat, determined to get a refund. He'd rather have had a lawnmower..
read this!


This little fantasy from JD DeHart takes us to a land where dragons roam and Odin (occasionally) walks the streets unrecognised (due to his unusual coiffure). It's called Raven Man.
read this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg has been trying to decide what Halloween tricks to play next year. She doesn't want another Halloween like last year! (Channie's word of the month is "periphrastic" meaning "circumlocutory" or "roundabout").
read this!


Martin Green gets philosophical in this tale. Is our life's path all mapped out for us from the start? Or do we have the option to change course? Or do we just think we have? I don't know - but watch out for the cat.
read this!


it says "poems"

Martin Friel has turned his hand to poetry this time. This captures the essence of a life not quite complete as the art in the soul is suffocated by the mundanities of daily life. It's called Death of the artist. I like it!
read this!


It's good to have another suite of poems from John Grey . He really immerses you in the scenes. Here we have: Blood Rites, In Their Field, Art In Wartime, Suburban Neighborhood - Full Moon, Into Each Life and The Young Woman Who Will Be Old Some Day.
read this!


Michael Lee Johnson has sent in another collection of his poetry. Here we have Sing it Frank - Physical Therapy, Ding Dong School, Compliance, Give Me Booze or Give me Jesus and Journaling, Labeling Theory .
read this!


That's all we have for now, I enjoyed the selection and I hope you did too.

You are welcome to contribute to the site, just email me your writings in almost any format except PDF because they are a bit of a fiddle to deal with.

The email button is at the bottom of the home page.

I'm off to see the sun now, back in April.





8thFebruary 2017

February already? We'll have this year all done and dusted in no time!

I have just returned from Scotland where the weather was doing nothing in particular so I haven't been able to build a snowman. Most disappointing.

I have been able to get February's edition of Winamop underway though, and to prove it - here it is..

it says "stories"

Donal Mahoney's story this month concerns a married couple with a nocturnal problem. No, not that sort of nocturnal problem! It was what might be termed "restless sleep"; very restless sleep. A cure was eventually found..
read this!


It's good to have Martin Green back on the site with a new story. It's an inevitable consequence of getting old that you tend to become forgetful; our protagonist has lost his cap.. he'd probably lose his head if it were loose!
read this!


Steve Slavin returns to Winamop next with his story The Runner. It comes from To the City, with Love, which was recently published by Martin Sisters Publishing. Ready, set, go!
read this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg goes back to story-telling this time and here she relates the tale of a photographer "down and out in New York City" and looking for that break. It's called Serendipity.
read this!


it says "poems"

The poetry section is headed up by Gary Beck with a sample from his unpublished collection Fractional Disorder which examines the anomalies, frequently unnoticed, that confound us. The poems are: Preservation, Change is Constant, Fallen Empire, Downturn’and Rabid Disease.
read this!


Time now to welcome Indunil Madhusankha [BIO] to Winamop. This Sri Lankan poet has contributed five poems which cover a wide range of subject and style.
read this!


I have another introduction to make: Stephen Philip Druce is a poet from Shrewsbury here in the UK and he has sent four unpublished poems for us. They are Sea Creature Disco, Sugar River, Real Friends and She Is Sci-Fi.
read this!


Finally a little dalliance with Harry Fox, courtesy of Sofia Kioroglou. Watch your step!
read this!


That was good wasn't it?

I do hope you'll pay Winamop another visit in the near future and, if you are that way inclined, perhaps contribute yourself?

There's an email button at the bottom of the index page which will put you in contact with me.

Bye for now.





7thJanuary 2017

Here we come, rubbing our eyes and trying to focus after an orgy of consumerism and over-indulgence.. Oh, you've been at a vegan gluten-free retreat during the festive period have you? Well, I've been contributing to the Scottish economy by drinking all their whisky!

Whilst I consult my diet plan and wonder what on earth awaits us in 2017 you can relax with the all-new January edition of Winamop.

Here we go:

it says "stories"

We kick of the New Year as we finished the old one: with a story from Donal Mahoney. The parents of a soon-to-be-born child are faced with a dilemma in The Farmer and Toulouse Lautrec.
read this!


Now it's time to introduce you to Andrew Lee-Hart, who has sent in this excellent story about an art tutor with a very promising, but unsettling, student. It's set at the beginning of the 20th century and it's called Who by Fire.
read this!


I have another introduction to make; Ozimede Sunny Ekhalume is a Nigerian author and poet. His writing has appeared in The Missing Slate, Poetry Pacific and elsewhere. Here we have a flash fiction piece called My Neighbours' Dog.
read this!


An unusual piece next from KJ Hannah Greenberg. It's a conversation based on snippits of songs. How many can you sing? Have a go with Didn't Kill 'em: A Musical Confession.
read this!


it says "poems"

Poetry now, and we start with the return of AJ Huffman who brings us 5 poems: In the Hungover Bathroom of Wakefulness, Crevices, Of Fire, I Count Memories and The Waves Have Teeth.
read this!


Some of you may be familiar with Adam Levon Brown as he is editor of Madness Muse Magazine amongst other literary endeavours. Today he has brought three poems for us: Queer Confessional, The Pursuit of Joy and Mediatainment.
read this!


Time now to welcome back Blanca Alicia Garza who was last with us in April. This time she brings us a new collection of five sensational poems. Read Hush Love, Blush, A lonely Night, Free and Winter Night.
read this!


A super new collection of poems now from Allison Grayhurst. Allison, who is a Canadian poet, has written for us before and the quality is always excellent. Here are: Without Hunger, Break The Chain, In The Centre, It Is and What Is Good.
read this!


We finish with a new collection of ekphrastic poetry by Neil Ellman. This time he has been taking inspiration from the work of the twentieth century Swiss expressionist painter Paul Klee.
read this!


Not a bad start to a fledgling year is it?

Let's hope it continues in the same way..





December 8th

holly more holly

Looking out at the leaden skies of December it's easy to succumb to a little S.A.D. but here's something to bring some light into your life: The super-duper Christmas edition of Winamop, covered in flashing lights and bulging like Santa's sack with all the delights you could wish for!

Let's start with some fiction:

it says "stories"

We must have a Christmas story at this time of year and Donal Mahoney has brought us this one about a man who always got to play Santa Claus. The trouble was - he didn't like it much.. Read A Not-Too-Jolly Santa Claus.
read this!


Now a splendid tale from Kevan Youde. The Emperor's forces are deep in Portuguese enemy territory, our heroes have a simple task, just guard the bridge. What could possibly go wrong?.. Read Captain Macaco.
read this!


Next we have a super story from Martin David Edwards. Simon has gone to Bulgaria for a sales conference. These things can be so boring.. but it's in Bulgaria - that should be interesting - and maybe he'll make friends? It's called Welcome to Bulgaria.
read this!


Now a slightly spooky one from Kristy Kerruish who brought us the most enjoyable Waiting for Hippo earlier this year. This is set in an old house which is reputed to be haunted, but is it? Read The Visitors and find out!
read this!


Over to the news-room now - and Martin Green reports on the 2016 Earth Debate from a planet far far away where our petty concerns (like who's just been elected president of the USA) are nothing to them.. or are they?
read this!


We leave the fiction section with this piece by John Gabriel Adkins [BIO] which he describes as "a strange, minuscule story that I cannot really describe" - OK so there's no description - just read Single Parenting; it won't take long!
read this!


it says "poems"

Into the poetry section; and it's a pleasure to welcome James Diaz [BIO] back to Winamop. He brings us The Radio, Playing Our Song - Listen Kid - The Place With No Name, Call It Home - Can. Did. Do and Mother Nature Smoking A Cigarette Against A Chain Link Fence. Great stuff.
read this!


Also returning with new material is Ken Allan Dronsfield. This time we have a slightly wistful collection of Corn Stalk Scarecrow, Times of Joy and Raven's Gold.
read this!


New to us this time is John Grey, an Australian poet resident in the USA. I think you'll enjoy this selection: Dear Famous Guy - Meet The Mummy - The Equestrian Statue - Chicago In The Fall and How To Keep It Going.
read this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg returns with two more poems this time. Here we have: We Walk Honeysuckle plus Jasmine and Biting into Bok Choy.
read this!


The second new name this month is Sudeep Adhikari from Kathmandu [BIO]. He is a structural engineer and he certainly know how to structure a poem.. (sorry about that). Please enjoy God Is Dread.
read this!


We finish with a bit of fun from G David Schwartz - well it is a holiday edition! We have: I Threw An Onion In The Air - I Knew A Girl Named Barely - I Didn't Know Jackie Robinson - I Do Love The Onion and There’s A Pill You Can Take.
read this!


A good selection to end the year upon and I hope that you will join us again in the New Year.

I'll raise a glass in hoping that it'll be a better year on this troubled planet!

Have a good holiday.





November 8th

Brrr! It's cold out there.

A good time of year to stay indoors and surf a little. Winamop can help because here is the new edition of our under-the-radar under-resourced e-zine.

We're a little late as I was hanging on, hoping for more fiction pieces to turn up.

Let's start with the ones that did:

it says "stories"

First up as usual is Donal Mahoney. This story is about an octogenarian called Elmer who's looking back on his relationships with women and has come to the conclusion that the one thing he wants is a reaction.. be it Love or Anger.
read this!


Now we go over live to our intrepid reporter JD DeHart who is with Dr. Cree's expedition into the previously unexplored world of the the X culture, an ancient Latin-American tribe only recently discovered. I expect it'll be perfectly safe! It's called The Ruin.
read this!


Adam Golub [BIO] is a new contributor who claims he has enough mops - so isn't concerned that we only issue virtual mops these days! He definitely qualifies for one with this story of a teenage band; it's called The Drummer.
read this!


Now it's time to call in the reserves. I like to write the odd story in case there's a lull in the proceedings and I'm afraid we're a bit short on the fiction front this month. Therefore I must introduce you to Breeze-man. I hope you enjoy it.
read this!


We may not have enough stories this time but we do have some excellent art photography from Fabrice B Poussin. I'm sure you will enjoy this selection of his recent work. Click on the small images for a full-size view.
see it!


it says "poems"

Into the poetry section now and it's great to be able to bring you a new suite of poems from Richard Schnap. I'm sure you will enjoy these. We have: Exposures, Bequest and Phantasm.
read this!


Next comes KJ Hannah Greenberg with her latest poetry collection. Philosophical as usual and always very articulate. I usually learn a new word from Channie's material, this time it's "cishet" - meaning someone who's heterosexual and has stuck with their birth gender. There's a word for everything and we celebrate the fact.
read this!


Now it's my pleasure to introduce Sheikha A. to Winamop. She is a poet from Pakistan and The United Arab Emirates [BIO] and her poems are full of colour. Here we have Cliff Tops, Kotri Bridge and Paper Windmill. Well worth a look.
read this!


A couple of short poems next from Sofia Kioroglou. The first is a Christmassy piece in the poetic form Nonet (9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 syllables) called Beit Sahour and then we have "Raitho". A veritable Middle-Eastern tour!
read this!


Lastly I welcome back AJ Huffman [updated BIO] who has been busy doing domestic things by the sound of it. Inspiration comes from all corners and these poems demonstrate that wonderfully. We have The Baseball Cap was Moonlighting, Self-Portrait as Sea Crate and I Refused to Fishhook a Piece of Chicken.
read this!


Christmas is coming so readers will be expecting a "bumper" holiday edition. As you can see from above, we are always well supplied with poetry but the fiction is more difficult to come by. Have you a story for us? The EMail button is at the bottom of the home page.

I'm off to start writing my Christmas list, I don't want all socks again this year..





October 3rd

Have you noticed the nights getting longer, the days getting shorter? The leaves turning? If you're reading this in the Southern hemisphere I guess not.. but I have. Funny how we all live on the same planet but experience it differently isn't it?

Anyway that's all totally irrelevant because the most important thing to happen world-wide is the publication of the October edition of Winamop!

In the editorial department (ha!) we've been deluged with new material.. thank you to all those who have contributed, your efforts are appreciated. I have selected the best of the submissions and you will notice that the poetry section entirely features the work of new contributors.

Let's start with the stories:

it says "stories"

First a short story from Donal Mahoney. Have you ever considered that there may be beings around us who are not quite the same as the rest of us? They may be those Strangers in a bar, sitting nearby. Sammy may find out soon though..
read this!


All's right with the world as we follow Donal's story with one from Martin Green - who has been with us for over 10 years! What a stalwart (that's meant as a compliment). He tells me that his new book The View From 85, is now available at Amazon, Barnes&Noble and some other sites. Martin's story this time is called Becoming A Southern Californian.
read this!


Talking of stalwarts; we now feature KJ Hannah Greenberg who has been with us since the end of 2008. She tells me that a collection of her poetry entitled A Grand Sociology Lesson, has just launched. Why not take a look?
Her latest story is a snapshot in the life of an author who appears to be neglecting her family responsibilities in the cause of her art. Read Paragraphs Trump Pizza.
read this!


Now it's time to welcome Martin David Edwards [BIO] back to Winamop. His last story for us was a couple of years ago and he returns with the tale of a girl called Fortune. Unfortunately, up until now Fortune seems to have attracted only bad luck..
read this!


it says "poems"

We begin the "all new" poetry collection with a single short poem from new contributor Gary Floyd. Gary's piece captures that empty feeling after a break-up. It's called One Lone Sock.
read this!


We follow that with a collection of four poems from our second new contributor: Jess Mize. Her poems are called Making Paper, Chrysalis, Tebeth and Sincerity.
read this!


Rebecca Weigold also introduces herself this month and brings two new poems. They are I hold these truths (What you give) and Had I the pleasure. I hope you enjoy them.
read this!


Now here's another new talent - Wren Tuatha. Wren really has a nice style and the poetry is thought provoking and enjoyable. Here we have Bigger than Birdseed, Forty Different Jaspers, Purple Movements, walking meditation and Broom Zen.
read this!


The fifth new contributor this month is Lourdes Verónica, a Moscow-born translator and teacher currently living in Rome. In her collection we have Yearning between Species, This heart is such a whore, Why Be Given a Body and Self-Portrait as the Eden. It's passionate stuff!
read this!


Well that's it for this month, the contributions are already rolling in for November but remember that we're always in need of fiction pieces, so if you have anything to contribute click on the EMail button at the bottom of the home page.






September 3rd

According to the TV weather man we are now in "meteorological autumn", another milestone on the road to 2017..

Right on cue the weather here has turned a little autumnal, which is why I'm indoors tapping away at a keyboard instead of surfing or hiking through the Quantocks or something.

The outlook for this edition of Winamop is therefore sunny - with lots of good stuff for you to enjoy.

Let's have a look shall we?

We'll start as usual with

it says "stories"

Donal Mahoney leads us off again this time with this one about a man who perceives things differently, he has to, he's blind. Then one day he hears a pair of heels approaching.. Read Jimmy the Blind Man Says He's in Love.
read this!


JD DeHart is back and this time he brings us the story of John Ramm, a creature plucked from the wild and assimilated into the human world of concrete and neck-ties. But when push comes to shove.. Read The Ramm Heart.
read this!


Now I'm happy to be able to introduce Vesna Main to Winamop. She is a Croatian-born writer living in London or France [BIO] and her first story for us is about a sex worker and her client, so it has to carry a red -R-. It's called The Bottom Line.
read this!


I like an original format, it spices things up a little. So I was pleased to receive new contributor Samuel Cole's collection of five individual 100-word pieces of fiction for us. Tapas for readers.
read this!


it says "poems"

We enter the poetry department and discover a little selection of KJ Hannah Greenberg's new work. Three poems called Duties Indigenous to Possessing a Magical Stone, Except for the Lops and Fritzi: A Child’s Comfort.
read this!


Next I'd like to draw your attention to the work of Geoff Anderson [BIO]. I think he has a real talent. I hope you enjoy Misquoted, Posthumous Spam, Primal Astrology, and First Love Poem.
read this!


I hadn't heard from Lisa Zaran [BIO] since 2008 when she was sending in some very fine poems. I'm glad to find that she's still heavily involved with poetry and I'm delighted to be able to bring you two new ones from this talented poet. We have Why I Love Old Men and The Day We Knew the World Was Coming to an End but Didn't.
read this!


John D Robinson [BIO] is an adaptable man. In the past he has written poetry for us and when we were short of stories he wrote one for us. This time it's back to his first love - poetry. We have Tears, Falling In Love With Paris and The Editor.
read this!



Thanks to our faithful and diligent band of contributors I already have a lot of material for the next edition so it looks as if that'll be another belter.

Join me again in a few weeks.





August 3rd

It's up up and away with the new edition of your favourite on-line magazine... Well, OK, it may not be your favourite but at least you're here reading it!

Winamop has been going for such a long time that we have amassed a vast collection of material, and it's all still on the site for you to enjoy. I did a random pick to see what came out, like ducking for apples, and came up with this poem from Yvette Managan dating from 2011. It's great, and there's more where that came from - so why not have a good old root around by clicking the genre tabs at the top there and see what you come up with?

Of course the main event is the freshly minted stuff we have for you this month, and there's a lot of it!

So without further pontification, let's get straight to it.


it says "stories"

We'll start again this month with a tale (tail?) from Donal Mahoney. This one comes with a warning to cat lovers everywhere - it contains a recipe which you may not like, and your cat certainly won't! Read An Immodest Proposal but don't try it at home..
read this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg is another regular contributor, and she's definitely on the side of the birds and bees. Well not exactly birds and bees in this story; see how long it takes you to guess the nature of the protagonists in Snack Attack.
read this!


Now it's time to introduce a new contributor to Winamop; Jane Seaford [BIO]. Her rather disturbing story features a family group who have to face up to some unhappy truths.
read this!


Martin Green is on Page 94 this time (our satirical essay) and it seems that Tom Watkins has been watching television again. No good will come of it I'm sure..
read this!


it says "poems"

Sofia Kioroglou is live from Athens again this month with a paean to mothers everywhere. Where would we be without them? Well, obviously we wouldn't be at all! It's called "Like Nigella Damascena".
read this!


Now it's my pleasure to introduce Anita Nabonne [BIO] to you. She has a dog called Bobble! Here she brings us six splendid poems: Ambidextrous Art, Alabaster, Stairway To... , Fatigue, Retro and Marionette.
read this!


Gary Beck was last with us in December 2015, but he hasn't been idle, as you can see from his updated [BIO]. Despite all his other commitments he has found time to pen five new poems for us. We have Social Adaptation, Unregulated Emissions, Desertion, Missions and Values.
read this!


We end with another new contributor - Taunja Thomson [BIO] - who brings us six very fine poems: Levitating Over (In Hell There Is No), Only Being Two, satori, This apex is ours, Portrait of Solitary Hazel: Chuck, and Sweeter Garden.
read this!


A sincere thanks to all our contributors and apologies to those who got left out this time, if it weren't for you lot there would be no Winamop, and I'd have to find something else to do on a rainy day.

I'm already starting work on September's edition so you'll get your chance soon.

I'm off for a cup of tea and a lie down (but not at the same time or there'd be spillage).




July 1st

Wow! Winamop uploaded on the first of the month? What's happened?

It could be because I'm a little distracted at the moment. To the surprise of everyone, including those who wanted to go, Britain seems to be about to leave the European Union.

In case you haven't been following the news, we had a referendum and the "Great British public" voted to leave. A bit like turkeys voting for Christmas I suppose, but I guess we'll have to lump it because it's a democratic decision. One made in the face of an enormous barrage of disinformation from both sides, but a democratic decision none the less.

It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good of course and people have been inspired to put "pen to paper" on the subject. We have a couple of Page 94s this month, one from Martin Friel (maybe it should be Page95?) plus the usual selection of stories and poems for you to enjoy.

Never mind the boll.. I mean politics, back to the important stuff!

It's been a good month for Winamop with our contributors working hard to entertain and inspire you.

Stories first as usual.

We'll start with Donal Mahoney. I always learn things when preparing Winamop. This time I have learned that U.S. KFCs sell more than deep-fried chicken! Gizzards and gravy anyone? No? Well try Chicken Breast or Rump Roast. Saucy but nice!
read this!


Martin Green is back with us and this time he brings us the tale of a house guest who has started to outstay his welcome. What can be done? Read A Visit From My Brother Jake.
read this!


Now it's time to welcome Jerry Vilhotti back to the fold with a piece of flash fiction. This is about a little sibling needling. It's called No Ears.
read this!


Louis Sisto contributed some flash fiction last month, but this time he has a full length story for us. This is a rather unsettling tale called A Sober Mourning.
read this!


a line, (a short blue one)


On to poetry - and it's been a couple of months since we last heard from Richard Schnap [BIO], but now he has returned and he brings as a wistful poem called Suspended Animation.
read this!


Neil Ellman has been studying art works and producing poetry to accompany them for some time now. Here we have his latest collection featuring works by Endre Bartos, Hannah Hoch and Tadashi Nakayama.
read this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg has a poem for us this time, and I must also inform you that she has a new book out called , Friends and Rabid Hedgehogs, available from Amazon. The poem is about the trials of The Five to Eight Parent.
read this!


Now to our Athens correspondent Sofia Kioroglou who returns with three super little poems. I Try, A War and the rather sad Like the Measles.
read this!


Perry L. Powell writes good poetry; ideas captured on the wing. This collection of five poems is called The Mixture As Before. I hope you enjoy it.
read this!


What a collection!

Well done all, let's do it again in about a month's time.

I'm looking forward to it.




June 6th

Well I am chuffed! ("pleased, happy," c.1860, British dialect, from obsolete chuff "swollen with fat").
Yes, well I am slightly over weight but let's concentrate on the happy part.

Why? Because this month's edition of Winamop is absolutely bursting with good stories and poetry!

I hope you enjoy it.

Donal Mahoney kicks the edition off again this month with a salutary tale called Mike Fitzgibbons and His Morning Paper. Just don't let those little things get you annoyed..
read this!


It's good to have a Martin Green story in this edition; this one is about a couple of brothers and their opinions of eachother's wives. Dangerous ground.. there's some apologising to do!
read this!


Next I'm glad to be able to introduce Angelica Fuse to Winamop. She describes herself as " a voice that refuses to be quiet", that's OK in a crowded world but not so good in a library.. Here she brings us a flash fiction piece: Crunch Time.
read this!


I have to make another introduction now, welcome to Louis Sisto - who was born and raised in Chicago Illinois and currently lives in Macomb in the same state. This flash piece is called Across The Road. We're all going there eventually..
read this!


Up next is KJ Hannah Greenberg with another story about Albuquerque Quisling Jones, a woman you'd probably rather not meet on the Egged bus. Egged bus? Yes, I wondered that too; turns out they are the number one bus company in Israel.
read this!


Kristy Kerruish informs me that Jimmy's Brilliant Idea is free to return to Winamop so you can read that again - but more importantly - she has a new story about taxidermist Derick Bannantyne who's ambition was to stuff a hippo.. well, why not? It's called Waiting For Hippo.
read this!


Last in the fiction section is Katie Lewington who last appeared on Winamop in 2015 [BIO]. It's a series of scenes from the life of a teenage boy.. I was one of those once. Yes, amazing isn't it? She didn't give a title so I'm calling it simply Scenes.
read this!


a line, (a short blue one)


Poetry now, and time to meet Martin H Levinson, with not just a taster but a full set of five poems for you to enjoy. Check out I am an Iceberg, Signal Reactions, Thoughts I Had When You Told Me to Eat Shit, Lost in Thought and Singular Dudes.
read this!


Our next new voice is HR Creel who claims that he "is getting too old not to write".  Well, on the evidence of this collection of five poems it's a good thing that he feels that way.
read this!


Now it's good to be able to welcome Sofia Kioroglou back to Winamop. Here she brings us one poem Flying by the seat of my pants. That's life I guess..
read this!


To round up the poetry section we have yet another new contributor - Nate Maye. He brings us four new poems: Lights On, This November, Famine and Gestures.
read this!


Well done all.

We are back on track now, having cleared the backlog of material. So let's be having your submissions for the next edition.

Until then.

Pip pip!




May 4th

May the fourth be with us!

Sorry about that, couldn't resist it..

First of all I have to say a grateful thanks to all the contributors who responded to last month's appeal for more stories . You did a great job and we're back on track with a good mix of prose and poetry.

I'm very happy, and the sun is shining.

Right, let's get started.

This month Donal Mahoney brings us the story of a young man coming to his grandfather for a story. A story that will earn him an A-grade when he writes it up for school. Gramps has a story all right! Read Fake with Your Left.
read this!


Now it's time to welcome back Martin Friel. He has a tale concerning a man hell-bent on making a scientific breakthrough, well, some kind of breakthrough anyway. It's called Tam The Bam for reasons which will become apparent.
read this!


Ken Allan Dronsfield has brought us a lot of good poems in previous editions, and he does so again this time, but he also responds to my appeal to story-tellers and has sent in this heart-warming piece of fiction: Three Pennies, Buttons and Lint.
read this!


Another previous poet turned story-teller this month is JD DeHart (thanks JD!). This one is a bit spooky so don't read it on a dark night just before bed-time.. It's called I Did That.
read this!


OK, so there’s the hedgehogs, who are the good guys, then there’s the cats – moggies – felines – whatever, who are out to get them. This gets messy! It's KJ Hannah Greenberg's Agent 5764’s Soured Mission.
read this!


a line, (a short blue one)


Follow me now - into the poetry section - where we meet Ken Allan Dronsfield again. Ken's answer to the rallying call for new stories is featured above, but here he brings us a new collection five poems.
read this!


It's time to introduce Sofia Kioroglou who is an award winning Greek poet [BIO]. These are her first for Winamop: The looking-glass self and Can I tell your dog a secret? They're good!
read this!


Next it's Perry L Powell who steps up to the keyboard and lays down some new poems for us. Perry is a poet from Georgia in the USA and he has a very nice touch. Here we have Mission Statement, Now I Know Why and Full.
read this!


Our last new contributor this month is j. lewis (no capitals it seems) who makes you think, and entertains too. This is what poetry is for! Read could it be this, eighty-seven years and newman's own.
read this!


I already have a whole bunch of stuff lined up for June so remember to check back here for that!

Until then, adieu.




April 8th

I like the spring time. The days are becoming longer, it's not cold and dark all the time and there are flowers everywhere.

The only trouble is, although the spring weather has inspired our poets to great heights and I have been inundated with poetry, our story writers our out enjoying the weather and not writing anything!

Donal Mahoney has come up trumps as usual but, if it weren't for him, some 110 year old diaries and a drunken rant we'd be two stories short of an edition.

So, come on story tellers, the gauntlet has been thrown down (it's probably in the bushes over there) and you must rise to the challenge.

Poets; I'm afraid that there is now something of a backlog, I already have enough for the May edition, so I won't need any more for a few weeks - thanks!

Housekeeping over. Here we go..

Donal Mahoney takes a turn towards the macabre this time. Lenny had always borne a grudge against Fred, but Fred didn't take him too seriously. Read The Bully, The Psychopath, Libby and Lorraine
read this!


This time we have a new Page 94 (our satirical essay). Our alcohol correspondent has discovered some good news. I'll drink to that!
read this!


Now we return to our group of adventurous Scottish girls and their "grand tour" of Austria and Switzerland in 1908. This time they are on their way up to see the glacier. Brrr!
read this!


a line, (a short blue one)


Into our poetry section now and I'd like to introduce you to Blanca Alicia Garza [BIO]. She is a poet from Las Vegas with a good style. This collection includes Cherished Dream, My Dear Me, My Beloved Poet, Whispering Stars and Searching.
read this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg also has poetry for us this month. First While Dancing Elsewhere the Mortise and Tenon followed by Broken Mouse Ears. This month's word is "demimond".
read this!


Another of our new contributors this month is Cattail Jester, a very new poet "just trying to get my writing out there". In this instance I'm happy to help. Here we have Year of Family and SOL.
read this!


Now to another collection from Richard Schnap. Richard's poetry is full of ideas and scenes, you'll enjoy reading No Less a Life, Child of Nature and Notes on the Music of Humanity.
read this!






March 4th

We're back!

I heard a weather man say that we are at the beginning of "meteorological spring" here in the Northern Hemisphere, but it's still a bit chilly outside, so I've been sitting in the warm office preparing this simply gargantuan edition of Winamop.

This time it runs to a magnificent ten pages. If it gets any bigger it'll need scaffolding.

Let's dive in without further ado..

Paddy Murphy, a once-famous footballer has died. Maggie, his widow, is holding a wake and it's customary at County Kerry wakes that nobody leaves until the widow has shed her tears. Donal Mahoney brings us Paddy Murphy's wake.
read this!


Now to a fantasy tale of a boy who wanted to fly. Impossible? Not if you have a genius for a brother! Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it's Martin Green with a story called Flying.
read this!


Have you ever bought something, something a little special, maybe a bit too extravagant? So you put it away and forget about it, but then one day - there it is! Martin Friel is ready to confess all in As I must remain.
read this!


Our last piece of fiction comes from John D Robinson, who previously brought us some poetry. This is a story about one of those occasions when you have to comfort someone in distress but there's not much you can say that will help. It's called A Radio Song.
read this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg now petitions for the older writer to be given due credit. Could it be that they are more willing to push boundaries than the young? The title of this essay is Chocolate Ice Cream’s Alleged Exacerbations of Anxiety. There is a bit of a pudding theme here...
read this!


a line, (a short blue one)


Now to poetry and it's time to meet Alfonso Colasuonno for the first time on Winamop. He is a freelance writer from Norwalk, Connecticut and, judging by this little sample of his poetry, he has a good turn of phrase and a sense of humour. More please!
read this!


Another new face next: Katt Gold from Canada. This new poet has some great imagery, this collection is a little dark but that's her theme this time, so let's wallow in it. We have: Secrets, Tested and Losing The Race.
read this!


Ken Allan Dronsfield is back with another collection of poems. This time they are mostly on a theme of night. Here we have Desert Spirit, Twilight's Drift, First Kiss of Spring, A Ghostly Cold and Time Not Sleeping.
read this!


Richard Schnap also returns with more material this month. This time he has brought us Under The Influence, Empty Well (my favourite) and Light In The Darkness.
read this!


Finally we welcome back Neil Ellman with some more poetry inspired by works of art. This time he looks at Wassily Kandinsky and Pierre Alechinsky.
read this!


I shall have to stop packing these editions so full of good stuff. It just takes so long to prepare! Next time I think I'll just bung up a story and a poem and go down to the pub for the rest of the day.

Who said that's dereliction of duty?

Well, maybe you're right. If Winamop's contributors have gone to the effort of writing it then I should do the decent thing and pop it onto the internet shouldn't I?

That's settled then. See you next month.




February 3rd 2016

There are signs of spring between the gales and rain. Crocus shoots and snowdrops are poking their heads up. Watch out I say!

Here, warm and snug in our Winamop onesies we have been working through the embarrassment of riches as everyone's New Year's resolutions kick in and they get writing.

There are five fiction pieces and four poetry collections waiting for you below, that makes... err.. oh yes eight new pages, no wait, that's nine new pages to enjoy. And one of them is a new Page 94. Hooray!

Is it a record? No it's a web-site.

Let's get started before my mental state deteriorates too far.

We start, as we often do, with a story from Donal Mahoney. This one is about a lad called Cozy, who was the local Lothario in a small town. Nothing stays secret in a small town. It's called Cozy was his name.
read this!


It's great to be able to introduce a new writer to Winamop this month: Kevan Youde [Bio]. Kevan's story is about Matt - a safari guide - who has an unfortunate accident in the night and has to find a scapegoat (or some other creature..)
read this!


Now, goodness gracious what's this? A new story from Martin Friel! It's good to have you back Martin. This story is about a relationship, on the surface it's all fine but.. For some reason it's called Imagine the hassle if toilet roll wasn't perforated.
read this!


Another returnee after a long absence is Page 94 - our satirical essay - brought to you this time by Martin Green. The U.S. is having another of its interminable presidential elections, but look out.. The Martian's are coming!
read this!


I don't really know what to say about this last piece in our story section called Many, Many Hedgehogs, Maybe Gumdrops by KJ Hannah Greenberg.. I think the only thing that might be appropriate is "Sheesh!".
read this!


a line, (a short blue one)


Welcome to the poetry section. Please sit quietly and enjoy this new collection from Richard Schnap. It comprises Traveled Path,  December  and  Fresh Shadows.
read this!


Now to introduce Ken Allan Dronsfield, who is a poet from Oklahoma. He has been writing for many years but this is his first collection for Winamop. Here we have: Hollow,  A Pipe, Pint and Book,  The Deer Crossing,  and others.
read this!


Let's welcome back G David Schwartz next. If you like a little fun in your poems this is for you. Just to give you an idea, it starts with There Once Was A Vegetarian Butcher..
read this!


Something a little harder edged to finish with today, from John D Robinson - also new to us. He kicks off with Commitment Or Asshole?... I think you get the picture? R
read this!


That's it.

Another one bites the dust as Freddie said.

We'll do it all again in about a month.




January 4th 2016

Welcome to a brand new year.

2016 is going to be better than 2015... It just has to be!

At least it's starting well, with a nice big edition of Winamop.

We start the new year as we hope to continue - with lots of stories. This one from stalwart contributor Donal Mahoney concerns Walt, who has finally seen the writing on the wall and is changing his life-style... (aren't we all?)
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Next to another author dear to our hearts - Martin Green. In a galaxy far, far away... (haven't I heard that before?) a meeting is taking place to decide the future of the earth. I expect it'll be bright? It is preceded by Martin's observations for the New Year.
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Our catalogue of regular contributors continues with KJ Hannah Greenberg who remembers a first day of term at middle school back in the 1970s.
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Now to a tale from Adam Kluger [Bio], about an old friend who became a successful bar owner. He was the kind of guy that everyone really liked... Well, everyone except some of his business associates. (There is one of Adam's great pictures too.)
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a line, (a short blue one)

Poetry now, from new contributor Natalie Rodriguez [Bio]. This poem is full of optimism and is called The Extraordinary Ordinary. Let's have more!
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Another new contributor to Winamop this time is Richard Schnap. As did Natalie he sent just one poem, but it's a very fine one, called Beauty Contest .
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It's a long time since we last heard from John Sweet but here he is with five new poems. Very good they are too! Here we have: tora; after the age of enlightenment; all hope edged w/ frost; a gift, belated and this sentimental bloodletting. John tells me that he has some collections out: A NATION OF ASSHOLES W/ GUNS (2015 Scars Publications) and THE CENTURY OF DREAMING MONSTERS (2014 Lummox Press).
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It's also a long time since Michael Estabrook's work was last seen on here, but he's back too. He brings us: Max; Wisdom Finally; My Girl; What can you do? and Blessings.
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We finish this vast edition with six poems from Paul Tristram, and these are all new work. We have: The Sweet Taste Of Bitterness; Soul Leeching; Addict-Son; Spearmint Chewing Gum & Tobacco; Plead The Belly and Well, You Did Ask For Both Sides Of The Coin, Silly.
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That'll do for now. Keep the material coming in and we'll have another go next month.

Cheerio, and have a very good 2016.




December 5thholly (a sprig thereof)

As another year draws to a close and we look around us at the state of things it'd be all too easy to become a bit maudlin, but wait!.. The new edition of Winamop is out and it's absolutely jam-packed with splendid stuff to read!

This is quite possibly the biggest edition ever (I haven't bothered to check as I didn't want to lose the momentum), in fact I'm tempted to describe it as "bumper" but I do that too often..

So sit yourself down and feast on all the new stories and poetry that you can absorb - especially appropriate as it is the season to over-indulge.

Let's tuck-in straight away..

Firstly, I'm very happy to welcome Adam Kluger to Winamop. Adam is a New York writer and artist and we can see both sides of him here. The story is about Franz Mugler who is, by all accounts, A Weird Duck and there is a picture of Franz too.
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Next it's time to join Donal Mahoney for Christmas Eve at Rosen's Deli. Like many of these old places there's not really very much going on... on the surface.
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Now a warm welcome back to Martin Green, another stalwart of the site, who has this story of a meeting between a middle-aged man and his - now elderly - father. A glimpse into the future perhaps?
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It's good to have a little romance at this time of year, but in KJ Hannah Greenberg's story the relationship between Jagger and Maybell seems to be going nowhere..
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Another new contributor - Robert Eiland - joins us this month. His story is of a young boy yearning for adventure, who befriends a hobo riding the box cars. Big Rails is the title.
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Our last story also comes from a new contributor. George Aitch relates the terrible tale of how a college prank made life unbearable. It's all been forgotten now though. Find out why in You probably Haven't Heard of Me.
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The poetry starts here; this time with the introduction of yet another new face - Scott Thomas Outlar. [BIO]. He brings us three interesting and original poems: Mixology, Cheap Date and Snip, Snip.
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Gary Beck is back and it seems that he's pretty concerned about the state of the world; judging by the tone of these new poems. With titles like Unbalanced, Insanity Extended and Beyond Reason you can tell he's not pulling punches.
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We finish with an impressive debut by James Diaz. This selection I can only describe as, "poetic", in the best sense of the word. We begin with Dear Life, move on to the mighty Nothing More Than This then finish with Life Beyond This Moment and Pale in compare.
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November 3rd

Who turned the lights out? November has crept in and enveloped us in misty gloom just as the last of the Halloween pumpkin was chucked into the compost.

Never mind, an excellent way of cheering ourselves up presents itself. Why not relax and peruse the latest edition of the new wide-screen Winamop which has been packed full of life affirming goodness by our dedicated band of writers?

Seem like a good idea? Let's go..

We begin with another splendid story from Donal Mahoney. Down at the old guys poker game all talk is of absent member "Cussin' Paul" who has started going to church.. Why? Find out in Cussin' Paul Gets Religion.
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Now let's welcome new contributor Molly Neely to Winamop. She brings a romantic story of a young suitor and his intended - Rosette - who, for some reason, seems to be playing hard to get. Read A Candle in Her Window.
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Next up is Kristy Kerruish who returns to Winamop with this tale of an antique dealer with the highest reputation and prices to match. Surely everything is above board here? All is revealed in The Anointed Buddha.
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We round up the stories with KJ Hannah Greenberg's tale of nasty goings-on on a bus trip. Who is the real baddie here? Taha and Albuquerque are the ones to watch.
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Let's kick off the poetry section this time with more from Michael Lee Johnson. We have No one Cares - Jesus In The Snow - Lily, Lonely Trailer Prostitute and a new version of Harvest Time.
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It's good to be able to introduce new poets to Winamop this month. Here is Samuel Moulton [Bio] with a Sequence of Love Poems called The Good Week. That's Love, not Romance.. R
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In an embarrassment of riches, I can now introduce another new poet; Kaitlyn Park. She has some great ideas and humour here, so try Milk Glass, Slavery, Lost Road, Good Morning Baby and Snorrible!
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Lastly I've added a couple more pictures to David J. Thompson's collection from last month. They were taken on a recent trip to Kansas. Have a look at the bottom of the page for the new ones.


Not a bad edition is it? And I already have some good stuff in the hamper for the bumper December edition. Of course I can always do with more, especially fiction, so If you feel the muse at your shoulder, get writing and e-mail the result to me using the button at the bottom of the home page.

See you soon.




October 6th

The October edition is finally ready. I've been away travelling the Scottish highlands and islands, so it was good to return and discover that Winamop's band of contributors had been working hard during my absence.

Shortly before I was due to start working on this edition my laptop suffered from a severe dose of amnesia (it forgot it was a computer and thought it was a potato) but thanks to a nice man in Ullapool, and cloud storage, we're back in the swing of it.

Boo to OCZ solid state drives!

Let's kick off with a story from Martin Green who's become a bit grumpy in his old age and - I'm sorry to say - has started swearing.. secretly. What a MF***!
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Donal Mahoney's story this time concerns a long time bachelor who has recently married a young woman. It's title is Henry Showed Wendy His Paintings.
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Next I have a very moving little flash piece from new contributor John Brantingham. It may be short but it packs a punch. It's called When Rachel Sleeps.
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KJ Hannah Greenberg has a story for us this time. It seems that in this parallel universe women have become a rarity, leading to fierce competition for their affections. The title is Beholden Beauty.
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We're into the poetry section now and it's great to have some more from A.J. Huffman. I really enjoy the humour in her poems. We start with My Purse Committed Suicide, oh the embarrassment!
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Poems now from new poet "Ash" Gamble. I did receive a bio with the poems, it simply reads: “Ash” Gamble is a late in life poet from Florida. So now you know. The poems are good!
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Tempest Brew returns next, bringing more poems inspired by the minutiae of life. This time we have The Space We Find, Dust House and Cancellation.
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We end the poetry section with another collection of poems from Paul Tristram. This time he touches some heavy subjects with Crime Crisisand Aids, but there is lighter stuff too.
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The last item this month is a collection of photographs by David J. Thompson. He took these on a trip from Chapel Hill to Detroit and back. David is drawn to "public art." and has seen some amazing murals in Detroit.
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Well, there you are, a cornucopia of diverse work to suit every taste.

It's all over now though, see you next time.




September 1st

Here we are again and Autumn is approaching. I say Autumn rather than Fall chiefly because I'm British and that's the word we use, but also because I like words with ridiculous spelling.

But that's not important at the moment.. What is important is that this really is the September edition of the mighty Winamop, and the month has barely started!

This, of course, is solely down to the hard work of our contributors, two of whom are new to Winamop.

So without further ado, let us commence proceedings:

Donal Mahoney is up first once more. This story concerns a newspaper delivery driver who has taken over a round done by the same guy for the last 30 years. What could possibly go wrong? Read New Driver on an Old Route.
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Now to introduce you to Steve Slavin, who describes himself as a "recovering economics professor who earns a living writing math and economics books". This story isn't about either of those things. It's called Mother Knows Best.
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Next I've unearthed a bit of light-hearted philosophy from our late founding father J.B. Pick. This concerns Dr Quantum who is a recurring character, appearing in a few of his poems. Like this one.
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On to Poetry, and we start with the return of Gary Beck. His collection; Too Harsh For Pastels is concerned with the suffering and growing despair in our troubled society..
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It's a pleasure to welcome Canadian poet Allison Grayhurst [BIO] to Winamop. Allison's poems combine bold imagery with strong emotion. You're in for a roller-coaster ride..
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The Undertones made an album called More songs about Chocolate and Girls; Paul Tristram could follow that with More Poems about Beer and Relationships. I hope you like them!
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Just a single poem now from regular contributor KJ Hannah Greenberg, about the dual life of a young soldier: Dani and His Gun.
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We finish with some ekphrastic poetry from Neil Ellman. Welcome back Neil! The pictures he has taken inspiration from this time are by the 20th century American expressionist artist Philip Gusman.
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You may have noticed a slight bias towards poetry in this edition and I like to keep things on par. So let's redress the balance next time with a whole bunch of fiction!

You know what to do.




August 7th

This edition is brought to you despite Windows 10! My computer has been modernised to within an inch of its life and it still works. What a triumph of technical tomfoolery.

I have just received notification from Winamop's hosting company that the bill for the next two years is due, and yes, I'm going to pay it! It'll take us into our 15th year and the fact that Winamop has kept going for so long is down to our dedicated band of writers, poets, artists and other creative people (and you and me).

Come and join us. But not before you've read this month's edition to inspire you.

Here we go.

First out of the inbox yet again is Donal Mahoney. His story this time features a swarm of locusts and a girl called Marcia.. well, she was a girl when the story began. The title is Seventeen Year Itch.
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Next we come to Harry Downey's tale of A Thoroughly Nice Man. The sort of chap who can be relied upon. But to do what, I wonder?
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Now to KJ Hannah Greenberg who has a story of success. But surely it's true what Morrissey sang: "We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful"? Its called Nice Car.
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We round up the fiction section with a flash piece from Gary Hewitt who has contributed to Winamop several times over the last few years. This one is called Starfall.
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Poetry now and I'm delighted to be introducing Tunisian poet Ali Znaidi [BIO] to Winamop. His poetry is evocative with some original themes. This selection of six begins with Off-line Lines.
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JD DeHart is back next with a whole bunch of his concentrated shots of pure poetry. There are ten poems here, the first couple are Preservation and Honey Comb.
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We finish with another selection of poems from Paul Tristram. As usual there is a selection of six in differing styles and subject matter starting with To The Fridge! .
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So there you are. I hope you are replete, having feasted on this fine selection of plums from the tree of the written word.

I'm off for a lie down.

Bye bye.




July 5th

Good day world. I am speaking to you today from my usual seat in my usual room in my usual house. The only unusual thing is that the weather is lovely.

It's almost too nice to be in here at all, so let's get down to business straight away and bring you the latest edition of dear old Winamop.

First up Donal Mahoney regales us with a story about Canada Geese, those great-big birds that set up home around our park ponds.. What can be done about them? Read Goose Eggs.
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Next its Martin Green who returns with a tale of The First Time when young love first blossomed. How innocent it all was back then!
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Now to KJ Hannah Greenberg, who has a new book called Cryptids coming out. Click the link for more info. Her story today is about an overweight chimera who tries to gain knowledge and enlightenment by eating knowledgeable and enlightened people.. It's called New Heights.
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Poetry is up next and regular contributor Paul Tristram returns with six more poems. If there's a theme it's probably one of travel, or perhaps not..
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Now I'm delighted to welcome Katie Lewington to Winamop [BIO]. She has a great sense of humour and and observation. Here are three of her previously unpublished poems.
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We end this edition with five great new poems from Frank C. Praeger who has contributed to Winamop many times before. These are his first for us this year.
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Well, that's all I have for you today, jolly good wasn't it? There's already some waiting in the wings for the August edition so don't forget to come back and see what's going on.

Enjoy the sun.




June 12th

It's June and we're in Scotland basking in sunshine. Anyone who knows Scotland will appreciate that this is not always the case.. so I'm feeling pretty happy about life!

The fine quality of the material this month is another joy. So settle down with a refreshing cocktail (or a nice cup of something) and explore this month's bill of fayre.

Here we go.

This time Donal Mahoney brings us the story of a father and daughter relationship that has had its ups and downs. Whether the current situation is heading for a peak or a trough is yet to be decided.. Wally is heading for a father's day like no other.
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Now KJ Hannah Greenberg reflects upon her life, her works, her relationships with her children, and looks to the future. It's all about Proportionate Memories.
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Next I'm happy to be able to welcome Kristy Kerruish to Winamop [BIO]. Her story concerns Jimmy Butt who's been having a little trouble with thieves. Maybe Jimmy's Brilliant Idea will do the trick?
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Now we move into the poetry section, and once again Paul Tristram has sent in six poems for you to enjoy. They are Stamp It Under Foot, Hell Has No Fury Like A Woman’s Pawn, Mr Bongwater, Summer Daze, Tears And Beers and Congratulations Humiliation.
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It's great to hear from A.J. Huffman again. She returns to Winamop with Carnivorous Cannibal, The Tree was There, Nineteen Blessings, and I Am Glass. Good stuff!
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We end with another new contributor, Vince O'Connor, who has sent this lovely little poem Folding. I hope you enjoy it.
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Splendid stuff, and there will be more waiting for you to enjoy in (approximately) a month - depending on how industrious I and the contributors are.

Do call again won't you?




May 11th

The UK elections are over, there is no much vaunted "hung parliament" so the news organisations are bereft.. there's nothing to pontificate about!

This doesn't affect Winamop in the slightest of course, we are always willing to make our opinions known, even if we don't have any.

In any case our fine team of writers have been studiously ignoring such tedium as elections and have crafted the following stories and poems which I hope you will enjoy. So let's get started.

First up this time is Donal Mahoney with the story of a doctor. He's a good doctor who cares for his staff and does his work well. What's not to like? It's called Dr. Chapman’s Insight.
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Now we bring you another short story from regular contributor Martin Green. He had a dream of days long ago which started him thinking how might life have been different if...
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And now to something completely different (where have I heard that before?): a series of photographs from Kyle Hemmings who did some mini stories/poems for us in 2011. These pictures are taken at night in the warm amber glow of the street lights.
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On to the poetry section, and it's good to hear from occasional contributor Gary Hewitt again. This new poem is called 6.50 club.
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Next it's Paul Tristram again with another selection of his fine poems. The theme this time seems to be of disillusionment. We kick off with Crazy Day and At Arms length.
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Finally to another of our regular contributors; KJ Hannah Greenberg. This month she brings us three new poems and very good they are too!
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That's all we have for you this time. I hope you enjoyed it and will be back with us next month.




April 16th

It's still April, so I haven't missed the deadline for this - the April edition of Winamop!

We're basking in lovely spring sunshine here in good old blighty, the blossom has been and gone and the flowers are considering blooming. I'm sure I should be saying something about sap rising but it's all getting a bit bucolic so I'll just get on with it.

Here we are then, slightly down on poetry this month, but what we do have is top notch.

Firstly I'm pleased to welcome Martin Green back to the site, and he's been visiting relations. What do you say when they tell you their daughter is locked up in jail? Awkward.. The story is called The Protest.
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Now to Donal Mahoney, and the tale of a prospective family reunion. Hilda wants to go, Paddy doesn't really want to - it's her side of the family and he just doesn't like reunions. How can he be persuaded? The title is Hilda's Family Reunion.
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KJ Hannah Greenberg writes poetry and fiction for us but this time it's neither or both.. it's an essay on the creative process, likening poetry to a landscape through which the poet travels. Read Desert Writer, this!


There's a general election going on in the UK. It seems to have been going on for ages. DA is getting a little tired of it and there's almost a month to go! He's written a Page 94 about it if you're interested..
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It's good to be able to welcome new contributor Paul Handley to Winamop. He has a great idea (I think..) for a new match-making service which gets to the nub of things straight away. It's called Extreme Dating.
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Lastly this month I'm happy to be able to bring you six more of Paul Tristram's poems. Paul's poems are always enjoyable and thought provoking, and we're off to a running start this time with Hunted.
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Pretty good stuff once again, but we need more! The in box is empty so get those brain-cells ticking and send me your stories, your poems, your comedy.. whatever you like.

It keeps us all out of trouble - you know it makes sense.

Until the next time.




March 11th

Welcome back.

It's nearly Easter already and, just as you've come to egg-spect, we have a hot cross-section of entertainment. It's simnely the best!

(readership groans)

Sorry about that but I had to set an egg-zample...

(Boo! shouts reader)

OK OK, I'll stop and get on with the new edtion of Winamop.

(at last)

First out of the traps on our egg-hunt it's Donal Mahoney. This story concerns an editor, he's not like me - this fellow has a much greater understanding of the workings of grammar, and he has no time for those who can't spell ukulele.
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It's good to be able to welcome Martin Green back to Winamop for the first time this year. Martin has been recuperating for a while and I guess he has been watching a lot of depressing TV news! The resultant story is called The End?
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Is it time for a flash? Well, just a quick one! A couple of contributors have sent in short pieces recently so here is a modest collection by Harry Downey and KJ Hannah Greenberg. I hope to add more one day..
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Whilst on the subject of KJ Hannah Greenberg, let's move into the poetry section; here we find a new poem from her called Cold Enough to See. Wrap up warm.
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Paul Tristram is back with another half-dozen of his excellent poems. If there's a theme to this collection it's probably one of endings. I think that my favourite is She’s At The Wheel Again .
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It's great to hear from Michael Lee Johnson again. I really do mean "hear", because as before, he has provided us with audio versions of his poetry so that you can hear him reading them. I particularly like If You Find No Poem.
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Finally, we come new contributor Tempest Brew. I know nothing about this poet and am unable to contact them because the email address is dead. If you see this Tempest Brew then please contact me again!
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Well, that's got us one quarter of the way through 2015, let's hope we make it to the end.

I'm optimistic that it'll be a fun trip!




February 3rd

It's a sad time here at Winamop.

We've lost one of our founding fathers; JBP. It was his idea that there should be an outlet on the Internet for the sort of material that doesn't attract major publishers - yet ought to be seen. Read my little tribute to him.
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Back to normality now, and Harry Downey returns with a story about an unexceptional girl called Sharon. What's wrong with being unexceptional? Nothing!
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Welcome to Matthew H Emma, whose first story for us features the new President of the Salzburg Country Club Board of Directors. He has an agenda item that is likely to cause a stir. It's called Unfinished Business.
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Next we hear from regular contributor Donal Mahoney. This story is the reply to a letter recently received, the writer has not been in contact since a traumatic break-up 40 years ago...
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Poetry now, and Paul Tristram returns with another collection of his excellent poems. I particularly like Disaster Comes In Many Shapes And Sizes .
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JD DeHart is back. This time he seems to be a little disappointed in the way things are going. Me too! Here we have Poor Me, Fish Bones & Cold Woods, You Knew Me When and The Digital Age.
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Lastly this month we have some new material from poet Taylor B. Here we have If I Die, Time l, Time ll and Fresh Laundry.
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Well there we are.

All's well that ends well I guess?




January 11th 2015

What a start to the new year; a deadly attack on a struggling satirical magazine in Paris by religious fanatics. In the West we have a long tradition of "taking the piss" out of authority in one form or another. It may sometimes be cruel or offensive to those who are lampooned but, as was taught to me as a child; "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me". Not strictly true I admit, but you can defend yourself against words whereas you have no chance against a Kalashnikov...

On to more pleasant things now; the new edition of Winamop - first of 2015 - is here.

Let's start as we mean to continue, with a story from Donal Mahoney. Caucus at the Parking Meter features some disgraceful old men who meet up at Rocky's diner. If you should ever go there, it's advisable not to get Jimbo started talking about women...
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Next it's Eric Suhem with a story about Amelia. Amelia has butterflies flying around her head, she radiates a positive mystical force field. But then a man arrives with a green flower in his eye. It's called from The Eye.
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I must apologise to Harry Downey, he sent this story to Winamop in November and I forgot all about it. What a buffoon I am! It's a good one too, about two brothers and a secret long kept. It's called Double Whammy.
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We've had all sorts of things in Winamop over the years but we've never had a recipe before, so here is one. It's for scones (I pronounce scone as in gone - not cone, but I don't want to start an argument!) the little yeast-free bread buns that are good in sweet or savoury roles (geddit?). Quick and easy, you could be eating one in under half and hour.
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On January 27th it will be 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Poet Dee Sunshine describes himself as a "half-Jew" whose grand-parents could easily have suffered the same fate as so many of their kith and kin. The first draft of this collection A Burnt Offering was written for the 50th anniversary in 1995 and we reproduce the final version here plus audio, read by Dee, if you'd prefer to listen.
read this!


Now it's time to meet a new contributor: Michelle Villanueva. Michelle is a student completing an MFA in Creative Writing and Poetry at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She has a chapbook, Postscript: Lions, which will soon be out at Etched Press. This poem is soul steeped in wonder.
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Poetry next from regular contributor Paul Tristram who seems to be having some social issues. Here we have Out With The New / In With The Old, Cardboard Cutout, Out Of Place, It's Definitely Yellow, Paranoia and Remember Reality.
read this!


Finally we go all ekphrastic with Neil Ellman who has been inspired by a room installation from Ilya Kabakov, a sculpture by Richard Serra and a painting by Kay Sage. A feast of images and ideas.
read this!


We're off to a flying start and I hope that the momentum will continue, thanks to all our contributors.

Despite the inauspicious start to the year let's all, defiantly, have a very happy 2015.




December 14thholly

Ho Ho Ho! It's time for the festive edition of Winamop and to tie the ribbons on the year of 2014.

Was it a step forward? Where has it gone? What happens next?

Winamop can answer none of those questions, what we can do is to entertain you for a short while. Just have a look around and see what we have in this bumper Christmas edition for a start. If you like that then there's tons of other stuff dating back yonks to look at.

"Fill your boots" as Santa says.

Let's kick off with a heart-warming Christmas tale from D.A. about a man who visits a coffee shop to cheer himself up. Now that's not a bad idea.. back in half an hour!
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Next it's Donal Mahoney with the first of two seasonal tales that he has contributed this month. This one concerns a mushroom picker and a gnome. Well, why not? It's called Two People With The Same DNA.
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Now to our other regular contributor Martin Green. Martin has been recuperating from an operation and that has obviously inspired him to write this story. Everyone seems to be downloading "apps" these days, but some are more useful than others..
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Here comes Donal Mahoney's second seasonal contribution. This one is a short but thought-provoking one called What If Mary Had Chosen Otherwise. What indeed?
read this!


It's good to be able to welcome back Frank C. Praeger to Winamop. He has brought us four tremendous poems this time. Enjoy.
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KJ Hannah Greenberg has been a stalwart contributor this last year and she ends it with a short flash and a poem. This month's word is "corazón", it means seat of human love and kindness - centre - heart. Every day is a school day round here.
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Six super poems next from Paul Tristram. Here we have Bumble Bee Busy, Your Kingfisher Eyes Are Killing Me, You Just Got Lucky, The Friendly Foe, Gin-Trap Crown and Marvelling At Your Insanity, Again.
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A splendid selection, I'm sure you'll agree?

That's all for 2014, have a wonderful Christmas and don't drink too much on New Year's Eve. We want to have you back with us in 2015!

All the best.





November 11th

Here comes the November edition of Winamop, right on time (well, only slightly delayed) and packed with good stuff.

Next time it'll be the Christmas edition and I'd like to make that a bumper one, so let's have your high sugar high fat contributions, (or organic high fibre if you prefer). I'll drink to that!

Maybe it's a little early to start drinking yet?

Oh well, back to work, and here we go with the November's fare. It's certainly going to be hard to beat.

Martin Friel has been busy writing another chapter of his story When The Traffic Lights Stopped. We've now reached Chapter 8 in which we meet Seth. We'll get to know Seth quite well I'm sure...
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We haven't heard from Martin Green for a few months but he's back now, rejuvinated, and has penned a piece about one of those "friends" you collect without really trying. It's called Buddy.
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Now to Donal Mahoney. Donal always writes an enjoyable tale and this one concerns an old millionaire who gets a visit from a young female reporter. Some Day Soon is the title.
read this!


I'm very pleased to welcome Martin David Edwards to Winamop. Martin is a London based writer and digital artist [BIO] and this story - C is for Cromer - features a man working his way through the alphabet in search of something.
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J D DeHart has four more poems for us this time and, as usual, the standard is high. Here we have Wannabes, Vice Versa, Seasons and Birthing: little windows into disparate lives.
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KJ Hannah Greenberg has some poetry for us. The first is a somewhat worrying bedtime story and the second is on emotional suicide. But don't worry, we always learn a new word from Channie and this time it's "Levigate" which means "to reduce something to a fine powder or smooth paste" (I'm not counting Yerk and Zonk).
read this!


That's all for now, but there's no time to dilly-dally, we need contributions for the Christmas edition! The e-mail button is at the bottom of the home page.

Until then I wish you all you wish yourselves, and if you're thinking of buying me socks for Christmas I take UK size 8.




October 9th

I have returned from the rugged beauty of the Outer Hebrides especially to bring you the October edition of Winamop.
Well, truth be told, my holiday is over and I've got nothing else to do so - Here it is!

Before we get to the content I'd better just tell you about a new book of poetry by previous contributor John Kaniecki. It's available here, and it's called Murmurings of a Madman.

Right, notices over, let's get down to business.

Firstly, we'll get back to the action in Martin Friel's story When The Traffic Lights Stopped and we have reached chapter 7. Last time Marjory was in trouble, this time things go from bad to worse.
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Now sit back as Donal Mahoney tells the tale of an old priest who is asked for some advice by a younger man. It's called Young Priest, Old Priest.
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Next up I'm delighted to welcome Dan Morey to Winamop. He brings us an election manifesto from Bob Benton who reckons he's the guy to run Rexdale county. I'm not so sure...
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KJ Hannah Greenberg has written a short flash fiction piece for you this time. It's called They Planted A Tree.
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I obviously have too much time on my hands, so I have written a Page 94 on cutlery. We haven't had a Page 94 for ages. You must have something you can rant and rave about surely? Send one in!
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And so to another new contributor, this time with an excellent poem. Matt Harris brings us Chang Sanfeng comes down from Wudang Mountain. He's a legendary Chinese Taoist priest you know (Chang, not Matt).
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We wrap it up with some poetry from JD DeHart. This time he brings us a few comments on life today: The Fine Print, The Goatee Invasion and The American Species.
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That's all you're getting!




September 1st

Yes it's September and of course that means it's time for the August edition of Winamop!

Obviously it would have been nice if I'd managed to get my act together a little sooner but this edition will have to straddle two months because it's holiday time and we're all busy not being busy.

A few of our regulars have kept their noses to their grind-stones ( fingers to keyboards would have been more appropriate but I like a hackneyed metaphor ) and here we see the fruits of their labours.

To start with we return to Martin Friel's novel When the Traffic Lights Stopped. We have reached chapter 6 and the most successful "people's politician" so far, is in deep water... (click here to start from chapter 1)
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Next it's good to hear from Donal Mahoney again. Here he relates the story of a bereavement; who will tend the farm now that the old man is gone?
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A treat now from Mary Cresswell. This new suite of poems are not to be taken too seriously but they are some of my favourites. I particularly appreciate a poem whose title is longer than its verse!
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A poem next from KJ Hannah Greenberg who is one of the stalwarts who keep this site going. She tells me that she has a new chapbook out called The Little Temple of My Sleeping Bag. The poem we have for you is called Regard Carefully.
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Well I'm afraid that's all we have this time, only four items... This is the summer doldrums problem. I need your help, get writing and send me something for next time, you know you want to!

The e-mail button is at the bottom of the home page so press it and send me something, I'll give it due consideration.

I'm off to the frozen north for a few weeks, the next edition will be in October, which gives you plenty of time to create something.

I'm looking forward to seeing what arrives in my in-box.



July 20th

Here we are again, happy as can be.. yes, I'm delighted to be introducing the late-running July edition of Winamop to you, our faithful readers.

It's full of wholesome ingredients designed to enrich your life - so let's get started.

We kick off with a story from Martin Green about a fortune teller. They are spooky sort of people aren't they? How do they know so much about you? It can't be true can it?
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Now to Donal Mahoney, and his story concerns an old man in a hospital bed and a visit from a well-meaning woman priest. It's called Saving Tim Murnane.
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I always learn a new word from KJ Hannah Greenberg's contributions - this time it's "mirpesset" (it means a balcony). The story is a little slice of family life, it's called Harmatttan.
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Poetry now and I am pleased to be able to bring you some more from JD DeHart. Here we have I, Leviathan, Play Pretties and Stitching.
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The last item this month is another collection of ekphrastic poetry from Neil Ellman. This time he has been concentrating on the colourful work of Wassily Kandinski.
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A small but perfectly formed edition of the 'mop I think.

More next time? We'll see what turns up in the in-box!




June 17th

Yes, I know it's a bit late but it'll be worth it I promise.

You see I've been far too busy enjoying myself to sit around here attending to Winamop, so it's a jolly good thing that our contributors have a somewhat better work ethic and have filled up my in-box until I could no longer hold back the flow.

Firstly a couple of "parish notices":
Sometime contributor Dee Sunshine tells us that he has recorded some of his poems from his "Bad Seed" collection and you can hear them here at Sound Cloud, complete with musical accompaniment.
Bruce Harris has set up a new web site aimed at anyone who writes short fiction or who would like to start, it offers advice, questionnaires, resources etc. and is all free. Find it here.

Right! Messages over, let the June edition begin.

First up this time is Donal Mahoney whose story Margaret Mary Kelly, 82, Wants to Marry Paddy Regan, 84 made me chuckle. I hope it does the same for you.
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Next it's time to re-join Martin Friel's book When The Traffic lights Stopped which we are serialising. We have reached chapter 5 and we are about to meet Marjory.
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By the way, if you want to start from the beginning, click Here.

Now to Martin Green, he's been talking to his cousin on the phone. You know those people who ring up just to talk about themselves, he's one of those...
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Harry Downey brings us a wonderfully detailed story of office politics in post-war England. Hearts certainly weren't worn on sleeves in those days! Settle down with a nice cup of tea and read Mr Smith's promotion.
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The final tale this month comes from Linda Casper and it's a short and sweet tale of Rita who finds herself a new role in life. She is now Rita the Recycler.
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To poetry now, and I am delighted to welcome JD DeHart to Winamop. You will find John's poems in many on-line mags and he has recently published a collection on Amazon. Here is Signs of Dilapidation.
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Another newcomer in the poetry section this month is John Kaniecki. John writes in rhyme and in free verse and I am delighted to be able to showcase five of his poems here.
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We finish with regular contributor KJ Hannah Greenberg. This time she brings two poems to the party, both witty and thought provoking. They are: So, I Appreciate Brakes and Reluctant to Use Their Words
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Well, that's your lot for this month. A pretty good selection - and I hope you'll agree that it was worth waiting for!

Back soon.



May 11th

Here in Winamop World Headquarters the talk is all about the new edtion which is unleashed upon an unsuspecting world today!

Our crack team of writers have been toiling long and hard in order to bring you a selection of the finest stories and poems; and for what reward?

Err.. well, nothing but your attention and appeciation really. What heroes they are!

Let's see what they have come up with this month (look out for our technological breakthrough):


Last time Martin Green brought us some poems which went down well, this time it's back to stories and this one is about a drama in the neighbourhood which starts a train of thought. It's called A Morning Conversation. read this!


Donal Mahoney reappears this month with another of his excellent tales. It concerns a good teacher, the type who changes lives. She was definitely One Tough this!


Martin Friel takes a break from his book this month and sends us this story of a one-night stand that went badly. It's provocatively entitled £105 for a used pair of pants. Rread this!


It's nice to welcome back G David Schwartz who hasn't been with us for a while but returns in style with five new poems. They are short and fun and make you think. read this!


AJ Huffman has been a regular contributor and this time she rails against many of modern life's less pleasant aspects. There's humour too! read this!


Here's something we haven't tried before. Michael Lee Johnson has sent in some fine poems which you can read as usual, but you can also hear him reading them. This requires a modern HTML5 compatible browser to work, Ignore any "Active X" warnings from Internet Explorer... you'll be fine! read this!




April 8th

April at last, the days are lengthening, the sap is rising and all is spring like... well it is if you are North of the equator as I am. If you are down South I guess you are seeing the leaves turning yellow and the temperature falling?

I like seasons.

But enough of this idle chit-chat, I need to get down to business and introduce the new edition of Winamop!

It's time for chapter 4 of Martin Friel's book When the Traffic Lights Stopped. We meet Ben and Marjory, the next two bright and hopeful "People's Politicians". read this!


Donal Mahoney doesn't particularly like bananas, especially when they aren't properly looked after. This story concerns a woman who has very poor banana management skills. Going bananas is the this!


It's a wee while since we heard from our Scottish girls on a trip to Switzerland way back in 1908. This fascinating insight into a time gone by continues now as they continue via St Beatenberg and Interlaken. If only the German climbers had taken notice of the this!


Now to poetry and Bruce Harris has sent us three new ones on subjects ranging from childhood memories to armed assassins. They are A Yacht in the Bay, August Playground and Blue Suit this!


Regular story-teller Martin Green has decided to turn his hand to poetry and here are the results. The poems are called That Afternoon in Golden Gate Park and The Small Pleasures of Being this!


Finally to KJ Hannah Greenberg, another contributor equally at home with prose and poetry. This time she has a poem about the state of humanity. It's called Amid Giants’ Awkward this!


The next time I address you will be in May, please contribute to the site if you feel disposed so to do, it keeps us going you know.





March the twelfth

Twelfth? What a ridiculous word...

Watch out for hares, they're supposed to be about at this time of year you know. I haven't seen any but I live in the city. It's all bright lights and 24hr partying here you know!

Time to relax with a nice cup of something and read the latest edition of Winamop before I overdo it.

First off we get to chapter 3 of Martin Friel's book When the Traffic Lights Stopped. This time we meet the first "People's Politician". read this!


Harry Downey returns this month with a story about an old photograph and the memories it brought back - and the secret it revealed. It's called Every Picture Tells a this!


Donal Mahoney now brings us A Disgusting Thing, or rather, a story about one. It is the tale of a young man and his proclivity to break wind in church. Disgusting indeed!read this!


This time KJ Hannah Greenberg has some fiction for us. It's about Barbara who's looking for an outlet for her energies having had to leave an academic position. It's called Fancy Tea, Fancy this!


I am delighted to welcome Mary Cresswell back to Winamop. This New Zealand poet's material is full of humour and imagination. Here are Evoking The Muse, The Enlightened Manager and What The Preacher this!


Frank C. Praeger also makes a welcome return this month and he brings five new poems with him. An Aside to Urban Development, Ergo, A Catalogue of Sorts, Unsupportable and Anything You Can Think Of .read this!


A lovely collection I think, in fact, it's probably a "classic edition" of Winamop. I shall have it bound in leather and placed upon my mantle-shelf!

Until we meet again.. (next month at a guess), I bid you farewell.




February 15th 2014

Rain, storms, more rain, floods, wind... little bit of sun, then repeat. It's an interesting winter here in England!

Well, at least its not freezing cold, and Winamop towers is built on high ground, so we can enjoy some great reading on Winamop in this new warming February edition.

First off it's time for chapter 2 of Martin Friel's book When the Traffic Lights Stopped (working title). If he keeps his nose to the grind-stone we'll have chapter three next this!


Now to a story from Donal Mahoney. This is just a short "slice of life" piece called Jogging to this!


Welcome back to Martin Green, with a tale of American army life back in Germany. It's called Encounters with Sergeant this!


A selection of poetry from KJ Hannah Greenberg next, and quite contrasting subjects too. Seltzer and Other Social Signifiers, Flames and Fires & My Mister (Didactic).read this!


Neil Ellman is well known for his ekphrastic poetry (poetry inspired, in his case, by art) and has contributed to Winamop on several previous occasions. Here is his latest collection, mostly on a fishy this!


Top stuff I'm sure you'll agree?

We'll meet again in about a month, by which time I hope my feet will have warmed up.




January 9th 2014!

Another year has dawned so I guess we'd better get on with things? Ho hum..

What will it hold I wonder? One thing that's certain is that, thanks to our dedicated band of contributors, it starts with a jolly splendid edition of Winamop!

We get underway with chapter 1 of a book which Martin Friel is in the process of writing. If he keeps up the pace we'll run one every month, if he can't we won't. When the Traffic Lights Stopped (working title) starts this!


Now a short episode from Linda Casper. Gemma finds that her relationship with Craig is taking an unpleasant turn. The title is No Turning this!


A supernatural tale now by Harry Downey. Martin Douglas is confused, he's arrived somewhere and doesn't know how he got there - and they don't seem pleased to see him. It's called Don't Come Till We Call this!


Jerry Vilhotti is back with the story of a man scarred by war. I always imagine Jerry writing at great speed, the pace of his prose is frenetic. This is called Water to this!


Poetry now and we start with a splendid poem from regular contributor Donal Mahoney. Just what was it that made Joan laugh out loud on her wedding night? That this!


Michael Estabrook has contributed many poems to us over the years and he's back with five new ones. I think he might be feeling his age.. read this!


It's nice to be able to welcome Gary Hewitt back to Winamop, this time with a poem. It is about steeling oneself to the task. It takes dedication, it takes guts, it takes this!



festive holly It's December already, so it's time for Winamop's alternative Christmas!

I call it an alternative Christmas because it isn't terribly festive, but it is good, so it should go some way to keeping you amused through the holiday.

Let's get started...

Dawn Wilson is a new contributor to Winamop and may, or may not, have green hair. She has sent us a story about a dissatisfied "tax preparer" which is called The Tax Lady Invades the this!


Martin Friel is back! He has a new philosophy on life, don't let time rule your life, face the old enemy. For some reason it's called Loads of fun and cocktails on the this!


Also back is KJ Hannah Greenberg who brings us a tale involving those charming creatures; cockroaches. Nice! It is indeed an Ode to a cockroach. Her new book of poetry is available on this!


Now to regular story-teller Donal Mahoney. This time we find Joe Faherty at the funeral of his old friend McGillicuddy. However it seems that McGillicuddy doesn't want to go this!


Another new contributor joins us next: Ross Durrence. Here the subject of the story is a bit of self improvement. You know when you try something and you think you could maybe just do it a little better? This is called Muenster and it's a bit this!


We end the stories with a visit to Camelot in the company of Martin Green's Retired Knight. Sir Landry is a righter of wrongs, a defender of the peace, and he's pretty keen on a good this!


To poetry now, and first we welcome back Paul Tristram. This time he's sent us four poems on various subjects: The Pub Window, Bar Bitch You Hate! Porcupine Logic and Feeding this!


Next to Mary Cresswell. We have heard from her a few times this year and I always enjoy her blend of fun and skill in poetry. Here we have Undivined Comedy, The Food Reviewer Aviods The Issue and Leaning In .read this!


We finish with a few short poems from our elder statesman JBP. These are from his little book "A Lost Secret". Here we have The well at the world's end, Pictures, Generations and Dr Quantum's Presidential this!


Well that's it. 2013 is pretty much over and we steam full-speed-ahead towards the distant iceberg of 2014.

See you there!



October 17th

Hooray! We're back after a mere 32 days. I'll never keep up this pace...

Our doughty band of contributors have been busy and we have a splendid selection for you. Before we get stuck in there's just time to tell you that previous contributor Peter Ray now has his own poetry blog - have a look.
Plug over, let's get started.

First we welcome Donal Mahoney back to Winamop with a new story of an old poet in the twilight of his life. What can he contribute to today's audience? It's called A Gathering of this!


Next it's Harry Downey (New book coming soon to Amazon), who describes himself as "a retired grouch" but this story isn't at all grumpy. It's about a case of mistaken identity. The title is The Same - But this!


Now I am very pleased to welcome new contributor Linda Casper who brings us a short cautionary tale about a "lucky" charm. the title is The Snake this!


Back to one of our regulars now, KJ Hannah Greenberg. I never know whether she's going to send in poetry or prose... this time it's the latter. A tale of strange goings on down at the zoo, in The Lemur this!


Poetry now, and a speedy return for Martin Friel. This time he's reflecting on a life of semi-debauchery, will he change? Doesn't look like it. This one's called this!


It's time to come over all ekphrastic now as Neil Ellman takes some more art works and draws out poetry from them. Here you can see the works and read his this!


Frank C. Praeger sent these poems to me in April... you can tell how efficient I am by the fact that it's taken me this long to publish them. Sorry Frank; it's definitely a case of better late than never!read this!


A selection to be treasured - all our content stays on the site forever so you can explore our archive of Stories or Poetry or use CTRL-F on this page to find stuff from days gone by.

Until next month, I wish you good reading.




September 15th

No, Winamop hasn't ceased to be, it was just resting. What happened to the August edition? You may well, ask; I think the real answer is that I was just too busy enjoying myself during the summer.

Now I have stopped enjoying myself - only joking - it's always a pleasure to bring you a new edition of Winamop! So let's get stuck in.

We resume proceedings with a story from Donal Mahoney. You remember those old tales from school days, where dire consequences resulted from being disobedient? Well, let this be a lesson. It's Albeit of this!


Now I'm very pleased to welcome Samantha Memi back to Winamop with this new story about a magical bracelet. We could do with some more of these!read this!


Martin Green returns next with some hot stuff... well, it's a story about the heat of summer and what it can do to a man - could it make him murder his wife?read this!


A new contributor to Winamop now, Gary Hewitt. Gary is a novelist from Kent and this is a short piece of flash fiction called this!


To poetry now, and another new contributor - Paul Tristram - brings us three of his poems: Greasy-Side Slide, Every Truth Is Pale and Against The Grain, this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg has certainly not been idle this summer, she has penned a few short poems for us. Here are Starlight, Puppies’ Playful Stance and Acquiring Provisions for Pets and this!


Martin Friel usually writes stories for us, but this time his muse has taken him in the direction of poetry. It's only short, and I'm not sure what it's called, but it's about a child and it's quite this!


Christopher Barnes has contributed regularly to Winamop and his poems are always a joy. Here we have Longitude, Latitude; Endwise; Dirty Pebbles; Ghosted, Pocketed and The Unexpected this!


We finish with yet another new contributor, Melissa Davis. She is a doctoral student and teacher from Miami and here she brings us Three Women, The Hunt and The Unbelievable .read this!


Well, what a collection! I guess that's what happens when I leave Winamop mission control for a month, I can't get the front door open for contributions.

I promise to be back with more in October.. honest. Keep sending them in.



July 12th

Phew, what a scorcher! The weather in England is hot, we can't cope with hotness in this country. We start wearing shorts and drinking lager, a sad state of affairs. At least there's cricket to watch...

If by some slim chance you don't like cricket, then may I offer to you the new edition of Winamop as alternative entertainment?

This time we have lots of good stuff from regulars, returners and newbies..

We'll start with a story from regular Donal Mahoney. This is the tale a Blanche O'Brien who was happily married to Barney Murphy. Barney loved his "orchard" until her fruits went a bit wrinkly. read this!


Now to Martin Green and he has the story of a college boy, home for the summer, who couldn't resist undertaking a heroic task for a pretty girl. What could possibly go wrong?read this!


Bruce Harris has a book of his excellent stories coming out in September, I'll keep you posted on that. Meanwhile enjoy this one concerning a couple who meet again in an unusual this!


Mary Cresswell is back. This New Zealander's witty poetry always makes me smile. Here we have Meditation On Neighborhood Cats, Good News Bad News Ghazal, Song Of The Semidetached Lover, Calvinism At Home and Giving this!


I am very pleased to welcome a new contributor; Bobbi Sinha-Morey [BIO]. Bobbi crafts her poetry beautifully and these three are well worth reading. Here we have - Stranger's Secrets, Silent Auction and Lilacs. read this!


Now we hear from another one of our stalwarts - KJ Hannah Geenberg. Here she gives us a haiku followed by what she describes as a "a sassy, silly poem" on the subject of joggers. I like it!read this!


To finish we have some poetry from Rob Plath. Rob used to be a regular contributor some years ago but has been through tough times. This is his return from those dark places. Beware of the demons... Rread this!


Top stuff from all Winamoppers this time. These contributors do it for no reward, so if you like something please support the author by visiting their web site, blog or whatever. They'll appreciate it.

Until the next time.



June 13 th

I had to have a bit of a lie down after the excitement of our tenth birthday, consequently this edition is fashionably late. But it's been worth waiting for. In fact, it's almost as big as the birthday edition!

So, with a lot to read, we ought to get started... but before we do I'd like to mention contributor Peter Ray's new book of poems and pictures which is detailed here. It's good!

Right! Here we go:

Martin Green kicks off this edition with a story of a man who has had a long and successful life (it's not about me) and starts to reminisce. Petrushka is the title. read this!


Donal Mahoney is up next, with a tale of a lost soul on a bus. You know how it is when you're sitting on the bus and the odd-ball gets on and heads straight for your seat.. Teddy and Oliver Talk It Over on the Busread this!


Next we have a splendid story from new contributer Shannon Marie Lane. It concerns a woman who has found her "man for all seasons" in an unconventional way. It's called The Blue this!


Now a tale of strange occurences in a swimming pool, by Eric Suhem. A couple move into a big old house in the hills, what could possibly go wrong? It's called this!


The last story this week is of intertwined relationships over generations in a university campus. KJ Hannah Greenberg tells of A Few Indiscretions at Hampshire House. read this!


To Poetry now and some fine work from April Salzano who contributed to Winamop for the first time last year. Here we have three new poems with a humourous flavour, starting with Free to Good Home. read this!


A.J.Huffman is back again, with more of her provocative and amusing poems. This time she focusses on some unusual body art, a little intimate reconstruction and Barbie's return in a new this!


A Haiku now, by Virginie Colline, inspired by Kees van Dongen's affecting picture The Corn Poppy. I'm a sucker for a girl with big this!


Finally to Page 94, our occasional satirical column, this time penned by Martin Green. He's been having a spot of bother with airlines and getting all "PC".read this!



Well, enough to keep you amused and entertained for a while I hope? We will return in about a month, so long as our faithful band of contributors are willing to send their material in. You are welcome to join them, the e-mail button is at the bottom of the index page.

Until the next time!



May 5th 2013

A momentous day! On this day in 2003 Winamop was launched upon a largely uninterested world, you can follow the development of the site by scrolling right to the bottom of the "Diary" page, or clicking here, and see how we became the publishing behemoth that Winamop is today...

how it used to beWhen we began, Winamop's page style was a jokey facsimile of Winamp's site (see this page for the story) and it looked like this. I've found an early copy of it so you can see it in all its glory if you click on the thumbnail.

Since then we've changed things round a little, dropped the "British" bit, explored many more artistic avenues, stopped sending out mops (sorry to disappoint all mop collectors) and gained a loyal band of contributors. Thank you all! This site is nothing without you.

For this tenth birthday edition we have some special contributions, some newcomers and some old faithfuls. It's a HUGE edition and I hope you enjoy it!

Let's get started then. One of our earliest contributors, Wayne H.W Wolfson, is still a supporter and he has sent in some excellent art-work with which to celebrate our anniversary.see this!


Now to Martin Green, a most prolific contributor to the site, who has written this special story for our birthday. It's called Stephanie and the (wina) this!


Captain Wozzo is a super-hero of a not so super kind. I started his story in 2004 and have only just finished the final chapter for this tenth birthday edition. I doubt if the effort was worth it, but if you're under 12 you'll probably like it!read this!


Our tame historian JH has been transcribing these 105 year old diaries for a little while now. They concern a Swiss holiday taken by a group of young women from the Scottish lowlands and are a fascinating little snapshot of the time. Here's the latest episode, a very warm climb up the this!


Now to KJ Hannah Greenberg. Rosh Hashanah is the birthday, i.e. the new year, that Jews celebrate. Here is a poem about the metamorphosis a parent experiences when seeing her children dress in holiday finery for that very special day. read this!


Further into our poetry section now, with Donal Mahoney, another very regular contributor. In this poem Donal remembers the "fire and brimstone" sermons of Old-Time this!


Next we welcome back A.J. Huffman [Bio] who was last with us back in January. This time she has three new poems for us, including the worrying Fishnet Bootie this!


Now I'm very pleased to welcome the first of our new contributors, Christopher Mulrooney, who has written poems in Orbis, Weyfarers, Tulane Review, and Pacific Review. Here are four of his this!


Another new recruit joining us this time is Mary Creswell [Bio]. Mary lives in New Zealand and has a wry style which I like a this!


Last but not least, it's a pleasure to welcome Andrea Lewis to Winamop. Her poems are full of humour and empathy with the people she observes. read this!


Here's to the next ten years!



April 5th 2013

Easter has been and gone, I'm feeling slightly queasy from eating too many chocolate eggs, and it's still freezing cold outside.


Better to just stay indoors and enjoy the latest edition of Winamop!

Quite a crop of stories this month, and some interesting ekphrastic poems, so let's get started.

First Martin Green brings us a new Retired Knight episode. We find Sir Landry righting wrongs again when he gets involved in a bit of early student this!


Now to Eric Suhem who, appropriately enough for the Easter season, has a tale of an Egg. But this is no ordinary this!


What sweets were your favourites when you were young? For Alex Bernstein it was Reese Cups, but that led to this!


Revenge may be sweet, but an all consuming desire to get even isn't healthy. Donal Mahoney relates the sorry tale of Harry this!


Now to a short "lightning flash" from KJ Hannah Greenberg. This is thought-provoking, it's called this!


Neil Ellman brought us some poetry inspired by art works back in November. Now he is back with some more of his "ekphrastic poetry".read this!


That's all for this time but don't forget to come back in May for our super 10th anniversary edition... yes Winamop will be 10 in May! Will we grow-up at last?... Doubtful.

I'll start blowing up the balloons, you bring the cake.



March 4th 2013.

March hares are bouncing round Winamop Global Publishing Headquarters as I sit here tapping the keys. Actually, that's not true, it's a more prosaic scene; a bus has just gone past and I think I saw next-door's cat on the lawn. However, it is March so I'm entitled to a mild bout of madness.

Wild fancies are not conducive to getting much work done though, so it's a good job our contributors have been more focussed than I am!

Let's find out what they've created for your amusement.

We kick-off this edition with a racy story from Samantha Memi. It's a tale of infidelity and deception, it's Alfonsina’s Dream of Love and Comfort. Rread this!


Donal Mahoney is back with a new story of a traditional church community called Scenes from a Parish: Life and Death at St. Pancratius. read this!


Martin Green returns to relate the story of an old man who used to be a little, how shall I put it, irascible perhaps? Not now though, he has mellowed... read this!


More hundred-year-old fun from the Alps with Touzer and the girls in part 3 of the Diary of a 1908 Swiss holiday by Margaret McNee. Transport trouble this this!


We finish with a burst of poetry from KJ Hannah Greenberg. She's feeling a little wistful it seems. Here we have: Growth, Heart's Preamble and Bodies Roll. read this!


Splendid! A fine selection once more but, as ever, we need more. If you feel you'd like to send something in to Winamop please click on the e-mail button at the bottom of the home page.

Now where are those hares?



February 5th 2013.

We're back. April may be the cruelest month according to T.S. Eliot, but I reckon February is pretty nasty too. The days are short, it's cold outside, the wind is blowing hard; so what better than to sit in the warm reading some stories and poems?

Let's get started, it's a fairly short edition this time but February is a short month!

Martin Green returns to the fold with the first of two contributions this time (well actually this one arrived last month but Winamop was already full!). It is the story of a lottery winner - these things can change your life... read this!


Now over to Donal Mahoney, who continues to supply Winamop with excellent stories, this one is all about Gloria and her relationships. She's a down home girl, a Rural this!


Now for the second of Martin Green's contributions. This one goes on Page 94 - our satirical column that has been sadly neglected recently - and concerns the state of the (U.S.) this!


The Poetry in this edition comes from KJ Hannah Greenberg, three new poems in fact. Starting with the bitter-sweet Pleasant Wishes, Little this!


Now for something completly different. Wayne H.W Wolfson has collaborated with Austrian based artist Clemens Niel and his film group "Filmszene Graz" to make this short film The this!


That's all for now, please keep sending in contributions, and keep warm.. (If you're in Australia, keep cool).



January 8th 2013.

New Year greetings from the Winamop team! (There isn't actually a team, it's just me, but it seems better to imagine that there is). During the holidays our contributors have been busy, and new stuff has flooded in to the Winamop control centre (exaggerating again.. it's just my desk). Excellent work from all you contributors!

Let's get cracking with a new story from Donal Mahoney. You know how cruel kids can be? Well this story is about a girl called Patsy Foley who was a little bit "roly-poly" this!


Now it's the return of Bruce Harris. I wouldn't like to be a doctor, having to sound interested in someone's bunions would be depressing. This particular doctor is positive though, he's known as Doctor this!


We all did silly things as a child didn't we? Paul Brechbuhler liked to climb stuff, as many boys do. Had he bitten off more than he could chew in this story of The Futile Alpinist?read this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg is a regular here, and she has a new book of poetry out! For this edition she has penned two salutory tales: The Tortoise vs. The Hare and The Ant and the this!


Harry Downey is next with a really nice piece in which we observe the mourners at the funeral of a public figure. Will they show due respect at The Passing of an Important Man?read this!


Poetry from A.J. Huffman next. She returns with a new collection with titles: The Smell of Human Love and Hate, Look Into Eternity and Hidden in Salt . Well worth this!


It's a long time since we had any Haiku on Winamop, so I'm very grateful to new contributor Virginie Colline [Bio] who has sent in four of them with an illustration by Alain this!


That was indeed a packed edition! I hope, with your help, to keep up the excellent standard in 2013 and trust that you will come back next month for more.

A very Happy New Year to you all.




December 6th

It's the festive Christmas edition of Winamop! (note the sprig of holly above)

The gang's all here and we're about to celebrate the passing of another year, not a very good one if we're honest, but we can all agree that the twelve 2012 editions of Winamop have been jolly good!

Let's raise a glass of port and a hot mince pie to Harry Downey whose story For Every Winner There's a Loser may leave you feeling a little this!


I can always rely on Martin Green to provide a good story and he ends 2012 with this one about Max Von Sydow (who?) and the harmony of the universe! A sweet sherry for Martin then. read this!


Now it's time to welcome Janet Yung to Winamop, so I'll propose a champagne toast for her story of a wasp and a cat. Now, what's it called...? Oh yes, it's The this!


We arrive at the poetry section of Winamop and we can enjoy a mulled wine with KJ Hannah Greenberg as she tackles some thorny political this!


Next Peter Ray returns with another poem inspired by an historical event. This one concerns a severe storm, or "ravage", in 1824 which rocked the mill at Wembury in Devon. I think a warming whisky is appropriate?read this!


It's about time for a glass of ale with Christpher Barnes, a UK poet who has written for us before. This time he has six new poems including House Arrest Of The Opposition Leader. Strong this!


We finish this last edition of 2012 with a wonderful poem by Donal Mahoney. We'll enjoy a last snifter of brandy with old Romeo as Old Romeo Puts His Bible this!


I think I need to go for a bit of a lie down now, so that's all for this year. We'll be back in January and I'll be needing some content to fill the first Winamop of 2013. Over to you!

Be as festive as you dare, and buy Wayne Wolfson's new book.



November 12th

Here in the UK we celebrate the fact that Guy Fawkes didn't blow up the houses of parliament by setting off fireworks on the fifth of November. The Muslim festival of Eid-al-adha and the Muslim new year also fall about now so everybody's been letting off fireworks all over the place for at least a week.

So let's set this edition of Winamop off with a bang!

We'll start with new contributor Paul Brechbuhler, he has been writing for some time but this is his first science fiction piece. It's called this!


We all know those people at work who seem to get promoted even though they are pretty useless (see BBC Director General) so let Martin Green tell you the story of The Success of George this!


Next it is the welcome return of Samantha Memi who has a new book out (see here). She brings a tale of a rather bad day when things just won't behave themselves. Prepare for this!


To Poetry now, and it's time to meet Holly Day [Bio], a new recruit to Winamop who introduces herself with five new poems including My First this!


After writing several stories for us, Donal Mahoney returns to poetry, and takes us to the dark crime infested alleys of the city with Death Has this!


Finally let me introduce Neil Ellman who has composed some ekphrastic poems (inspired by art-works) which start with a Dali painting The Disintegration of the Persistence of this!


Well, that was all good stuff wasn't it?

We'll be back in time for Christmas with our festive edition so don't miss it, and if you feel like contributing, get started soon because time waits for no man...

E-mail button is at the bottom of the main page.



October 2nd

I've just noticed that it's October. Doesn't time fly when you are having fun? It seems to go pretty quickly when you are just doing the mundane jobs around the house too...

Therefore, it is most decidedly time to present the new edition of Winamop to an expectant world. So here it is.

To start us off we have a story about shoes from Samantha Memi. You may remember she did a shoe story for us some months back but that's been removed to go into her new book (news on that soon). This one's called The Devil's Shoes. read this!


Now to regular contributor Martin Green. This time he brings a timely warning to us long-married types not to take our spouses for granted. It's called My Friend this!


A quick one from KJ Hannah Greenberg next. If only the Americans spelled cheque properly there'd be less confusion! It's called Here’s a Check, There’s a Check, Everywhere a Check, this!


Now we arrive at the poetry section with a piece of prose - about poetry - by Donal Mahoney. He has been a poet since the '60s and gives us his thoughts on how things have changed in Back Then and Write this!


Surprisingly there was no poetry submitted this time, so we return to our stock of JBP's little poetry collections which he compiles every year. This one is stones from the this!


We finish on some wonderful art work from Dee Sunshine [Bio]. Dee is a bit of a polymath and has a book of his poems - Visions of The drowning Man - out now at this!


Most excellent I'm sure you will agree? We'd welcome your contribution to Winamop too, you can find the e-mail button at the bottom of the home page.

See you in November?



September 1st

Well, that's it then. The "summer" is over, the Olympics has finished, the Edinburgh Festival has been and gone; what are we going to do now? Enjoy the new edition of Winamop of course!

Despite all the distractions of the holiday season our faithful contributors haven't been slacking, not a bit of it, they have been tapping away to great effect - and here is the result of their efforts:

Do you remember the film "Calendar Girls" where a group of middle-aged W.I. women posed naked for a charity calendar and started a trend for similar cheeky fund raisers? Bruce Harris does, and this story tells of a participant in a photo shoot for such a this!


In the news here in the UK there has recently been a "silly-season" story about a lion on the loose in Essex. The Essex Lion turned out to be imaginary. Martin Green's next story concerns an imaginary tiger who may also be on the this!


It's Donal Mahoney's turn next and this time he has an atmospheric tale of Clarence who was wont to return home from the pub a little late, much to the chagrin of this!


The last story this time comes from Samantha Memi, who appears to have found a never-before-seen episode of Popeye the Sailor - "Popeye's Barnacle Bill".read this!


Moving over into the poetry section we find Christina Murphy [Bio], and she's challenging a few of the big names in "Poetry Undefined". I'm expecting this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg has two new poems for us in this edition; "Passing Thoughts (A Carol)" and "Great Veils of Regret (A Byr a Thoddice)". No, I don't know what that this!


Lastly I'm glad to be able to welcome Frank C. Praeger back to Winamop. This time Frank has five excellent new poems for us. read this!


A fine edition and I think the word "bumper" just about covers it don't you? If all continues to go well I'll be back in October with some more.

It's a date!



August 3rd

Are you enjoying the Olympics? It rather depends whether your team is winning I suppose. Having been working with some Dutch, French and Germans I feel relieved that team GB have at last got some medals. Good show! (editor waves very small Chinese-made union flag)

That has absolutely no bearing on the really important things in life, such as the new edition of Winamop, which is out now. In fact, you are reading it at this very moment!

We kick off with an unusual group of short cameos from KJ Hannah Greenberg. There are four of them and I don't recommend reading them whilst eating. It begins, contrarily, with "He eats Anything".read this!


Now to Donal Mahoney's latest story (I apologise for a broken link to last month's which has now been put right). This one concerns a hotel for the elderly, and a certain prim lady. Looking out for Mrs this!


Another Winamop regular now, Martin Green returns with a story about a talking computer. A blind friend of mine used to have one, rather robotic, but this one is much this!


We now move into the poetry section and meet April Salzano for the first time. [Bio]. Here we have "Sims 3: Ambitions," "Yesterday's Fiasco," and "Love Affair."read this!


Also new this time is 19 year old poet Andrew J. Stone. This one is called Ode to a boy in this!


Returning to the fold next is A.J. Huffman. Here she touches on the tricky subjects of a unicornised show horse, an enraged chicken-eater and a lesbian Barbie. read this!


Next it's time for another fine poem from Montucky Review's A.g Synclair. This one is called this!


We move seamlessly now from poetry to photography via a piece of visual poetry, which combines both, from new contributor Vinca Andre.see this!


And we finish with a piece of photographic art from Sarah Edwards. She is an experimental / street photographer living in Montreal, Canada; mainly working with 35mm film. see this!


That's it for this month, I think we covered all the bases: stories, poetry, art and in-between. Let's hope we can do as well next time! So to those of you with an artistic streak, a head full of stories or a poetic muse; I want to hear from you...



July 2nd

Our glorious summer continues with rain, wind and floods. If you're planning a lovely holiday in Great Britain I should bring some waterproofs.

Still, it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good. The inclement weather means that I'm not tempted to go outside which leaves me plenty of time to sit here preparing this super edition of Winamop.

This month it's small but perfectly formed.

We start with Magic Moments, a story by new contributor Harry Downey [Bio] What do you do if you find yourself growing up with the name Arbuthnot? Change it of course!read this!


What would we do without Martin Green? We'd have a lot less stories to read that's for sure! This one is a tale of infidelity and violence in suburbia. It's called A Suburban this!


Another story from Donal Mahoney next. He's becoming a regular contributor with many good pieces to his name. This one is Behind The Barn With Carol this!


Now it's the welcome return of Bruce Harris. He has given us some original stories in the past but this time he waxes all poetic and muses wryly on the environment, tourism and a certain film... read this!


A pretty fine selection I hope you'll agree? But we need more for next time, our stocks have run dry... if only the weather would follow suit.




June 1st

It's Jubilee time! The British Queen has been doing her stuff for 60 years. People have been making the most amazing fuss about this and the bunting salesmen are all expecting a bonus. Still, it's a good excuse for a party, and a holiday, so let's celebrate with a truly giant Jubilee edition of Winamop!

Before we begin I must say that I'm very proud of this edition - the quality of work sent in recently has been exceptional - so to all our contributors I say "Thank you, and keep up the good work!" (Sorry to sound like a school teacher, but you do all get gold stars..)

Let's get started with story from Winamop regular Donal Mahoney. This time he brings us the tale of a chance meeting in Peoria. I don't know where that is, but evidently the price of pork is important this!


Now we go back to 79AD when Mount Vesuvius erupted covering Pompeii and Heraculaneum in pyroclastic flows (thanks Wikipedia). Samantha Memi imagines what it was like for those caught up in the wrath of The Angry this!


Martin Green returns now with another swashbuckling tale in his Retired Knight series. This time Sir Landry has to deal with a power-mad prince and his beautiful this!


There has been a spate of arson attacks on bakeries, and who could benefit from such a crime? Maybe a property agent? But how was it done? Call in Lieutenant Lisa Kalback, she'll find the critters.. A new "tail" from KJ Hannah this!


We are now entering the poetry section, and I am delighted to be able to share this latest poem from A.g. Synclair with you. It is good. It is called this!


Finally a little ditty from new contributor Phil Robertson [Bio]. I'm guessing that Phil is a Scot, and that he has a fondness for "uisge beatha". This is called £10.97read this!


Top stuff, I hope you'll agree? We'll be back again in about a month, if you feel you'd like to contribute then please use the e-mail link on the home page.

Long live the Queen! and all that sort of stuff...




May 4th

Here in England the rain is lashing down relentlessly whilst much of the country is under a hose-pipe ban due to "drought conditions". It is the wettest drought I can remember since the days of Denis Howell in 1976.

Never mind eh? It's a good time to sit indoors and bash the May edition of winamop into shape. So here it is, suitably bashed.

First a news item from KJ Hannah Greenberg who has a book out at Bards & Sages Publishing called Don’t Pet the Sweaty Things. As a Winamop reader you can get a 10% discount on it if you order from Createspace and enter the discount code WLJS8U8. You can also order the print version from Amazon and get nice T-shirts etc from Bards and Sages.

Right, let's get down to business. This month we have had plenty of poetry sent in but a severe lack of stories. So much so that I've had to write one myself, and nobody really wants that do they? So come on you story tellers, get writing!

We'll get my story out of the way first. It's a very short tale about a man and a box. It's called Curiosity. You're curious now aren't you?read this!


Next we have the journal of MH's Japanese theatre trips which she made before the Kabuki Za Theatre closed in 2010. She took in as many performances as possible in a short time. This is only the this!


Maranda Wimmer is still at high school and wishes to pursue a career in writing. On the basis of this poem My Past Always Follows, she could have a bright this!


Now something a little different. Poetry in a visual form from Christopher Barnes [Bio]. He has contributed several pieces to Winamop and this selection of six poems starts with Psychological Film this!


Back to KJ Hannah Greenberg and this time she has three poems for you. Rubricing Life is the first and it concerns a relationship gone this!


And that's your lot. If you enjoyed anything please click on the ratings and, most importantly, if you have a story in you get it written and send it in. We need more!

Bye for now.




April 1st

No, it's not a joke, Winamop returns with a spring in its step! It's time for our Joy Of Spring collation. We have bubbly girls, naughty shoes and nonsense to keep you smiling, but we contrast that with a little bitterness. An excellent recipe which I hope you will appreciate!

On to the first course:

Prolific author and regular contributor Martin Green is back to tell us the story of a romance, or was it just altruism? It's time to meet The Bubbly this!


A warm welcome now for Samantha Memi who has been having a little trouble with her shoes. For one thing, they are uncomfortable, but that's not the half of it. We present: Rebellious this!


Now three excellent new poems from Esther Greenleaf Murer. [Bio] In true Winamop style, she has also sent in a "round robin" poem from her family collection which is well worth reading. read this!


Just coming up to the top of the hour and it's time for the news. Winamop's unreliable news service has been dormant for too long, so I've decided to revive it. Unwise? this!


Next we darken the mood a little, with a poem from new contributor A.g. Synclair [Bio]. It is called this!


Bruce Harris first appeared on Winamop in January with a story, now he's back to cheer us up with some poems which he describes as comic verse; but there's more to them than this!


That'll do for now. I hope you've enjoyed it and will join us by contributing to the next edition?

Oh, and now you can follow me on Twitter, not that I've anything interesting to say - as you've probably realised! It's @winamop.




March 5th

Nearly Easter already! Spring is about to spring and the sap is rising, at least it would be if it weren't so blooming cold. Best huddle up to your nice warm computer and read the latest edition of Winamop, which is fortuitously, right here.

Have you ever been in a situation where you suddenly realise that everyone around you appears to be from another planet? No? Must be just me then.. and possibly Kate Alexander-Kirk. Say What You Mean this!


Welcome back KJ. Hannah Greenberg, with a tale of two sisters, and their not entirely happy relationship with one man. It's called To this!


And now to Poetry. Donal Mahoney has written a new poem, his first for us, concerning a lady of the night and an officer of the law. Enjoy Officer this!


Next it is my pleasure to introduce a new contributor, A.J. Huffman. She is a poet from Florida [Bio] and here are three of her this!


We finish with some more short poems from JBP's latest annual collection which is called Enough? "More!" I say!read this!


A short but enjoyable edition I think, but in order to make the next one full and fruity we need more! Contact me by using the e-mail link at the bottom of the main page.

Until we meet again.



January 30th 2012

Well this is impressive, two editions in one month! (just) I am very pleased to be able to start 2012 in such splendid style.

It's even more satisfying because I can introduce to you, faithful reader, four new contributors. With this infusion of new blood, and more good work from our regulars, I have high hopes for a great year for Winamop.

That's enough effusiveness, let's get down to business...

We'll start with a story from KJ Hannah Greenberg. We find that her gentleman friend, although admirable in many ways, is inclined to drop the odd cheese related clanger. If committed at an important event this can be "A Grande Faux Pas" indeed... read this!


Now I'm very happy to introduce a new contributor, Bruce Harris. [Bio] In this story, "Letting Linda Go", it appears that Bruce has intercepted an e-mail exchange between an ambitious boss and his long-standing this!


Another writer new to Winamop is Barbara M. Fried. She describes herself as an unpublished writer living in Denver, CO, and working as an anesthesiologist in private practice. On the evidence of this fine story "Occupy Me", I can see no reason why she is so far unpublished!read this!


To poetry now, and a first contribution from Tameka M. Sharrette. [Bio] In this poem she's suffering from a bad case of unrequited love. It's called, "And It's All Because Of Love".read this!


Completing this edition we have three poems from Christopher Barnes. [Bio] He's a British poet who has written many poems in his "Electric Chair" series. Here we have "A Good Execution?" from that collection, plus a couple of this!


That's all we have this time. Remember that there's plenty more to explore here, I never delete anything from the site (unless requested by the author), so rummage through our archives to your heart's content.




January 16th 2012

It's a brand new shiny year, we've all made resolutions (and probably already broken them) and we're all hoping against hope that it'll be a good one. It's certainly started off that way here at Winamop towers. The e-mail in-box is bulging with new material, so I'm all ready to present to you the first edition of Winamop in 2012.

Let's start with a story from new contributor Martin Jaeger. [Bio] Martin actually sent me this story last year, but due to monumental inefficiency on my part (cue another New Year's resolution) it didn't get published. Now the wrong is righted and you can read this short humorous tale, "The Worst Thing About Surgery".read this!


Martin Green has been with us for a long time, but this story goes back even further; to the days of the Knights of The Round Table and Chivalry at its best. The Retired Knight returns to do the right thing, when he meets the Young Baron (who isn't a very nice chap).read this!


I'm pleased to be able to welcome Gary Beck to Winamop [Bio]. He introduces himself to us with a tale of two young men out to have a good time in "Wild Times in 1957 San Francisco".read this!


Donal Mahoney is becoming a regular contributor and we are grateful for that. This time we find him musing on the difficulty of writing poetry which is all meat, no gristle, no fat. It's called, strangely, "Kaleidoscope and Harpsichord".read this!


KJ. Hannah Greenberg is often to be found here on the site. This time she brings us three new poems which you can read here, and news of a new book which you can this!


Frank C. Praeger is a poet. He is also another victim of my tardiness, having sent these poems to me in August. I thank him for his patience and present to you "Large and Ignoble" and "Not to be an Ex-".read this!


Well that's all for what has turned out to be another packed edition of Winamop. If this keeps up we'll be able to get another edition out to you within a month. Remember that all you have to do to contribute, is to e-mail me (the button is at the bottom of the home page) and I will reply promptly...

Well, that's what my New Year's resolution states anyway.

All the best.



December 7thmore festive holly

festive hollyWe're back! Somewhat late, as seems to have become the norm round these parts, but at least we're in time for Christmas.

So let's declare this the Bumper Christmas Edition of Winamop and go for it good and proper in comic sans!

Actually I hate comic sans so we'll make it The Bumper Christmas Edition of Winamop in some weird font that is incompatible with most browsers instead. Great idea.

But I digress, the point of all this is to present to you some really good stories and poetry that you can enjoy for nothing in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy Winamop on your new iPad when the mince pies have all gone and the sherry has run dry and you will feel fulfilled once more and ready to face the new year and all its wonders.

So here it is.

Firstly we have a story from Bobby Morris which features a motivational speaker and a mystery cat. Intrigued? Well check out "The Big White Cat", but take this!


Martin Friel is back with "And in the end there is nothing". Now you may think that this isn't going to be a very cheery tale, and you'd be right, but it's good and that's what matters. read this!


T.R. Healy is a newcomer to Winamop who has written a piece called "Strokes". It tells of a knife sharpener who has a nagging feeling that there might be something bad about to this!


We first heard from Donal Mahoney in the last edition and he's back this time with a new story called It's best to leave Cootie alone. I think we now have a new catch phrase "Damn the vernal equinox! Full speed ahead!"read this!


Well that's a lot of stories, we usually have some poetry too don't we? Yes we do. At the end of each year our elder statesman JBP, publishes a little book of short and witty poems. This year the collection is called "Enough?" and here are some of the this!


Lastly a single poem by Joel Hardin from San Antonio Texas. It's not really Christmassy, in fact it's quite bleak, but not everyone is jolly at this time of year are they? It's called "Surreality" read this!


Well that's "Enough" for 2011, we've had a good year despite capitalism crumbling all around us and we intend to have another one in 2012. See you there!



October 3rd

Oh dear! Missed my own deadline again, only by a few days, but missed it I have. What can I do to compensate you, oh faithful reader?

Provide you with some jolly fine stuff to enjoy, that's what!

So let's start with something a little different: Eleanor Leonne Bennett is a young photographic artist who is causing quite a stir with her striking pictures. Here is a small collection of her recent this!


Martin Green is back once more. This time he presents a story of passion, and maybe even love? But who is the mysterious girl next door?read this!


Now to poetry. Yvette Managan, when she's not tending the Banana River, makes poetry with wit and variety. read this!


Back to prose now, and we introduce Donal Mahoney. Donal's father was a hero of the Irish Republican struggle and here he recalls a story of his own school days, a coal yard and his father. read this!


Finally let's hear from KJ Hannah Greenberg who has sent in two poems. In the first one I believe she is referring to what we call over in the UK a "pad". (No, not an iPad.. a paper one!)read this!


That's about it for now, I've paid the hosting fees for another couple of years so we'll have to continue! That means you'll have to send in some stuff or I'll have to write it myself, and that would never do.


August 30th

Back with a wallop, a crash and a bang! The August edition of Winamop just managed to squeak under the wire before it became the September edition.

Part of the reason I've been delayed is that I've been far too busy enjoying the wines and cheeses of France, the festivities of Edinburgh, and the company of friends... sorry about that, but these things make life worth living!

I'm back now, and thanks to a bulging in-box we have lots of excellent stuff for you. First up a new contributor, Tom Sheehan, has penned this piece about a bus driver who knows his passengers only too well. It's called “Driving on the Sausage Run,” it's this!


Next, one of our regulars returns with a new story, it's KJ Hannah Greenberg. She has some publications scheduled to come out soon, we'll keep you posted; meanwhile here's a story that proves that it really can be tough to be the this!


Now to poetry, or are they short stories? You decide. Either way, you are going to like the work of Kyle Hemmings, (Bio) and the ideas he puts this!


More good poetry which is new to Winamop comes from the mind of Valentina Cano. Bio. She is a student of classical singing and lives in Miami. I like these poems for the strong feelings they convey. read this!


Finally let's lighten the mood just a little and welcome back G David Schwartz with some new short nuggets of this!


That's about it for now, I have lots more new contributions ready to go up but I don't want to overload you with too much at once. I do, however, promise to get the rest of the new stuff up on the site before the end of September.. Do check back soon to see if I've kept my promise.

Seems unlikely on past form.


July 18th

Free at last, the publishing magnate at the helm of our evil empire has finally relented and allowed Winamop to be sold off to a fish-packing cooperative in Grimsby. So we're back and only slightly smelling of haddock.

We do have some interesting items for you this time, freshly packed in ice and full of goodness. First up is a most unusual one: John Burns has been working for some time rendering the work of the bard of Avon into the language of Rabbie Burns, Scotland's favourite son. In other words he has transcribed Shakespeare into traditional Scots. Here we present "A Midsimmer Nicht’s Dreme".read this!


Martin Friel has a story to tell, a story of caring love between a husband and wife. Someone to look after you when you're not feeling well, what could be nicer than that? read this!


We turn to poetry now and the work of Michael Estabrook. Michael has written many poems for us in the past and it's great to have him back on board. Here are five new this!


Another regular Winamop poet returns next; Clifford K.Watkins jr. This poem is called "Not a One-sided Death!"read this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg is back with the story of Roger. He has his faults, his hair gets everywhere for a start, but he's less trouble than most this!


Finally we go back to the days of legend, King Arthur's reign is over, but not all the heros are gone. Martin Green intruduces us to "The Retired Knight".read this!


Well that was worth waiting for wasn't it? Many thanks to all those splendid people above, without whom there would be no Winamop. If you feel you'd like to join them on one of the few remaining independent web-sites for stories, poetry and what-have-you, then contact us by using the e-mail button on the main page.

June 28th 2011

The lack of a recent update is regrettable I know, but we're still here, sorting through the piles of contributions to the site and preparing the super summer holiday "cut out and keep" edition of Winamop.

I promise to have it here waiting for you within a week or two... all things being well...


March 4th 2011

Well I'm chuffed! (colloquial - very pleased) My pathetic appeal for material has bourn fruit and the following contributors have rallied round, allowing me to present to you the first edition of Winamop for 2011!

First into the in-box by a mere five minutes, is Martin Green. Being of a certain age (sorry Martin) he was brought up with Westerns on TV. Here is a story inspired by those rootin' tootin' gun-totin' this!


Next onto our virtual doormat was Martin Friel, he has a book out, and it's only £3! See here. His story concerns the modern politician's desire to consult the public at every turn, just as long as they get the answer they want. What could possibly go wrong with that? this!


Poetry now, and we return to the work of Vivekanand Jha, a poet and research scholar from Darbhanga, Bihar, India. Here we have seven of his new poems. read this!


Finally to JBP, our elder statesman. Every Christmas he publishes a limited run of a little book of poems, this year it's called Looking. Here are some excerpts from it. read this!


That's it then, we're off and running into another year (our ninth if my arithmetic is right). Keep spreading the word and we'll keep publishing new stuff, and all will be well with the world.

Here's hoping.


February 25th

Come on you writers, poets, artists and raconteurs we need you!

A new edition of Winamop must hit the web soon and, to be quite honest, I don't have very much to put in it, so get typing, click the e-mail button below and send it in... you know you want to.


December 19th


It's Christmaaaas! (As Slade insist on putting it, over and over again) and here is the festive edition of Winamop. What a cracker!

Firstly, I'd like to introduce you to a new contributor, poet Ben Nardolilli. Ben is a 25 year old writer currently living in Montclair, New Jersey. He was poetry editor for West 10th Magazine whilst at NYU and now maintains a blog at His works have been published in many journals and now it's our turn!read this!


Martin Friel has penned a few stories for us over the last year, and he comes up trumps once again with a tale of a summer trip that went awry. People can get on your nerves a bit can't they? this!


Whilst we're on the Martins, Martin Green makes his last appearance this year, and this time it's with a short play. So ladies and gentlemen please turn off your mobile phones and take your seats for "Phone Calls".read this!


It's all getting rather confusing. Martin (who usually writes stories) contributes a play, and KJ Hannah Greenberg (who also usually writes stories) has taken to poetry. See what you think of her new this!


Now we welcome Peter Ray back to the fold. His poems are inspired by historical events, this time it's all about this!


Lastly, we catch up again with the Glasgow girls and their trip to Switzerland in the summer of 1908. It's a fascinating insight into the manners and behaviour of a group of well-to-do girls on a "European Tour".read this!


Well, that about wraps it up for now, and for 2010. We've had a good year with 27 new pages added. Nothing gets deleted (unless specifically requested) so it's all there for you to enjoy if you've only just found us.

Here's to 2011!




Misty mornings, turning leaves, abundant fruit, it's getting autumnal round these parts. We've done the holiday thing - very nice thank you, how was yours? - and now it's back to work; time to snuggle up with a nice warm lap-top and kick Winamop into shape!

Happily, a good number of our regular contributors feel the same way, and have been busy at their keyboards. First to rise to the challenge is Rebecca Johnson with a new collection of poems. You may remember her Rock 'n' Roll Toad from last year? That was fun, but this time she is in a more reflective this!


Now to Martin Friel. What can I say about Martin? He's one of our stalwarts, that's what! His stories are always a pleasure to read although the subject matter is sometimes uncomfortable. No "Parental Advisory" this time, here we have a straightforward case of this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg is another prolific story teller. We have published quite a few of her Chimera Tales over the last few editions. She is planning a change of direction, so this may be the last from her for a while. It's a short piece concerning the changing relationship between two this!


Next it's the turn of our other favourite Martin. Martin Green has also been with for ages (thanks Martin) and he is an accomplished short-story teller. Here we have a tale of a hard-nosed tycoon who's been trying to toughen up his son and this!


To finish on, we have a treat from Wayne H.W Wolfson, a friend of Winamop from the early days. He has recently been gaining a good reputation for his art work and here are two beautiful watercolours from his new work.see it!


Not a bad selection, I'm sure you'll agree? Remember to rate the articles as it gives us some feedback and tell your friends about Winamop. If we are to continue we need support; not money (we do it for love..) but stories, poems, artwork - anything! Contact me by e-mail using the button at the bottom of the home page.


I'll be back.



July 29th

I've just made it with the July edition before there was no more July left. I'm afraid that it doesn't look very likely that there will be an August edition due to holidays being upon us, so make the most of this one!

Thanks to our small band of faithful contributors we have some splendid entertainment on offer this time, and I'm going to kick off with a story from Martin Green, a story of this!


Now to poetry and Andy Bate is a great observer of life, as most poets are, and this time his poems seem to be transport related in one way or another. The set kicks off in a different vein though, with thoughts of a lost this!


Another story next, and it's back to KJ Hannah Greenberg who has brought us a tale of a cantankerous university professor and his daughter. It's called Elluvium, not this!


Finally to rob plath. His poems usually explore the darker aspects of life. This collection is no exception but it's well worth the this!


That completes the compendium for this time. Please spread the word about Winamop, and contribute an article yourself if you feel so inclined. I'd be delighted to hear from you. The e-mail button resides at the bottom of the home page as always. Remember to rate the pages too!

Until we meet again...



June 8th

Here we are again, happy as can be; Winamop continues to plough its meandering furrow through the literary pastures whilst the main-stream ignores us.

Watch out for the divots...

This time I am actually ahead of schedule(!) thanks to some splendid work by our contributors, thank you one and all.

First up it's Linda Allison who used to be a critical care nurse. Here she has taken some experiences from her time in an "emergency room" (or A & E as we know it in the UK) and fictionalised them. She says: "Most of the situations are real, the emotions most certainly are real and mine." This story will become part of a future novel if all goes this!


We first met Vivekanand Jha in the January edition. This Indian poet and research scholar is composing poems on "contemporary and relevant themes". He is the son of noted professor and award winning poet Dr. Rajanand Jha. I particularly like his "elegy to the poem". read this!


Back to stories, or is this a kind of poem? Either way it made me chuckle! It's KJ Hannah Greenberg's take on the process of home birth. Ouch!read this!


This time we have something unusual to finish on. J.H. has been exploring piles of dusty old books and has discovered a hand-written diary from 1908. It's by Margaret Wilson McNee, who was born in Glasgow in 1881, and it records a trip to Switzerland with four friends and relations. A fascinating window on the world of 102 years this!


Don't forget to rate the articles when you've read them, and if you feel you could contribute to Winamop too, please do. The e-mail button is at the bottom of the home page.

I have just wasted an hour sorting the stories index alphabetically so that you can find your favourite author's stuff more easily. I hope you appreciate the sacrifices I make (I could have been down the pub..).

I'm off to fuel-up the tractor now, ready for the next furrow.



May 10th

With a bit of luck nobody will notice that we've missed April altogether and gone straight into the middle of May... You didn't did you? No? Good!

So let's just get on with it as if nothing had happened.. (nothing has happened) and invite you to read another story from Martin Green. It's a life-changing moment for Fred the delivery boy when he embarks on an unfortunate this!


Another returnee is KJ Hannah Greenberg who's new book, Oblivious to the Obvious: Wishfully Mindful Parenting is out now. Here we have one of her "Chimera Tales". This one concerns Charles, Doris and... could it possibly be a dragon? No, surely not!read this!


Poetry now, and I'm very pleased to welcome Joshua Coetzee back to the Winamop fold. Josh is a South-African poet who has penned many odes for us. This one is called "Legacy".read this!


Lastly it's the debut of Bobby Morris, a new writer from Leicestershire (my home county); his gruesome tale is called "A Five-Leaf Clover". read this!


I hope you find something you like amongst them. You will notice that there is now an opportunity to rate each new article on a scale of 1 to 5. We'll see how this goes and if it's a success I'll roll it out over more articles.

Thanks to our resident Weevil for the rating scripts and thanks to all our contributors for the new stuff.

More please!



March 15th

I've added a Page 94 regarding the BBC and their proposed closure of 6Music. Help!



March 7th

How did that happen... it's 2010!
In fact it's almost spring here in the frozen wastes of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Buds are budding, birds are twittering, and the sap would be rising if it weren't frozen solid. Best get on with updating Winamop then!

As this is actually the "New Year" edition, let's start with one of those ghastly letters that people put inside Christmas cards giving you chapter and verse on how marvellous and successful little Johnny is.. etc etc. We can often read a more interesting story between the lines. Cue Martin this!


Now Winamop can introduce you to Vivekanand Jha, an Indian poet and research scholar, currently working on his Ph.D on the poetry of the noted Indian English poet Jayanta Mahapatra. Here is a selection of his this!


More poetry now, this time from regular contributor Andy Bate. This time there is a little romance in the air, along with his usual wry this!


Len Bourret returns next. Len is a prolific contributor and we don't always have space to include it all but I think these poems are worth this!


Finally it's another story from KJ Hannah Greenberg. It tells of a "working girl" who has an unexpectedly positive effect on her clients and those around her. Surely this one will end happily?read this!


A fairly full edition indeed, but only because I left it for two months before updating! If we are to continue this humble e-zine then I need you to contribute. Stories are especially welcome, art, poetry, jokes and money are also appreciated. Show us what you've got!



December 20th

Merry Christmas!

The festive edition is out, just in time for the big day. So sit down with some mulled wine and a mince pie ( or coffee and doughnuts if you choose ) and we'll begin...

First we have the story of Linda, whose unusual life was cut short by jaundice. No hedgehogs were harmed in the telling of this story. KJ Hannah Greenberg brings us "The Yellow Girl".read this!


Next it's time for some photographic art from Jeff Crouch. Always in search of the off-beat subject, Jeff has been out snapping some modern landmarks: power lines.see it!


Martin Green returns next, with a new story concerning a retired man who might be having a little trouble letting go... The story is called "The Lunch Date".read this!


Every year our elder statesman JBP brings out a small volume of poetry which he distributes amongst the faithful and some - usually unappreciative - book-shops. This year it's called "Words" and here are three wintry poems from this!


Lastly it's the turn of Wayne H.W Wolfson. He has been looking into the lives of Satie & Cocteau - after a little dalliance with a this!


Not a bad collection I hope you'll agree? We'll be back in the year 2010, sounds like a long way off doesn't it? but it isn't...

Gimme an Auld, gimme a lang, gimme a syne! Put 'em together and what have you got?... err...




November 12th

Here in the UK we've been letting off fireworks to celebrate the fact that Guy Fawkes and his cronies didn't blow up the government in 1605.

400 odd years later we're wondering if he maybe had a point... Still, that's not important right now. What is important is that Winamop has been updated!

We're still working our way through the work of the late John Atkins and have come up with this gem. He was a well-travelled man and had stories about many people who were, or went on to become, household names in the literary world. He set some of these down in an unpublished work called "Interesting people I Have Known"; here is an excerpt in which he remembers George Orwell, Alex Comfort (later to write "The Joy of Sex" as I recall!), John Braine, Walter de la Mare and this!


Regular contributor Martin Green has another story for us this month. It's the curious tale of a terminally Ill patient, a Doctor and a Nun. Now read this!


Also back again is K.J. Hannah Greenberg with some family relationships which are in a sorry state. This story is called "Something More for the Fireplace", one of many she has written about a pair of orphaned chimerae (and you'd better look up "egodystonic" before you start!).read this!


Poetry now, and we welcome back Clifford K. Watkins jnr with five new poems, most exploring dark parts of the soul. Go carefully!read this!


Finally a story from Martin Friel. This one concerns a "Trade-Off". How will Gerald settle his rent? He has no cash but his land-lady may have another solution... Don't read this if you're prudish, I don't want you moaning on about how I didn't warn you that there is a lot of "adult material" in this one!read this!

 if you're over 18...

Well that's all for this edition. There's nothing in the files for next time, so if you feel you'd like to make your mark in the Christmas collection please contact me. As ever, the e-mail link is at the bottom of the Home page.


October 14th

The October edition of Winamop hits the virtual news-stands fashionably late.

Worth waiting for? You be the judge.

Let's ease ourselves into it with a super little story from our regular correspondent Martin Green. This one concerns a recently widowed man getting away from it all on a European trip. Could it change his life? It's called "The Program Director"read this!


Another story now, from KJ Hannah Greenberg. "Wine Cellar Confederates" tells of the life of Ralph, an oenophile who likes everything just so. An oenophile is a wine-lover by the way... I had to look it up, my ignorance knows no this!


We'll turn our attention to poetry now as we welcome the return of Andy Bate, this time with four poems written over the past few months. I particularly like "The World Came To Me".read this!


Are you ready for a little frivolity? Let me introduce Rebecca Johnson. She's from Cheshire and loves writing what she describes as random poems. Here's one about a Rock 'N' Roll Toad!read this!


It's been a while since we've published anything from Len Bourret but he's back now with a poem inspired by "The Eye of a Needle".read this!


Lastly we revisit the archives of John Atkins, hitherto known as JA on Winamop. John died recently and we have been going through his unpublished works, looking for forgotten gems. Here is one such; a reminiscence on his this!


That's not a bad selection is it? Thanks to all the contributors this month, keep it up and we'll be back in November.



September 3rd

Right! Back to it. Our contributors have been contributing, our server has been serving and you've been browsing on by. The only person not playing his part in the Winamop experience is me! I've been to the Edinburgh Festival, I guess I can count that as a cultural trip, but otherwise I have done diddly squat.

The big re-launch starts here. Firstly with a non-fiction piece by Wayne H.W Wolfson, a friend of Winamop from the start. This time it's a musical theme, as he takes a long hard look at Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutte. read this!


I am pleased to welcome KJ Hannah Greenberg to Winamop. It says here that "KJ Hannah Greenberg tramps across literary themes and genres to please audiences who love: slipstream fiction, poetry, parenting crises, and playing oboe from orchestras’ second chairs. Currently, she’s a poetry and fiction reviewer for Sotto Voce, a columnist for Britain's The Mother Magazine and a blogger for Israel's The Jerusalem Post."
Her intergalactic story is called Buffaloberry and the this!


Next we embark upon the epic saga of the Fat Challenger by John Atkins and JBP. It is 1966 and our heroes Charlatan and Picklewit have, for some inexplicable reason, decided to go to boxing this!


Now to poetry with G David Schwartz. David contributes regularly (for which I am very grateful) and his poems always amuse and delight. Here are three new this!


Peter Ray joins Winamop with a couple of excellent poems written after visiting the Purton Hulks near Gloucester in May. He also took some pictures of the ship's "bones".read this!


Finally a little sensuosity from Sensuous2000. In this poem she has had an intimate encounter with a "Beast" this!


That's all for today. Please keep the material coming in. In these days of Tweets and Blogs it's hard for the traditional web-zine to keep going, but I've paid for the hosting for two more years so we may as well carry on. With our contributor's help we will. The e-mail button, if you feel you have something to send in, is at the bottom of the home page.

Until the next time...



August 30th

Dear dear dear...
Such dereliction of duty! Winamop not updated for three months, it's unforgivable, but you'll have to forgive me because I've been very busy being on holiday and earning money.

Rest assured a new edition is in preparation and should appear in a week or so.

I said should...



May 12th

Back again... a little behind schedule but still mopping!

It's mainly stories this time, so to maintain our reputation for variety I'll start with a poem! Andy Bate is a regular contributor and touches on many subjects; this time including prison, booze and the this!


Right. On to the stories. First up is Wayne H.W Wolfson. He has been mesmerised by the beauty of a woman just known as "Delphine".read this!


Martin Green's turn again now, and Jack Hastings is about to discover that sometimes it isn't worth hiding your light under a bushel. The story is called "Just an Average Guy".read this!


G David Schwartz has got it bad and wants to make it absolutely clear that he really loves Gena Davis. Yes he does. Really!read this!


Now comes regular 'moppist Martin Friel. He's been contempalting those innocent days of youth. Why is everything so serious these days?read this!


Last, but definitely not least, is a story from John Atkins, our recently departed contributor. Thanks to daughter Jo we have a treasure-trove of his work to draw on. This time it's a story called Marriage A La Garage, sometimes those car-repairs seem to take a this!


All good stuff, I hope you'll agree, but what with the popularity of blogs and Twitter, traditional sites like this seem to be suffering a bit of a down-turn. Why send us a piece when you can put it on your blog? I'll tell you why, to bring people in to your blogosphere, that's why! We are always happy to place a link at the end of your contribution, and if people like what they read here, they will want to read more.

The e-mail link is at the bottom of the home page.




March 31st

It is with great regret that I announce the death of Winamop stalwart John Atkins. (Find some of his work on the Comedy and Poems pages).

JBP has written this appreciation:

John Atkins was my oldest and dearest friend. We shared a series of wildly unwise literary ploys, a weird collection of games, mostly invented, and a stream of jokes which no one else thought funny.

He was brave, humorous, deeply honest, and had a natural integrity proof against all his many disappointments. His critical writing was perceptive and just, the novel "Rain and the River" fresh, true, and a pleasure to read, while his letters are in a running and jumping category of their own, and a joy for ever. It was a pleasure and solace to know him.


March 29th

Late as usual, Winamop returns, but I think you'll agree that it's been well worth the wait.

Top of the list this time is some beautiful art from a new team consisting of previous contributor Jeff Crouch, with Margaret Atkinson and Nicolette Westfall. Take a long look.see it!


Next we have a poem of passion and confusion by new contributor Sarah Engel. Sarah has been introduced to us by Martin Friel, more from him in a this!


Now it's over to our resident story-teller Martin Green. This time he tells the tale of an affair nipped in the bud by some marital this!


The aforementioned Martin Friel steps up to the keyboard now, with two pieces. Firstly a story called "Work In Progress" about a man who's rather busy enjoying this!


We know Martin for his stories but he hasn't turned his hand to poetry before. Now he has, and I think you'll be impressed by the this!


More poetry to finish with. Returning poet G David Schwartz has collaborated with aspiring poet Jennifer Weihe to pen these three this!


That's all the new stuff this time, and pretty good it was too! Just time to bring you news of a new publication from friend-of-Winamop David Mclean. Details are here on the guide page.

If we call this the April edition (fools that we are) then the deadline for the next (May) edition will be April 20th. Gentlemen (and Ladies) start your word-processors! I look forward to hearing from you.



February 8th 2009

What happened to January? Is it too late to wish you all a happy new year? Well, happy new year anyway.

To take our minds off the rotten weather, the banking crisis and the British Eurovision Song-Contest entry, here is the new edition of Winamop!

Many of our regulars return in this edition, thanks to you all. If it weren't for your continued support we would disappear from cyberspace altogether.

Topical stuff now - at least it would be if I'd put it up two weeks ago when it arrived - Martin Friel worries about the expectations placed on the new US President's shoulders. A new Page 94 at last!read this!


Then a little taste of fiction from Wayne H.W Wolfson. As the city awakes there's a breath of music on the air, in "The Song Thing".read this!


Now a story from Martin Green. We've all had doubts when making the big decisions in life, but what happened here? "Second Thoughts" is the this!


Poetry from Andy Bate next. I don't know whether it was Christmas that did it, but Andy has been musing on the lot of the humble this!


Music now, and having endured a long period of abstinence, JBP recounts the tale of his return to the true spirit of New Orleans this!



That's the lot for this time, tell your friends, spread the word, write some stuff!
The next edition is scheduled for late March so you've a while to think about it.




December 20th

Yes, Santa's warming-up Rudolph and the gang ready for the big night, the shops are crammed with people despite their complaint that "nobody is buying anything", the revellers are staggering home after insulting the boss at the Christmas party and I've finally surfaced from underneath a pile of wrapping paper to bring you:
The Christmas edition of Winamop!

To get you into the mood, may I draw your attention to the heart-warming Christmas story wot I writ a couple of years back? It's called "Oilstain". read this!


Now on to the new stuff, and I'd like to introduce you to KJ Hannah Greenberg, who by her own admission is only infrequently abetted by her imaginary hedgehogs, and regularly sloshes through the act of matchmaking words. One of her cutest couples is “balderdash” and “xylophone.” But here she tells us the short tale of the Misguided this!


Poetry now, and Michael Estabrook has been working on his "Patti Poems". One woman, many poems. here are just a few: read this!


A new story from Martin Green comes up next. Martin is a regular Winamopper, and this time he brings us the story of a "guardian angel".read this!


More "heart-warming" to finish on (well, it is Christmas) from JBP. This concers a bird who lost his song in this!


Well, that's yer lot. Many thanks to all contributors over the last year, let's meet again in 2009. Don't forget that without you, the readers and contributors, there is no Winamop.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



November 28th

Ooh lummy! Less then a month to Christmas, and in the words of the now forgiven John Lennon, "What have we done?". Not much really... but Winamop's faithful have been busy writing stuff so that you, dear reader, have something to read.

Good of them isn't it? If you'd like to join them, just contact me using the e-mail link on the home page and you may be in the bumper Christmas edition, which will probably be out in time for Easter if things go on like this!

Right. On with the show and first out of the post bag is Wayne H.W Wolfson with a new poem on the subject of Brahms. read this!


Next it's Andy Bate who has been mesmerised by the U.S. elections and has some thoughts on the challenges this!


Now dear old JBP shambles in looking for his glasses, pausing only to hand me a story, he exits muttering. The story is good. It concerns an astronaut who has just unexpectedly landed this!


That's the lot for now, except to give notice of a few new publications by Winamop contributors David Mclean, Jack Henry and Puma Perl. Check them out on the Guide page.

Until next time, I'll be testing mince pies.



October 24th

We're back!

As you may know, Winamop is a labour of love, we get no income from it and it costs us money and time - which I don't have much of at the moment. Never the less we are carrying on. Full speed ahead! . . . what iceberg?

Our contributors haven't been slacking like me, oh no! The Winamop in-box is overflowing with new writing. So let's get started, you've waited long enough.

We start off with a tale of derring do from AKA, it concerns a wartime convoy torpedoed and sunk. Now read this!


Now a little poetry from Andy Bate who has been inspired by a trip to this!


Maxwell Chandler is also back in action with another music review. Here he auditions Holly Yarbrough and her particular brand of contemporary this!


That's all I have time for now, but there is more to add. Come back soon!


September 9th

I make no apologies for the late appearance of the latest Winamop. I've just been otherwise occupied with holidays and the Edinburgh festival. I hope you have been having a good time too!

Back to the grind-stone then, and first to the keyboard is poet Jack Henry. Four new poems here on love, war, rain and the government.. or was it sheep?read this!


Next it's a story from Martin Green. If only he'd done a deal many years ago in Paris, maybe a literary genius would have been made?read this!


A little more poetry now and we welcome back G. David Schwartz with a collection of three new poems, one co-written with Jennifer this!


Now to art-work. Jeff Crouch has previously contributed some stark monochrome images but this time the mood is different as he collaborates with Diana Magallon.see it!


That's it for now. Please send us your stories, poems, art, music reviews... whatever! We'll show the world what you can do.




July 22

A whole month has gone by and what have I done?... Nothing, that's what.

It's a good job the Winamop faithful have been more productive, the weight of my in-box has finally prompted me into action, and here it is: The latest edition of Winamop!

It's a good one too; let's start with a super little tale from Jared Booth. Jared has penned a couple for us and they are always good, this time there's some trouble with this!


Maxwell Chandler is now world famous. From his humble beginnings on Winamop he now appears all over the place with his music (especially jazz) reviews. I'm therefore very pleased to welcome him back to Winamop with a new CD from Retta Christie clutched in his oh-so-cool this!


A little poetry now, as Andy Bate ponders on the news, especially a particularly "Bad Robert". I think you'll guess which one he is referring to!read this!


More poetry comes from G David Schwartz. David has a nicely humorous style, even when he has to visit the this!


And finally another story. Jerry Vilhotti whips up a stream of narrative here as Johnny and Linda Ann take a train this!


That's it for this time, just a reminder that Winamop poet David McLean's new book is out soon from Erbacce.




June 17th

Hello from Scotland. It's raining, so there's nothing else for it but to stitch together the latest edition of Winamop.

This time it's mostly poetry, with contributors new and old waxing poetical. But we will start with a story from Zack Wilson. The central character is Ray Doyle, a truck driver from Ashby de la Zouch, and he has decided to skip work today and go to the pub. There's always good company this!


Now to the first of our poets. I am pleased to introduce Puma Perl from New York. If you like her stuff (and you probably will) you can check out her MySpace this!


Next we have another selection from Ashok Niyogi's March 2008 collection in which he takes a slightly different direction from this!


And lastly it's the turn of Clifford K. Watkins, Jr. Cliff is a regular contributor to Winamop and this time we have six new poems from this!


That's your lot for now. See you next time.



May 30th

At last! I return from Paris with a touch of je ne sais quoi, a full stomach and an empty wallet. More importantly, I have a wad of new contributions ready to present to you.

It's top quality too. Wayne H.W Wolfson has penned a new piece for us, called West Coast Cool. He subtitles it an "improvisation for solo alto" this!


More fiction, this time from regular Martin Green. Paul Lerner is expecting the results of some medical tests. (Nip across to the Guide page to find out about Martin's new book).read this!


On to poetry now and I'm pleased to introduce Jack Henry to Winamop. Jack is "a poet/ writer/publisher and lives in Southeastern California scratching out half truths and lies on stolen bits of paper." R read this!


Another new poet to us is Justin Hyde. Justin works as a "correctional officer" in Iowa. I'm on my best behavior!read this!


We finish on a musical note (yes really) with JBP's review of some British jazz revivalists from the fifties and sixties. Well worth a this!



Le directeur de la publication.


May 5th

It's "Spring Bank-Holiday" here in the UK which means it's raining.. I can't do all those exciting bank-holiday things like mowing the grass, or digging up weeds so here I sit at the keyboard, putting together another edition of Winamop.

It's not just me who's been busy.. indeed not! Our jazz correspondent Maxwell Chandler has been sorting through the bargain bins and has unearthed a treasure trove of jazz from the 50s and 60s. He is rather taken by Don this!


Back in March, Ashok Niyogi decided to try something a little different. These poems have not been seen before, only read to an audience in Delhi, India. See what you this!


Also showcasing five new poems is David McLean. David has updated his biog (which is on the "us" page here) and describes himself as "a wicked man"... consider yourself warned!read this!


Finally it's a poem from Len Bourret who has been imagining a swim in the Niagara.. he's heading for a fall!read this!


Thanks to all our contributors and remember, you could be on the pages of Winamop too. Just send me some material, the e-mail link is at the bottom of the home page.



April 19th

Welcome back.

As the "April showers" lash down and the freezing northerly winds make us long for some global warming, it's a good time to sit indoors and pore over the latest edition of your favourite e-zine - Winamop!

We kick-off this time with a story from new contributor Leigh Pierce, his best friend is proving to be a real pain.. The story is called "I Wish I Was Alone" (contains some bad language).read this!


Next a poem from Len Bourret who's been watching the moon and thinking of food. It's called "Angelic Dreams"read this!


Now four excellent poems from Rob Plath who has previously contributed stories to Winamop. They are: "changing my address at the bank", "dead man waiting", "evening itinerary jotted in journal" and "just below the lapels". You'll enjoy this!


Penultimately we have a story from Martin Green. Paul Lerner is due to pay a visit to the dentist, not usually an uplifting experience. It's called "Lest We Forget"read this!


And lastly it's that old jazzer, JBP's turn. He'd like you to experience the sound of The New Orleans Ragamuffins. Who? In order to find out you'd this!



March 29th

I'm pleased to report that the post-Christmas doldrums are almost over and some of the Winamop contributors have been busy creating!

Maxwell Chandler (our man on the coast) has been investigating a fine collaboration between jazz pianist Mal Waldron and The Steve Lacy this!


Poetry now, from Clifford K. Watkins, Jr. He's been busy again and here is a collection of five great new poems including: If Only To Smile, Humiliation Is An Art and The Ugly. read this!


Also in our poetry section this time is Len Bourret who has been finding out about a remarkable man called Kevin Michael Connolly. Kevin has no legs, tends to travel by skateboard and finds he attracts a few stares.. He's decided to turn a camera onto the this!


Lastly it's a mild Page 94 grumble. What's all this doom and gloom from around the planet. I'm sure it isn't as bad as all that... is it?read this!


We could do with some more "Page 94" sounding-off articles. If there's something you want to have a good moan about then send it in! The e-mail button at the bottom of the home page is the easiest way to reach us.

Remember the contributors have to eat. Have a look at the guide and see if there's anything you'd like to purchase.

Bye for now.


March 8th

This time I'm very pleased to welcome Wayne H.W Wolfson back to Winamop with a short piece called "Water Song". Wayne has been a supporter from the start of this foolhardy this!


Now more good stuff from regular Winamopper, Martin Green. Martin tells us about a time long, long ago when he felt as if he were "The Lone Man".read this!


Poetry now from Davide Trame who has written for us before. Davide is an Italian teacher of English whose poems started appearing in magazines in 1999. Here are five new this!


And more poetry comes from Andy Bate who notes the end of an era, goes on a trip to London and is having shoe this!


I maintain that music maketh man, and it certainly cheers JBP who's been enjoying the French Preservation New Orleans Jazz Band. He suggests you try some too; it's invigorating!read this!


Lastly it's over to Jerry Vilhotti and I'll leave you to make up your own mind about his tone-poem "All In The Game". Strangely fascinating!read this!


I've had a lovely time, see you all again soon when we'll have a new Maxwell Chandler for you.



February 17th

Missed the deadline again, but that always means your patience will be more than rewarded by an impressive selection of good stuff from the Winamop team.

And here it is:

New contributors first, and this time we introduce Jared Booth. He once worked as a "Support Worker" at a local college, and that involved helping disabled students get around the place. He tells of the day he met this!


Now we pick up where we left off a couple of editions ago with the new material from poet Lisa Zaran. This time we have "Affection", "Malediction" and "Sincerity".read this!


More excellent poetry next, with five new works from Indian born Ashok Niyogi. Ashok has worked all over the world as an international trader and, since retirement, has made a name for himself as a poet of some this!


If it's music you're after, we have one of our occasional rock reviews (we'd like more but nobody sends them in!). This time we see the return of old rocker John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival. Surely he's not still at it? He is... and to good this!


It's film time now and Len Bourret takes a look at the career of actor Glenn Ford with special emphasis on his early this!


That's yer lot for now. Back soon!


January 29th

Oh dear, 19 days is nearer three weeks than two isn't it? I do apologise. The advantage of leaving it a bit longer is that, when it does arrive, the Winamop update is all the bigger!

This time we have so much material that I've had to hold some over for next time.. so let's get cracking:

First we meet up with Maxwell Chandler who has been talking to jazz saxophonist & flautist James Spaulding. James has been a prime-mover on many great jazz recordings from the 60s to the present day, and now runs Speetones this!


Then we pop down to the Lescar, Zack Wilson's local pub, to meet another of the weird and wonderful drinkers who inhabit the bar. read this!


Suitably refreshed, we now join Martin Green for an election update. He is called upon to give "Advice to the Candidates". read this!


Jerry Vilhotti is back with another tale of life in small-town America. This time the family is "Finding Hero". read this!


Poetry now, and it was good to hear from Claudio De Luca again. He has contributed many poems to Winamop in the past and these are his first this year. They are called "Uttered Devotion" and "Unseen Reflection".read this!


G David Schwartz has two more poems for us. They are a little more serious than last time. Here we have "Aren't We Mean" and "My Dear Friend". read this!


Lastly we catch up with Chris Major who appears to have gone dotty with "Since You Left My Heart Feels....." Have a printer ready, remember that the printer icon in the top right corner of the page takes you to a printer-friendly page. read this!


That's all for now but I'll be back soon with more!


January 10th2008

I didn't make any New Year Resolutions this year but if I had, one would have been to update Winamop at least once a fortnight. Here we are then, only ten days into the new year, with an update! Don't get too excited though, this devotion to duty won't last.

Lots of poetry this time, firstly from Lisa Zaran who I was delighted to hear from again. Lisa has sent in six new poems and the first three are here for you now. You may need a this!


Now some of the latest work from regular contributor Clifford K. Watkins, Jr. He has sent in a large number of good poems, here are 13 of this!


This next poem comes from cas. It was written one Christmas time but isn't very festive at all. It's called "Happy Birthday Jesus".read this!


Lastly in the poetry section, Len Bourret is concerned about the weather. What is "normal" these days? He also has some links he'd like us to check this!


Now it's time for a story. We're down the pub again with Zack Wilson and his diverse band of acquaintances; they are distracted by a soccer match on the TV and the usual pointless argument starts:read this!


That's about it for now, you can contribute too. The E-Mail link is at the bottom of the home page.




December 31st

Well thank goodness that's over! As the rusting hulk of 2007 grinds to a messy halt we look forward to trying out the new and shiny 2008 which is still all glistening and fresh.

To keep us all entertained while we wait, Maxwell Chandler brings us a few "B sides" which didn't make it into his main columns in this!


I'm pleased to introduce a returnee to the Winamop fold; poet Joshua Coetzee. Josh has been working hard (when he wasn't on holiday) but now brings us "Empty". read this!


More poetry from one of our elder statesmen; John Atkins These were written a while ago but the slightly jaundiced view of life is seems just as appropriate today!read this!


Finally comes another regular, Jerry Vilhotti. In this story we go back to a childhood blighted by local this!


All the very best for 2008.



festive eh?

December 18th

Ho Ho Ho! and all that sort of stuff, it's Christmas! While most people will be sitting around eating to excess and then having to go for a little lie down, why not relax, pour yourself a port and thumb through the bumper Christmas edition of this dog-eared e-zine?

First up is Maxwell Chandler who has been sampling the works of multi-instrumentalist Dana Leong. As always, Max explores the genesis of the music and here gives us the lowdown on the "loft" and "nu jazz" this!


Then it's over to JBP who has finally finished his magnum opus "A Nest of Anarchists" and I've stuck all the chapters together into one 37,000-word article. Here you can follow the progress of some of the most original thinkers of the immediate post-war period as they try to make sense of their changed this!


Also remembering the past is Len Bourret, who reflects upon his childhood in Manchester (no, not that one, the one in Connecticut).read this!


Regular contributor cas is back, and he's been doing some looking back too, about 459 years of it. Not a festive poem this, rather chilling this!


Back to the Christmas mood now with Martin Green who recounts the tale of a Christmas Eve service that failed to live up to this!


Next we meet "Magnificent Guffaw" for the first time, who brings us three poems on love, life and late-night satellite TV. We hope to be hearing more from this enigmatic poet in the this!


Finally it's over to Andy Bate to tie the ribbons on our Christmas parcel. Unfortunately he's not too happy about the honesty of our politicians... We can only hope for an improvement in 2008!read this!


P.S. I've been listening to Sarabeth Tucek's debut album. There's a short review on the music page. If you get a CD or two for Christmas, why not review them for us? read this!


Have a very happy Christmas and I hope you'll return next year!


November 23rd

Watch out! Christmas is coming. Not yet December and the lights are going up everywhere. Humbug!


It's over to Martin Green first, who tells us the story of Danny Birdman. Danny is the kind of chap who only ever seems to turn up when he wants a little help. We all know them!read this!


Next 'cas' returns with a little bit of machine code, or at least, a poem inspired by technology, which is entitled Electronic this!


We wrap it all up with a story and a poem from new contributor Paul Hawkins. First the story: Paul was working in Spain when he saw an appeal for help fall on deaf ears. Spanish Water is the this!


Remember to check out Paul's work at hesterGlock. His poem concerns some debauchery to a soundtrack of screaming guitars. It's called Doctor Stuart. read this!


Until next time..



November 4th

A little late I admit, but I've been away on holiday again! A man cannot live on work alone you know..

Onward and upward. This time we have a feast of jazz, our "Man on the coast" Maxwell Chandler talks to top jazz drummer Alvin Queen who started his career at the age of 12 and has played with many of the this!


Still with Jazz, but going back to the 20s, JBP reviews a collection from the "mystery man of jazz", clarinetist Jimmy O'Bryant. Jimmy didn't have a long career, he died aged 32, but was a very talented this!


Moving on to fiction now, and I'm very pleased to be able to bring you a short piece from Wayne H.W Wolfson called "Left Bank Valentine". Wayne has been a supporter from the early days of Winamop but recently his busy schedule has kept him occupied on other projects. Welcome back!read this!


The poetry this time comes from a new contributor who somewhat enigmatically signs his work just "cas". See what you think of his "Poem Without Words".read this!


That's all for now. If you have anything you would like to send in, please go right ahead, I'd especially appreciate some rock CD reviews if you're that way inclined. The mail button is down there at the bottom.


October 11th

As I look out from my window I see that the leaves are turning golden-yellow and browny-red, it makes me feel like penning a poem.. thank goodness I haven't had the time!

Our contributors, however, have applied themselves more diligently and come up with this edition's selection of mind-food. Without them I'd have nothing to tell you about. Thanks are due to all of them.

Martin Green has written many a story for us (don't forget his book) and this time it's the tall tale of a garage door this!


G David Schwartz is a writer (find his new book on Amazon) and is currently a volunteer at Drake Hospital in Cincinnati. We find him in light-hearted mood in these new this!


Jeff Crouch photographs everyday scenes in black & white to startling effect. Here we have a small sample of his work on the art page. More is always welcome from budding artists!.look at this!


Andy Bate has written several poems for Winamop and he takes his inspiration from many places. This time it's loneliness and tattoos (not both at the same time, although one might lead to another I suppose?)read this!


Lastly it's another chapter of JBP's magnum opus "A Nest Of Anarchists". We meet Wilfred Ward Coupe, an eccentric intellectual and find out about Coupologues and the expressiveness of this!



September 30th

30 days hath September and this is the last of 'em so I'm scraping under the wire with this second September edition!

It's a good one though, well worth the wait.

It's always a cause for celebration here at Winamop Global Holdings Incorporated, when a new piece arrives from Maxwell Chandler (Our Man on The Coast). Max is our musical guru and this time he's found some very odd stuff indeed; prepare yourself for the this!


Another regular, JBP, is back with part two of his reminiscences "A Nest OF Anarchists". This time we get to meet some more of the residents and there's an exciting sea this!


If that's not enough story-telling then Zack Wilson has a tale that is probably more familiar to us than we'd like to admit. It's called "Vulnerable, Breakable".read this!


Now to poetry. David McLean is a Welsh-born poet now living in Sweden. He has been widely published in on-line magazines and now he appears in Winamop for the first time with four new this!



September 13th

Half way through September, that's most of 2007 gone and what have we achieved? Personally speaking, not a lot, but our Winamop contributors have been busy and you can harvest the fruits of their labours:

In this edition we start a new series of recollections from JBP, "Nest of Anarchists". During the war many disparate characters were thrown together for all kinds of reasons. Meet the residents of Westbourne Terrace, this!


John Atkins (otherwise known as J.A.) is next up with a story of a war game. A war game played during a war; but which is more important, the game or the war?read this!


Joshua Coetzee is a South-African poet who has written for us for some years now. This time he considers spreading the word from a soap box instead, muses on mortality and tries a poetry this!


More poetry comes from Len Bourret. He's been inspired by Bruce Lee, the Yin and Yang and he urges us not to waste time. Wise words this!



August 29th

I'm back from holiday with a healthy glow, an empty wallet and a bag full of goodies for you.

I've changed the look of things subtly, if you don't like it I can always put it back!

On with the show..

Our music correspondent Maxwell Chandler has become something of a success, with ever more reviews published in prestigious places. He still finds time to review for Winamop though, this time revivalists The Midnight Serenaders get his attention.
read this!


Next we have another story from Zack Wilson, part of a series he's writing. All was nice and friendly in the pub until an odd couple turned up. (Contains bad language).
read this!


Martin Green then takes over story-writing duties but it seems he's suffering from a touch of writer's block. If only he could get this important story started..
read this!


Maureen Allen is a Scottish writer making her first appearance on Winamop. This story concerns the death of a favourite cat, some friends from abroad and a mysterious woman.
read this!


Poetry now, and first up the keyboard comes Andy Bate. He was so annoyed by the unfairness of the UK's minimum-wage policy that he wrote a this!


Finally it's a poem from regular contributor Joshua Coetzee. Josh tackles the thorny subject of abortion from a no-compromise this!


I hope you find something you like.


August 7th

Just a quick one today before I go travelling again (but packed with variety!).

You can jump around your gramophone as JBP auditions the Jazz O'Maniacs or scream and cry as Rhonda Banton returns to us with a broken heart. If you're feeling more thoughtful we are delighted to bring you part 2 of Ashok Niyogi's new collection, "Stories". His new book "Tentatively" (ISBN 0-595-33935-2 published by iUniverse) is available now.

If you are really very bored, you can catch up on the next exciting installment of Captain Wozzo's adventure.

That should keep you going!

I'm off to lie in the sun for a week..


July 22nd

There's so much in this edition of Winamop I'd better crack on..

Not just one, not two, but - count them - three stories this time. First off the keyboard is Simon Friel with a tale of drugs meets religion (R beware the swearing), then there's a heart-felt tale of childhood pain from Rob Plath followed by a heart-warming tale from Martin Green, "our man in the mall".

"Our man on the coast" Maxwell Chandler is back with the 9-disc Jazz History (1895-1950) complied by Allen Lowe, tucked under his arm. It has "very few clunkers" on it evidently.

Finally to poetry. This time we are delighted to welcome back Ashok Niyogi with more excellent poems and regular contributor Claudio De Luca has two fine poems inspired by love.

Quality and quantity!


July 8th

A sunny Sunday and I'm sitting indoors crafting a new edition of Winamop from the finest words. What a hero!

More deserving of medals (or mops) are our contributors: This time we have poems from Joshua Coetzee - reminiscing - and Len Bourret - on climate change.
We have stories too, from Zack Wilson who relates an encounter with "Mayhem", Martin Friel who was enjoying a street party at first, or we could go on a coach trip with John Atkins but I wouldn't advise it!

That's it then, back to the sunshine!.. Oh, it's gone cloudy.


June 24th

Back so soon? Only a week or so has passed since the last update, what industry, what devotion to duty!

We all deserve a reward, and here it is, the new edition of Winamop.
Maxwell Chandler returns from Paris, where he mused on the development of cabaret in the last century through to a present-day project by Linda Kosut.
Poetry is well represented this time with new work from old favourites Joshua Coetzee and Claudio De Luca (those two seem to work as a pair) and from new contributor (but experienced writer) Laurel Sparks.
To satisfy story lovers Martin Green remembers the 1970s (but not very fondly)

Something for everyone!


June 14th

Oh dear.. What a terrible editor I am! Three weeks without an update, how can I make it up to you?

With a real top-notch edition that's how! Just feel the quality.
Max Chandler (Our Man on the Coast) is back with a new album from Max Perkoff in his sticky hands, Martin Friel brings us a salutary tale of a young man who just isn't living right, and Andy Bate is in melancholy mood in his new poem.
Finally, after a mere 3 years, Captain Wozzo returns with chapter 2 of our children's story.

Better late than never. That's my motto all right!

See you soon.


May 24th

Bouncing back onto your PC screen with a big bag of words.

In the poetry section I'm pleased to introduce new contributor Karen McKenna with some excellent stuff, there is new material from Stephen Chaleff and Len Bourret who urges tolerance, whilst Clifford K. Watkins Jr. has been busy writing another ten poems.

The stories section takes a dark turn this time with Martin Friel's tale, not for the faint-hearted! ("R "rated so keep the children away..)

We're off to Paris soon.. c'est bon!


May 14th

Did you see Eurovision? Words fail me...

A quick interim edition of the 'mop in which we have an exclusive recording of Pete Doherty's latest court appearance, DA reviews the new 1990s album, and Len Bourret thinks of Haggis.

May 12th

Well now it's wet and windy. British weather, best in the world (well, there's a lot of it anyway). But enough of this idle banter, it's time for a new edition of Winamop! What's in it? Let me tell you:

Old friend Martin Friel has a story that may be familiar (but I hope not), our "Man on the coast" Maxwell Chandler chronicles the career of pianist Herbie Nichols and Alex Wyte is in a stale relationship and has turned to poetry. No such trouble for new contributor Stephen Chaleff, he's in more romantic mood. Finally we have some new art from cartoonist Steve Cartwright.

Good stuff!


May 2nd

Whew what a scorcher, temperatures in the 20s C in April and early May in Britain!.. What is the world coming to? This global warming doesn't seem so bad at the moment (don't quote me on that!).

Lots of poetry this time, first off it's Davide Trame, an Italian English teacher who writes in English with 5 new poems. Then there's Len Bourret who's been paddling a kayak and Chris Major who's been doing what he does best.. (illustrating thoughts with letters, which form the illustration). Finally it's Weevil with his story about Eric and the Book. Mysterious!

Thanks to all. Now where are all you short-story authors? You artists? You music reviewers? Just click on the mail link on the home page and mail it in. I will read it and I will reply.

Back to sitting in the sunshine.


April 23rd

Doesn't time fly when you're rebuilding a shed? That's what I think anyway..
Meanwhile Joshua Coetzee, Ed Case and Luis Cuauhtemoc have been writing poetry and Martin Green has penned a new short story. So, as you can see, we have lots of poems but we need more stories, art, music reviews or what have you?
I await your contributions.



April 9th

Easter. Time of rebirth. And here is Winamop, re-born again, born to boogie, born to be alive, born with a song in our heart... err... well anyway, we're back. And we have a new Page 94 at last.

Maxwell Chandler's adventures in sound continue with another star interview, this time it's international Jazz Singer Jackie Ryan in fine form in San Francisco. In this edition you can also check out his examination of the music of Gabriele D’Annunzio.

In Poetry we have new material from regulars Andy Bate, Claudio De Luca and Nancy Gauquier and the first from Colin James. What a feast!

I leave you with this final thought from Michael Estabrook:

Funny just a few minutes ago
I meant to say flashlight
but said washcloth instead,
so I wonder,
what the hell
does that mean?

Damned if I know, but it happens to me all the time!


March 14th

You've waited patiently, and you will now be rewarded. Often you have to trade quality for quantity, but this time you can have it all!

Stories: New contributor Alex Wyte is crawling somewhere whilst Martin Green is back with the tale (not tail) of Ginger the cat.

Poems: What a lot we have got! Clifford K.Watkins jr. brings us a suite of poems to the 3-Faced Muse, Joshua Coetzee has produced some of his best to-date, John Sweet of "the bleeding horse" has some beautiful poetry, Michael Estabrook's new stuff is right up there with the best too, and finally, Rob Plath is back with a story of family life.

Wow! (© Bill Gates...)


February 28th

Last day of the month, just time to squeeze in a 3rd February edition.. and it's a belter!
Maxwell Chandler gets an exclusive interview with trombonist Max Perkoff, we have new poetry from Claudio De Luca that's as good to look at as to read, and two new stories from Martin Green and JBP.


Soon... honest!


February 11th

Back at last! Did you miss me?
No? Oh well, there'll be no Valentine's card for you then..
I still love you though, so I present for your enjoyment the following material:

Len Bourret searches beneath the waves for Lifeboat number 2 and Rob Plath brings us a story about possibly the most tedious job in the world. We have excellent poetry from new contributor Changming Yuan, new material from Claudio De Luca and Joshua Coetzee who have been thinking up titles for eachother's poems (very confusing) and JBP is back, tasting some rare cuts from the Jazz Crusade.



February 8th '07

Good morning Winamoppers! I humbly apologise for the lack of an update for over three weeks. I'm doing it now.. honest. I mean I'll start it any minute now, well, soon anyway. Thanks to all those who have contributed it should be a splendid update when it happens. Check back at the weekend!

busy busy busy


January 22nd '07

It's been a while but I think that the new edition of Winamop is excellent (but I would say that wouldn't I?)

Judge for yourself as you read five new poems from Lisa Zaran, or maybe you would prefer Maxwell Chandler's exploration of the work of Lionel Hampton, Stan Getz, Red Norvo and other exponents of the jazz vibraphone? It's fascinating stuff even if you aren't a jazz afficionado.
Finally, there's the story of El Niño's Ancient Warning by Len Bourret which is very interesting.

I've had word from Ira Joel Haber that his art is available in mug, T-shirt and other forms at cafepress, see our merchandise guide for the link. His work also features in the latest edition of Eclectica Magazine.

That's it for now. Remember, if you'd like to contribute to our fine collection of words, art and general good stuff please feel free. The e-mail link is at the bottom of the home page.



January 3rd '07

Welcome to 2007! Marvellous isn't it? At least until the bills come in..

We haven't just been sitting around stuffing ourselves over the Christmas break, we've been busy. Well, to be honest only four of us have been busy. Maxwell Chandler gave up his New Year's Day to take a look at oft-overlooked jazz master, Mal Waldron, I've downloaded an unexpected gem of an Otis Redding album, Len Bourret has been inspired by Christopher Marlowe, and G David Schwartz has penned some amusing poems for us. He has a book out, available on Amazon (and other good book stores!)

No doubt more contributions will roll in when everyone returns from holiday.. (hint)

Oh, and a happy New Year to you all!


December 22nd

Merry Christmas!

The "festive season" can wear thin pretty quickly so to keep you amused we take the lid off Winamop's seasonal assortment.

The first layer contains two uplifting new poems from Andy Bate followed by some rich sensuality from Rhonda Banton to warm you up on a cold evening. We finish the poetry sweetmeats with Len Bourret's tribute to Elizabeth Taylor and some Christmas wishes.

Underneath, the stories layer gets even more Christmassy with Martin Green's Saving Santa silliness and my very own heart-warming Christmas story.

Do enjoy your Christmas.


December 3rd

Back with a bang, the sound of bandoleons* ringing in my ears as I sample the tango courtesy of Maxwell Chandler. Before I put my back out I'd better sit down and tap my feet to Sweet Emma Barrett, JBP has been listening to her brand of New Orleans jazz.

If it's poetry you prefer, try this from new contributor Mike Martin.

We also have a new page featuring books and CDs that our contributors are selling in order to keep the wolves from their respective doors. Ideal Christmas presents I'd say!


Mentioned Christmas..



* A bandoleon is a kind of accordion, my spell-checker wanted to replace "bandoleons" with "boondoggles". What the hell is a boondoggle?

November 26th

It was my birthday last week, I got 7 cards and a CD. Not impressive for an international publishing mogul.. Never mind, my lovely wife took me out for a slap-up feast and - more importantly - there's new stuff to read on Winamop.

Old friend Martin Green returns to the fold with a story of a Christmas dance, Rhonda Banton supplies the sensuality in poetic form and Len Bourret wants us to remember some of the greats in his poem dedicated to Doris Day and her ilk.

I've also copied a page of a manual for a Chinese radio I bought. Highly humourous!

I wonder what I'll get for Christmas?

An overdraft probably...


November 20th

Over two weeks since the last update; that's not very good is it? I must try harder (as it always suggested in my school reports). The new material is not ready yet, an update will follow in the next couple of days so call back soon, there'll be something for everyone!

I also intend to send out some more mops to recent contributors, if you have had something published in the past and haven't received one then it may be because I don't have your address. I won't be offended if you remind me!.. Or even if you don't actually want one.

In the meantime just keep scrolling down this page, you'll find lots of good stuff.

À bientôt.


November 4th

Crikey! I got back from holiday in the rain to discover that the e-mat was knee-deep in e-mail contributions. Splendid!

I'll start today with some poetry, firstly from Lisa Zaran who resides in Arizona. She's an experienced poet and this is her first for us... very good it is too!
Joshua Coetzee returns with four new ones (and one very old one that he didn't write!). Welcome back Josh.
Also supplying poems is a newcomer Artemis Brown. Check her out.
If it's a story you want, Lance Garrison Ballard tells of A Fishing Lesson which is so pivotal for the boy concerned.

Finally, news comes from Clifford K.Watkins jnr. about the publication of his book "A Painter's Ghost" which we have featured excerpts from in the past.

What a lot we got!


October 20th

A quick update before we travel North to the wilds of Scotland. If I can see anything through the mist I'll take a photo for you.
Today my "e" news-stand is full of music and stories, feel free to browse.
Our star reviewer Maxwell Chandler's been re-assessing the work of Wayne Shorter, Jazz saxophonist, whilst JBP has been tapping his foot to Barry Martyn's Orchestra (but no so much to Lanin's Southern Serenaders!).

Sean McGahey on the other hand, appears to have been sitting around in cafés forging letters to women's magazines. He'll get into trouble..

The lives we lead, eh?


October 7th

First a public service announcement. A warning from Claudio De Luca about Noble House Publishers, who promised to publish some of his poems for a fee. They didn't, and, after a little research, I discovered that he's not alone.. Be warned! Claudio has done what a poet should; he's written a poem about it.
Now the good news: New contributor Sheema Kalbasi is a human rights activist, poet and literary translator now based in the U.S. (See biog.) She has sent me some hard-hitting poems on the middle east. Her book will be out soon (Not through Noble House!). I'll keep you posted.
Also on the good foot is Maxwell Chandler, Music-meister extraordinaire. His latest collection "Straight, No Filter" is published now, and you can win a copy. Just send us a CD review or imaginative piece on a musical theme (any genre). The best one gets the book!

How generous are we? (Well... Max is generous, I'm mean.)


September 25th

Here I come, bounding down the sequined stairs with a golden envelope in my sweaty hands. I pause to take the rapturous applause and then, raising my hand modestly, I speak: "Ladies and gentlemen, Winamop has been updated!"

Yes! It couldn't be more exciting.. there are two excellent new stories, one from regular Martin Green and one from new contributor Zack Wilson (welcome Zack). Despite our so-called "integrated society" Zack suspects that a bit of racism may remain in GB. (Surely not?)

I have re-jigged things a little bit and there is now a tab for the Art page which this time features new work by ira joel haber, worth a look.

I'm told that the next edition of Maxwell Chandler's music reviews is soon to be published (watch this space) and contributor Sean McGahey points us to his new reviews and interviews site "Orthogonal Review" . Well done Sean, I hope we can stand the competition!

That's it, now it's time for the News.


September 12th

I've been busy; you've been busy; everyone's been busy. The net result is, another big issue of Winamop. Well worth the wait I hope you will agree.
We begin with Maxwell Chandler's jazz column and he introduces us to.. well you'd better go and find out!
More for the jazz fan is on offer from JBP who investigates the Jazz Crusade of Big Bill and his friends in the wake of Katrina.
JBP (our tame poet) has also been reading "Words", a poetry anthology by previous contributor Nancy Gauquier. He enjoyed the book and you can read his review.
When you return you can reflect on the interesting photographs that Claudio De Luca has sent us. A reminder is due here; please check out the Art page and feel free to contribute!
Still focussing on the pictorial, Chris Major has come up with another of his clever text-art-poems which I like very much.
Finally we offer a magnum opus from Clifford K.Watkins, jnr. which tells the story of the unfortunate Simon, a young football star who falls from grace. All for a Buffalo Nickel.

If that isn't our biggest-ever update I'll eat my greens.


August 28th

We return from a period of cultural and spiritual refreshment in Edinburgh (the spirit was Whisky) to discover a bulging e-postbag from our faithful contributors.

So we'll crack-on with a new story from Martin Green about a visit to London, and Sean McGahey has discovered some disturbing e-mails concerning on-line dating.
Clifford K.Watkins Jr. has some more poems for you and I have a new page 94 about smoking (again).
Well, at least I've given up smoking, if not writing about it.

Lastly I must thank Nancy Gauquier for her poetry book and Big Bill Bissonnette of Jazz Crusade for sending us a CD sampler. Rest assured JBP is on the case and we'll have some reviews soon.

Haway the Scots!


August 13th

OK I give up, It's fortnightly at the moment. Life zooms along at such a pace doesn't it?
It's a good job that our faithful contributors haven't been so lax, I have a bumper bundle for you this time!

I must introduce new poetry contributors Jillian Reno and John Sweet. Jillian has sent some heart-rending poems on the loss of a baby and John has six of his poems for you. We also hear from Nancy Gauquier again who is ageing "dysgracefully" we're glad to say.
But it's not all poetry, oh no, JBP has unearthed some jazzy gems from 1928 or so, and Jerry Vilhotti has written another of his Storellas, or should it be Storelli? Who knows?

That's it. I hope you find something you like.


August 1st

I'm back; refreshed, skint and sun-bronzed from holiday and I have a bumper edition for you.

While I've been sunning myself in Devon, Maxwell Chandler has busied himself reviewing Elmo Hope's "Quintet" which has been digitally twiddled and is all the better for it!
Meanwhile, Joshua Coetzee is so pleased to have received his mop that he has sent us more fine poetry, and Martin Green has been inspired by the heat and sent us a story.

I also have news from Nancy Gauquier about her new web-site which is here and Wayne H.W Wolfson tells me that his new CD is now available to buy from CDBABY and other fine on-line retailers

It's all happening here!


July 15th '06

Whoops! Skipped a week. Largely because I didn't have anything to print.
I understand. You're all too busy preparing for summer holidays, unless you're in the southern hemisphere where it's winter. Which, funnily enough, is where Joshua Coetzee resisdes, in South Africa to be exact, and he has been working busily on some new poetry.

Thanks Josh. Anyone else who feels inspired by their trips to the Seychelles or Alton Towers can send in their stories, poems, pictures, cartoons or profound thoughts. It's all grist to our mill.

It's still hot here. There's news about that.

See you on the beach!


July 2nd '06

Back on schedule!

We have news from Wayne Wolfson.. In a spin-off from his Mars Syndicate collaboration (new CD coming out soon) there is a single available at Art Revolutionaries dot com. Worth a listen.

A new story arrived this week from Martin Green. It's good. He tells me that his "Collected Stories" book is available at Tesco dot com for ten quid. Jolly reasonable!

And last but not least, JBP has stumped up two more record reviews, one of which features an Italian Jazz band. Interesting eh?

All this and I could have been sitting in the sunshine, because it's actually been hot here in England! (No, I'm not going to mention the football... or the cricket...)

Off for a G & T!


June 27th '06

I'm late again. This "weekend" update is slipping to Tuesdays. Must try harder!

Never fear, we have some fine stuff for you to peruse; firstly "our man on the coast" Maxwell Chandler has veered off in another different direction. This time he looks at opera, in the form of Beethoven's Fidelio.

JBP is also back with some poems from his latest little book "By The River". Short and sweet.

A bit like me really (except that I'm tall and sour).

Bye bye


June 20th '06

Midsummer madness eh? Warm weather, everybody is outside doing healthy things like eating under-cooked meat products from charcoal grills and drinking lager. Nobody, it would seem, is sitting indoors at their PC sending stuff in to us.
Just as well really, as our mail-server has been clogged up with over 2000 spam messages that came in overnight, poor old Wilberforce Mackenzie's had a breakdown.
Seriously though, who do they think is going to read a message addressed to someone called xzyfgxcy? I have changed the mail settings so that nothing gets through unless it's to me! Megalomania has set in. Please re-send anything that may have got lost in the process.

At least JBP has been busy, and his missive's aren't affected by electronic fly-tipping; he uses the good old postal service. With election turnouts usually around 30 to 40%, he's been considering why people don't vote.

Back to the barbie..


June 10th '06

The world didn't end on 6/6/6 did it? Well, if it did I didn't notice, so I'm still here typing stuff onto the Internet.
Daniel S. Irwin has also been typing and has sent us the fruits of his labour. Three poems of a not-entirely-serious nature. We hope you like 'em.

He wins a mop and so could you, check out the roll of honour here and send some stuff in. If we publish it you get a commemorative mop to put in your trophy cabinet. You do have a trophy cabinet don't you?

The rules of football are explained in the news and there's lots more stuff to see below..


June 4th '06

Summer is here! Sunshine, blue skies, and here I am sitting indoors at a computer.. (and so are you it would appear).

Well at least it's worthwhile because Maxwell Chandler is going to introduce you to Fado, much beloved music of the Portuguese-speaking world, and Martin Green is back with a story from his army days which sounds all too familiar.

Better than sun-burn isn't it?


May 27th '06

Another bank-holiday weekend here in the UK. It's going to rain of course, so it's an ideal time for you to get writing!

Someone who hasn't been slacking is Clifford K. Watkins Jr. who has sent 7 new poems for your pleasure. There's a link to his Myspace page on there too.

I also have news from Maxwell Chandler (our man on the coast), he now also has a Myspace site so we can all be his friends. He tells me he is busy writing a new piece so we hope to have that soon.

There's a top news story too.



May 21st '06

Well it was every bit as good (or should that be "bad") as I'd hoped. Eurovision I mean. So much so that I wrote a new page 94 on the subject. There's news too.

We also have a new poem from Michael Estabrook who is a happy man because his mop arrived yesterday.

You could have one too. Send us some material and "Win-A-Mop" (it's only small, nothing to get too excited about really...).


May 19th '06

I'm excited! Last night was the semi-final of the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest; and it was just as ghastly as I'd hoped. Thankfully, the Finnish Satanic heavy-rock band got through to the final as did the Lithuanian vocal group who's "We are the winners of Eurovision" was a clear statement of intent, or perhaps of ludicrously misplaced optimism.

We'll be reporting on the event as usual, and you can listen on the BBC web site under "Radio 2" on Saturday evening. You'd be foolish to listen... err... I mean, foolish to miss it.

May 16th '06

Interesting one today..
We have an interview with Wayne Wolfson in anticipation of the release of his new CD.
Not only that, but you can hear a sample of the new material as an mp3 download on the music page.
Give it a listen, at least twice.

I bet iTunes are worried, first they're attacked by the Beatles, then rivalled by Winamop!

Dee Rimbaud tells me he's putting all his artwork up for auction. Have a look and bid on anything you fancy. "Everything must go"!

Then you could read the news page, somebody has to...


May 6th '06

Thank you all!
After my plaintive cry last week you have risen to the task. We have a new "storella" from Jerry Vilhotti (welcome back Jerry), Michael Estabrook has sent us some fun observational poems and Martin Green has written a short story.

It's a corker of an edition!

By the way, don't forget the "About Us" page which tells you... err... about us, of course. All those happy mop-winners. If only there were pictures; (don't worry, it won't happen).


May 1st '06

Mayday! Mayday! Web-site in distress!

Well, not distress so much as limbo. Not one contribution has come in in the last two weeks. If this goes on I'll be forced to write something myself.. and you know how disappointing that always is!

Actually we did get one letter complaining about something but that doesn't really count.

Instead I'll point you to some recent highlights that you may have missed:
Don't forget Page 94 and the archive of past pages, they're usually good for a laugh. The News page is (fairly) regulary updated and not boring at-all. The Art page is new and needs some more stuff, if you draw, paint or photograph send us a sample. Wayne H.W Wolfson's latest story is worth checking out, as is the debut poetic contribution from Pete Lee.

In fact the best thing to do is to scroll down this list until you see something that takes your fancy. It's all free and made from real words. And remember, it's also free to contribute (i.e. you don't get paid) but you will get a very small mop if you do.
Irresistible eh?

Now I'm going to clear out the shed.



April 19th '06

Well I hope you haven't over-egged your pudding over the last few days? I know I have! Definitely no more chocolate for a week or two.

Console yourself with some wit and wisdom from Chris Major (welcome back Chris!) and new contributor Pete Lee. It's good stuff.

Must be time for another holiday... roll on May day!



April 11th '06

The Easter edition hits the virtual news-stand with such a heavy thump that the legs tremble and several under-the-counter copies of Gay Politicians Monthly slide under the carpet.

It's so fat because we have: A whopper of a review from Maxwell Chandler, he's been seduced by "Sugar Man" Stanley Turrentine's horn playing; Meanwhile JBP has been boogying (if that's a word?) to The Firehouse Five (Plus 2) and wants us all to know about it; He's also thought up a new literary award for "The Great Unwritten Novel" well, we've all got one haven't we?..



April 4th '06

Thank you! New stuff has flooded in (well, 3 things have) and we're raring to go with this "almost Easter" edition of Winamop.
Firstly, it was great to hear from old friend of Winamop - Wayne H.W Wolfson. He's busy working on a new CD but has found time to pen us this new story. Thanks Wayne.
We've also asked Wilberforce Mackenzie to look though our postbag and finally there is some more of JBP's poetry which is new to the site.



March 29th '06

Are you awake out there? The Winamop inbox has been pretty empty of late, hence the long wait for this update. In fact it's been so quiet that we've had to write some stuff ourselves! (That's desperation...)

So we proudly offer you an old story that JBP found at the bottom of a box (good though), a new page 94 by me and (thank the lord) a tale of mis-spent youth from new contributor DVH.

At least he was awake.

C'mon, you know you want to... send us some stuff!


March 12th '06

Aye it's back we are, with more tales of a bygone age up in the remote highlands of Scotland, thanks to the mysterious "AKA".

Lang may yer lum reek!


March 6th '06

Another fine story from JBP plopped through the letter-box this morning. I commend it to the house.


March 3rd '06

Flippin' cold here again but I'm huddled up to my computer in order to bring you more goodies from Winamop (and to keep warm).

This time Max Chandler (our Man on The Coast... must be cold there too!) brings us word of a Kenny Dorham disk he's taken a shine to, and there is some ASBO news.

Throw another 20% larger gas-bill on the fire!


February 20th '06

I've failed again! More than a week has passed since the last update.. but once again the Winamop faithful have rallied round with new stuff for you to read so it's been worth the wait!

This time P. L. George has been suffering something of a mid-life crisis, read his biographical piece "Losing Momentum" right here.
JBP has been spending all his pocket money on jazz CDs, read his reviews of an unusual Jimmy Yancey recording and one from 1933 by Joseph Robichaux.
Meanwhile here at Winamop central, we've been listening to 65 Days of Static. Must get that aerial fixed...


February 12th '06

Max (our man on the coast) reminds me that he wrote a wonderful piece on Charlie Patton about 2 weeks ago which I then sat on.. I've attended to it and you can read it now! Sorry...

We also have another selection of poetry from Clifford K. Watkins, Jr. to make you think, and a brand new short story from JBP.

What good value for money!

Money? What money....?


February 4th '06

We have a new page! Inspired by the recent additions of pictorial art I have created the Art page. Original name eh?
For starters It features some work from Don Swartzentruber, Dee Rimbaud, Peter Pick and Hilary Bryanston. Why not have a look?

Also new for us today is a poem from Nancy Gauquier, Fantastic Lovers, ideal for Valentine's day... or perhaps not?

By the way, the web thrives on links so if you enjoy the site please link to us, then we'll all be famous!

"Infamy Infamy" etc.


February 1st '06

JBP's been busy! He has sent in a review of a Red Nichols reissue of material from 1926-30 and some news of an exciting development for collectors of vintage jazz and blues recordings.

I expect we'll have to publish a lot more reviews soon...


P.S. There is a little news too...

January 27th '06

We have a new Page 94 at last! JBP finds the government's plan to allow school selection on grounds of aptitude not ability a little hard to reconcile.

It's lucky I had neither...


January 22nd '06

Tomorrow is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, cold, damp and not much daylight. I don't agree! I feel positively spring-like... I've even washed the car!
As far as the web-site is concerned, we have a new poem from Clifford K. Watkins, Jr. He's been inspired by a blog... (well at least nobody will be inspired by this one.)

Roll on spring.


January 19th '06

I've bought some new mops, just as crappy as the old ones but it does mean I'm ready for new contributions. Send them in!
Or just sit and read the news...

January 10th 2006

Max is back. Read his latest review of a Freddie Hubbard live set at Club La Marchal.

January 4th 2006

How are the resolutions going? Broken yet?
Don't worry, the sort of people who keep their resolutions aren't the sort of people who are nice to know.. they're just too self righteous.
One of the resolutions I have already failed to keep, was to update Winamop every week; but hey! It was Christmas!
However, we do return with a splendid set of four stories from mystery contributor "AKA" concerning life in the Scottish highlands many years ago, and reliable old JBP (and I do mean old) has supplied us with a review of New Orleans jazz CD Senior Moments.

Don't forget all the other stuff, have a good look around, It's not often you get "owt fer nowt"...


December 24th

Yes it's the Bumper Christmas Edition of Winamop.
Firstly we have two new contributors to introduce: P. L. George gives us his Paris Sketchings, an account of his recent honeymoon (in Paris, naturally).
Then Clifford K. Watkins, Jr. is back again with Jon's Quick Obsession ( R rated, so don't read it if you're prudish ), and John Wesley introduces himeself with a story about God (how appropriate). It's called Orientation.
And if it's music you're after, JBP would like to introduce you to some Louisiana Moonshine and to wish the New Orleans musicians all the best for the future; whilst Max Chandler introduces us to jazz pianist Sonny Clark, gone but not forgotten.

Finally, I have to announce the winner of Maxwell Chandler's book competition. It's Jim Houghton from Devon. The book's on its way down your chimney in time for Christmas Jim!

It's almost an embarrassment of riches isn't it? Pass the Port!


December 4th

December? December?! Already?....

Christmas shopping, writing cards, untangling miles of fairy lights (that won't work when you plug them in), relations, over-eating, parties with work-mates, another mince-pie anyone?
No seriously I love it all!
Well, most of it anyway. Back to business. This time we have some artwork from Dee Rimbaud, and two quite different new poems from Clifford K. Watkins, Jr.

Now where did I put the indigestion tablets?


November 28th

I've eaten all the chocolates and now feel slightly off-colour..

Never mind, there's a new story from Clifford K. Watkins, Jr. to send shivers up our spines. There is also a new jazz review from Maxwell Chandler: Donald Byrd's excellent "Fuego" from 1959 is remastered and available again.

Now I'm off to make a snowman..


November 19th

It's my birthday this week... socks welcome!

A special present has already arrived in the form of three fine poems from new contributor Eleanor Watson, we also have a short but vitriolic poem from a contributor just known as "Max", and you can still win Max's book! (different Max!)

Not bad for an old 'un as they say...


November 13th

Well the fireworks that have been enveloping castle Winamop in sulphurous fumes seem to have finally abated and we have emerged into a bright cold winters day.

It must be time for a competition! Max Chandler, our jazz reviewer has kindly donated a copy of his anthology and you could win it. Just pop over to the contest page and enter online.

Good luck!


November 1st

Back from Scotland refreshed by Scots ale (Isle of Skye), Scots food (Lochinver pies), Scots scenery (Ross-shire) and Scots weather (rain and sun!). What should be waiting on the electronic mat when I returned but a new review from Max Chandler? He's unearthed some vintage Fats Navarro for us this time.



October 15th

I've just received a story from Clifford K. Watkins, Jr. which will warm your cockles on these cold nights.

October 7th

Good day to you all and to those in the Northern hemisphere, welcome to autumn; season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Well, we've had a few foggy mornings at chateau Winamop and the apples have dropped off the tree so that about covers it... on with the show!
We have exciting news from our jazz reviewer Maxwell Chandler, not only do we have a new review of Ornette Coleman's impressive Skies of America album but we have a copy of Max's collected works to give away. More news on that soon.
There's also a new page 94 in which Martin considers getting a job but doesn't like the company incentive scheme...

Narrow escape eh?


September 26th

More Page94 action, this time Martin Friel wonders why there's all this fuss about Kate Moss?

September 21st

I have added some new poems from Claudio De Luca today.

September 18th

First we don't have a page 94 for months, then two come along at once! This time Johanna Williams is objecting to Piers Morgan taking a swipe at C-list celebs.
Check out the politics news too.

Back soon!



September 9th

Thanks to those of you who have sent in contributions over the past month, Martin Friel, Claudio DeLuca, Clifford K. Watkins jr. and Max Chandler to name but a few...
Rest assured you'll get to read all this good stuff soon so keep checking back. To keep you going here's Martin Friel's Page 94 on the subject of Bush's lamentable treatment of the poor of New Orleans. Also check the News.

August 22nd

I had a note about Clifford K. Watkins Jr's new web site so I've added it to the links page. Whilst I was at it I checked the links... It seems that both Poetic Inhalation and Moontown Cafe have bitten the dust whilst Marc Fiszman's "Teleport Chronicles" page has been snaffled by "Go Daddy".

We're still here though! I've just paid for 2 more years of web hosting too. So you'd better make it worth my while; send us some stuff and Win A Mop!

There's News and more. Scroll down... read... enjoy..


August 13th

We return from Edinburgh all Festivalled out...
Special praise is due to Howard Read and Little Howard who were funny and to Miss Winamop who's a whore... (In Catch 22 at the C venue on Chambers St!).
There's a news item.

Back to work on Monday... :-(


August 5th

August already? Must be time for another holiday!
The Winamop team heads for cultural refreshment in Edinburgh post haste..

Just before we go may I offer you a witty piece by new contributor Nancy G and some more poetry written by a "gestalt" poet (at least it's not written by computer..).

Haway the Scots!


July 21st

We're back!
Did you miss us?... No, don't answer that!
You'll be delighted to hear that there's new stuff to read:
There are two new jazz review's, Max checks out Lester Young and JBP has been to see Brian Carrick's Algiers Stompers!
JBP has also provided us with a new story called "Is You There Zomb?", well that's JBP for you...

That's enough for now.

Happy holidays.


July 3rd

Wasn't Live8 an event eh? Pink Floyd back together, Pete Doherty turned up on time and Madonna had chaps spinning on their heads! If that doesn't influence the G8 summit I don't know what will..

Seriously though; sign the online petition at then read some stuff.. scroll down, there's lots of it!

Cheers Bob.


June 26th

Contributions continue to pour in to Winamop central. We have a story from Miss Winamop and thanks are due to Clifford K. Watkins Jr. for sending in 6 more poems, to JBP who looks back on the contribution of John R.T. Davies to the trad jazz scene, and to new contributor Elizabeth Switaj who has sent 4 poems for your enjoyment. Her style is unusual and caused the type-setters here at Winamop control (me, actually) some problems!

Well that's enough work for a sunny Saturday... where's my gin and tonic gone?
Oh, I've drunk it all.



May 28th

Good evening.
Tonight we present another cornucopia of captivating chronicles from our clever contributors.

We have poetry from Claudio De Luca, another story from Jane Wright, Max listens to Sonny Criss, and we welcome poet, Clifford K. Watkins, Jr. to the fold.

You have to grin to get it all in!



May 19th

It's Eurovision time again. We probe the pap.

Or you can read a disturbing story from Claudio De Luca, Evil Petals, it's strong stuff.
Calm down with Al Baker's evocative account of a day climbing in NW Scotland,
or get stuck into a sample chapter from J Buchanan's new book Penitentiary Pacific.
If you prefer music then find out about jazz saxophonist Sarah Spencer from JBP.

There's even news of a poetry competion and a smidgeon of news.

How busy have we been?

A big thanks to all the new contributors.


(Going to lie down now).

May 9th

Thanks are due to Jane Wright for sending us a story, her first.
You could too!

Claudio De Luca, has sent in some captions for our caption contest.
You could too!

Or you could just read the News... Or the Links (new ones added)... Or if you know someone who keeps singing old Tony Christie songs, send them here.

What a bumper edition!


May 1st

Mayday Mayday! Send help! It's a bank-holiday weekend and it's not raining! That means I've got to do some gardening...

Instead I've been sitting inside writing a new Page 94.
It's done now so I've got no choice but... I suppose I could finish that book I started the other day?

And the Sunday papers of course.

That's better!



April 28th

May-day approaches and we're all feeling spring-like (except those of you in the Southern hemisphere I suppose) gamboling like lambs and blossoming into unsuitable summer clothes too early.

Never mind if it's actually rainy and cold, sit inside and read a new story from Jon Ware which will amuse I'm sure. There's also good news about those exloding toads.

At least I can't mow the lawn whilst it's wet!



April 20th

I'm back! I cried.
So what? Responded a disinterested world, and threw a tomato at me.
I don't know why I bother I really don't...

At least the team have been busy.. well, they've been listening to the gramophone actually.
Max Chandler has unearthed some of Hank Mobley's finest work whilst JBP has been sampling Western Swing.

All good fun. Perhaps we'll do some work one day?



April 3rd

What excuse can I give for neglecting dear old Winamop for so long?
Dunno really... answers on a postcard please!

I'm here now though and I present for your perusal a new Jazz review from JBP and, err.. that's about it. (Except for the news of course).

I'm off now, still got several Easter eggs to get through.


March 19th

Winamop is fast becoming the premier jazz review site! This time Maxwell Chandler lends his ears to Alice Coltrane and her harp (yes, a harp!).

We also have the final set of Ashok Niyogi's poems. This time it's the beautiful "Love Poems" set.
Look out for news of his book "Tentatively" which comes out soon.

And the sun has come out too!

Spring has sprung.


March 9th

A new jazz review has trickled in from JBP.

Let's jitterbug!


March 6th

Mother's day. Hello mothers everywhere!
As a treat for you, (and everyone else) we have the next set of new poems from Ashok Niyogi; "From My Attic Window", a look at life from a different viewpoint.

I had a mail from Dee Rimbaud, a Scottish writer who runs his own website. On it you will not only find his own work but the very useful "AA Independent Press Guide", a guide to thousands of paper and on-line literary publications.

I don't think I can stand the competition... but there is a link to us!


February 25th

Thanks are due today to Ashok Niyogi who has sent us some fine poems. The first set of Ashok's new work is Lake Poems.
More is to come.

You could too, you know!
The e-mail button is bottom left for your comments, criticism and contributions.



February 23rd

Today we have a look at New Orleans Jazz CDs from JBP.

Let's get stompin'!



February 21st

The watchdog gets updated and our news-hound gets bitchy.




February 19th

We let the Winamop Watchdog out. Let's hope he doesn't chase a fox...

Tally Ho!



February 15th

Only one Valentine's card yesterday... and that was from the dog.
Never mind, we have excellent news. Winamop is proud to have chapter 1 of the Teleport Chronicles, by Marc Fiszman, for your pleasure, all 10,000 words of it.



February 10th

Sorry.. just couldn't resist the old joke recycling opportunity in this News item...

I will burn in Hell.



February 7th

Another week gone? Never mind; it's pancake day tomorrow!

We've a new (short) Page 94 for you, some news and some "art".

Where are my lemons?



February 2nd

Welcome to February. I know it started yesterday but better late than never eh?

Max has been busy with a new jazz review, this time he looks at Miles Davis' controversial album Filles De Kilimanjaro which is out on CD in remastered form.

We've political news too, and a new story from Martin Friel (we still need your address Martin!)

Onward to spring! (slips over on some ice, sprains wrist, staggers home to bed..)



January 21st

Just added a News item. More to come.
If Martin Friel is reading this, please get in contact. We owe you a mop!

Snow is on the way...


January 8th

Me again! I just been reminded that I hadn't uploaded Max's latest Duke Ellington review...
Sorry Max, it's there now. (I blame Christmas)

January 7th

Blimey! What's going on?
We are suddenly besieged with new stuff.. There's a News item, there's a new Page 94 where JBP gets his teeth into the polititians and there's even more in the pipeline.
Could be good year!
You'all come back soon now.



January1st 2005

Well that's that then. 2004 has finished and good riddance to it.
War, pestilence *, tsunamis and Ant and Dec, or was it Dick and Dom?
Our review of the year finds out where we are now.
Also in the bumper New-Year edition we have a new story from Martin Friel.

Onwards into the future!



* George W.

December 27th

Christmas comes but once a year, and I missed it!
I expect you all visited the site on Christmas day expecting my famous Christmas message and were sorely disappointed...
Never mind, it would have been rubbish anyway.

On the other hand, you will be delighted to hear that one of my New Year resolutions will be to lavish more care and attention on this very organ of e-publication.
Great things will no doubt grow from that tiny acorn of intent.

(and pigs may aviate)



December 12th

Nearly Christmas already?... Oh dear, I haven't sent you a card!
Never mind. I've been busy preparing some new stuff for the site. Trouble is, I haven't been quite busy enough, so it isn't ready yet.

Sorry. (There's a news item just come in though.)



November 22nd

Where have we been?
We have been trawling the literary backwoods for new material.
And what did we find?


So we twisted JBP's ears until he wrote us a new story.




November 1st

Just returned from the North of Scotland... oh those autumn colours!

We've got lots to show you too: There's a few more poems from Sean McGahey, a new jazz review from Max (Charles Mingus this time) and a story (well nearly) from me and a bit of news.

Clocks have gone back, dark dark dark, let's hope S.A.D. doesn't set in...


October 17th

Just received a bit of a story from JBP. It's the beginning of a mystery, but what is it all about? We'll never know unless someone (could be you!) completes, or at least continues, the story.

Now there's a challenge!

There is a new Page 94 and some news too.




October 2nd

My watch says it's the first, it can't cope with these 30 day months, but I'm reliably informed that it's the second.

There's a bit of TV criticism to divert you for a moment.
I've updated the News Archives so that you can find the items from the Diary.
Waste of time really...

Now how do I change that date on this?....



September 28th

OK, OK, I know.. 2 weeks without a word and now I turn up again with nothing more than a feeble news item and a review of Elvis Costello's new CD.

Well it just won't do. I will try harder, honest...

That's fooled 'em I'm off to the pub again.



September 15th

Feeling a bit autumnal? Weather getting colder?
Why not stay indoors, write a short story and publish it on Winamop?
You know it makes sense... and you can win a mop!

More stuff is in the pipeline and today we have another jazz review from Max, this time Joe Henderson gets the treatment.

Where's my thermal vest?



August 28th

Bank-holiday weekend here in Britain so, of course, the weather is rubbish.

Best to sit inside and read a couple of new poems from Jeremy Gosnell and a bit of news.

I wonder what's on TV?



August 24th

A traffic report has just come in...

That's all I'm afraid.

Send in your comments, insults, poems, stories, jokes or W.H.Y. We're always grateful!




August 18th

Well it's a bumper edition today!
We have, for your entertainment and education:
New Poetry from Sean McGahey, Leaving and Beatitude Pulp..
An appreciation of comic-book genius Walt Kelly (Pogo Possum) by JBP...
A new jazz review of a Gerry Mulligan album from Max.
A caption competition,
And there's news too...



August 15th

We're back!

We've got some new stuff.
It'll be on the site just as soon as I've dried out my socks.. What is it about Edinburgh and weather?

We may even tell you about the mystery of Titian's foot....



August 9th

August already? Must be time for us to swan off to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and hang around in bars, shows, restaurants, clubs, more shows (repeat until skint).

Before we do I'm pleased to be able to bring you a new music review from Max, (he got this one for his birthday) and a short story from new contributor Sean Kilpatrick. There's also a new Page 94 on modern manners. Enjoy!
Warning: Sean's story has some sexual content...

(that'll get them all reading it!).


July 25th

Back from our holidays on the "British Riviera", more like a British river actually... but fun was had and beer was drunk (and so were we). Thanks to Skinners Brewery for the raw materials!
Consequently nothing much has happened but some news has come in.

Nose back to the grindstone now.


July 17th

A new music review dropped through my e-letterbox today. It's from Max and he's examining a John Coltrane remaster.

I'm off on my hols for a week, hopefully inspiration will strike and there'll be something exciting on the site when I return?
Vain hope really... I'll probably just sit in the pub / on the beach as appropriate.

I'll send you a postcard!


July 10th

I'm back!

Where have I been?
Nowhere. Doing nothing.
So I thought I'd return to the wild web and share this exciting news with you!

It's not all lethargy though, we can offer you a new music review featuring the hot-off-the-press Ordinary Boys album and some news.

Back to sleep...


June 29th

Almost July already!

We didn't go to Glastonbury but I caught a cold anyway...

We're having a bit of a poetry-fest on Winamop today, check out the Poems page for some new material from Michael Internicola and some bean-related fun from Samantha McCulloch.
Thanks both of you!




June 22nd

Lots to report!
There's a new Page 94 from JBP, there's a new music review from Max and there's a new poem on the way soon.
Oh, and there's some news.

Peaks and troughs, peaks and troughs...



June 14th

Evidently England has lost some sort of football match, this appears to be the chief concern of the popular press and the lager-drinkers of the nation. The man in the local off-licence reckons he's going to have to sell off his remaining stock of England flags (made in Taiwan) cheap!

We don't concern ourselves with such inconsequential things here though. Oh no. We have a new Wayne H. W Wolfson story for you. (Unsuitable for children.)

There's News on the Euro elections too. We only lost by one...


June 11th

We've had elections. Most exciting! Read our news.
OK, democratic rights exercised, now it's time for the football...



June 2nd

June already! Doesn't time fly when you're enjoying yourself?

Max has just got back from a European trip, loaded down with jazz rarities. He has sent us a tribute to jazz drummer Elvin Ray Jones who died on May 19th.

There is also some news.


May 28th

I bought a new garden table and chairs and, as soon as I got them home and set them out, the heavens opened.


There's a new music review of Anne McCue's excellent new album (thanks to the nice people at for finding me a good copy) and some hot diet news.

I hope my parasol doesn't shrink...


May 23rd

Sunny weekend in Britain shock!

I'm reporting live from the back garden, small flies are landing on the screen and there's a spider in my drink.

Small news update added.


May 21st

Geoff Hoon, the UK secretary of state for defence (who is responsible for the armed forces), is not very popular with JBP. He sent us a poem.

I hope you enjoyed our Eurovision webcast last weekend, what a glittering event! I'm all glittered out...

Some News has been added.

I'll be back!


May 15th

Yes here we are live at Eurovision. Keep us on for a full run down..



May 13th

We have another music review from our jazz correspondent Max Chandler, this time Thelonious Monk gets the treatment.

There's also news and the promise of the excitement of the Eurovision song contest...

Can't wait.


May 12th

Not one card...

I have just received a copy of "Peace Love Death Metal" from those fine chaps at Amazon, which I ordered after hearing a couple of tracks on BBC 6-Music's Round Table last week. It didn't disappoint.
Read all about it on the Music Reviews page.
There's news on a new security idea too..

Let's boogie!



May 6th

Winamop is 1 year old today.

Oh goody..

We started with about 30 pages and now we have almost 90, not bad but we could do with more, especially with a British flavour. Short stories, poetry, humour, news and what have you? We are free to use and free to view. Come on in!

We have added a new article, JBP has a warning about the proposed UK Identity cards.

Pass the Champagne.



May 2nd

It'll soon be our first birthday! I must order a cake...

I've rearranged the stories page by author as it was getting a bit confusing.

News has been updated, but not to any great effect!

4 days to go.



April 28th

Maxwell's been busy again, a new music review has appeared on our fast-growing jazz page. This time he picks out a winner from the Duke Ellington remasters.

Thanks to Jerry Vilhotti for getting in contact, maybe we'll have a story from him soon?

News is updated.



April 25th

This week in Mop-land there's a new page 94, (again!), JBP thinks he has worked out Blair's modus operandi.
We've got a bit of news too.

The Mop goes from strength to strength!



April 19th

"If you want something doing, ask a busy man" said a wise man once.
What a burke!
Just don't ask me that's all, I'm really busy.

I have had time to add some news though, and our new music reviewer Maxwell Chandler has come up trumps again with more Jazz remasters.

We welcome music reviews, stories, poems, jokes. Just send 'em in and Win-A-Mop. (We mean it...)

Busy busy busy....



15th April

Well, I've eaten nearly all the chocolate. It was a tough job but someone had to do it!
Quite why all our religious festivals have been turned into occasions to gorge ourselves I don't really know, but you have to join in don't you? One doesn't want to seem ungrateful...

We have a conucopia of new and exciting material on the site!
There's News, and the Doktor's written a new Page94 (danger; contains IRONY (TM) and a rude word) and TEXTBEAK has sent in some weird and, err, well unusual pieces. We had the Doktor look at "Nets the Si'ze of Souls" (sic) and he said that it takes incoherence to an extreme...(possibly tierra del fuego!) but demonstrates a high degree of 'coherence' . And then there's another one which is almost a poem. [Later note; those two pieces have been romoved at the request of TEXTBEAK]
So there you have it. Loads of stuff.

Where's the last of that egg?


7th April

Where have I been?

Trekking across the Mojave Desert on a space-hopper?

Competing in the Lisbon Fado world series?

Eating sausages and beans at Sid’s caff?


I’ve been here all the time, just staring at the ceiling. I’m bound to have an idea soon, just you wait!

That spider’s moved a bit (and there's not only some news on the "fight against terror" but we review some jazz too!).


27th March

It's all going terribly well!
Many thanks to THETEXTBEAK for his story, there's a new Page94 in the offing and the news page has been updated regularly. What value for money you get from Winamop! (considering that it doesn't cost anything of course)

We need some more music reviews, so if you're at a loose end and have just bought a new album...

Spin those disks!


19th March

We received a piece from a new contributor, MH, today.
She has a few ideas for the next Harry Potter book (and the next, and the next...).

We'll keep an eye out and see if J K Rowling uses any!

Where did I put my Every Flavour Beans?


18th March

Just a doughnut-inspired update to the News page today.

We need your input!
Send us some stuff, however short.
Win A Mop (you know it makes sense... )

Time for another doughnut.


11th March

Yes, yes, I know! I haven't updated this page for well over a week... sorry...

News on our Olympic preparations has been creeping in and a new article has just come in from The Weevil who has been thinking about human consciousness. Or was he conscious of human thinking?
One or the other.
Not really a story, more a treatise.

I'm off to get un-conscious!


1st March

There is some new news on the Lord of The Rings.

There is a new Page 94.

What a busy boy I've been!

See you in Pound-Land.


29th February

It's leap year so we get this extra day. Good job it's a Sunday, we wouldn't want an extra Monday would we?

Nobody's proposed to me yet.

Just News added.

See you in four years.


24th February

We return from a cultural weekend in Paris. Where we managed to secure an exclusive picture from the Louvre to show to you.

We learned that:
Paris is cold in February.
That doesn't stop the Café culture, they still sit outside but under heaters.
The Louvre is massive!
The Palace of Versailles is even bigger (and there's a couple of spares out the back).
The Eiffel tower is tall, and even colder at the top.
Some French women have an uhealthy habit of wearing lime-green clothing.

the eiffel tower, all lit up

I'll leave you with this nice photo of the Eiffel tower, twinkling with strobe lights.

Au revoir!


20th February

I noticed today that "The Thought Cafe" is to close due to a lack of time on the part of the webmasters / editors. I know how they feel.
Very sad though, as they had built up a community, not really a facility we can offer.
What we can offer is an outlet to anyone who wishes to place thier work on the net. We do not claim ownership of any of the material submitted, we merely try to protect the copyright of our authors.
There ain't no profit made here I can assure you!

A news item from JBP has been added.

Mine's a pint!


19th February

She's broken the record!
61 footnotes in JH's Coriolanus Essay, I had to make some more images!
It's very good though, honours standard I'm told...

I finally got round to sending Chris Major his mop, sorry Chris.

Apart from that there's just news.

14th February

Two e-mails have flooded in!
One from Wayne Wolfson, congratulating us on the new look (much appreciated) and one from Dave Shoots who enjoyed JA's "History of Obscenity".

We would welcome your feedback, the mail button is at the bottom-left of the home page.

I hope you got a card today!

I did...



8th February

Have you noticed?
It's all different?

Yes, the new look is finally here. What an age it's taken, and I bet there'll be some broken links in it....
A lot of work has gone into this, I hope you find it easier to navigate. We'll be tweaking it a bit more over the next few weeks but at least it's launched now.

We have a new story from Wayne H. W Wolfson to start us off, thanks Wayne.
We've updated the news and we have some music from The Weevil.
There's even the start of "The Winamop Dictionary" which will grow to 38 volumes... and some information on the less well known aspects of grammatical families by JBP.

There are some more Shakespeare essays to go up soon... but there are only 24 hours in a day!

I'm off for a lie down.



2nd February

OK OK! Hutton is such an issue round these parts we just had to include a news item from JBP and a Page94 from The Doktor....

Those of you outside the UK may not understand the fascination but the light it shines on modern politics is revealing none the less. Today we even find Bush setting up an enquiry into the "intelligence" which encouraged him to go to war. Ah well, there's an election coming!

Positively definitely, no more Hutton.... unless......



24th January

Two submissions arrived this week! Thanks to regular contributor Wayne H.W Wolfson and to newcomer Chris Major.
Chris calls his material poetry so it's in the poetry section, but I think it's more "alt" material so there's a link from there too. The great British art of compromise eh?
I'm saving Wayne's piece for the grand launch of the "new look" in a week or so.

News has been updated.

My snowdrops are coming through!


21st January

The "new look" is progressing... Weevil is working on a new logo and the rest of the "creative team" (ha!) are squabbling over layout and colour.
What is this season's colour anyway?

The only new stuff is news.

Send in some stuff....!


17th January

Greetings spam-lovers. Today I received the following e-mail:

"asterisk combinate assonant gave amply coin gyrfalcon follicle abridgment coffeepot paunch improvise sedge defector ga functionary nation bug grunt"

Profound, I think you'll agree!

We're working on a new look for the site as the Winamp joke is wearing a bit thin. Winamp have just changed their look too, which leaves us looking a bit silly... who said "No change there"? Come on, nobody leaves until one of you owns up!

OK 100 lines then:
"I must show respect to my elders."

In by tomorrow afternoon.


9th January

JBP has been busy.
Stung by my complaint that I was the only one who wrote anything new, and bearing in mind that my stuff is generally poor, he has written a poetic Page 94. That's in addition to the Orc piece of a couple of days ago.

I've been a bit poetic too in the news page.

Where will it all end?


7th January

Seen the film have you?

You know, the three hours long conclusion to the Lord of The Rings Trilogy "Return of The King"?

Well, whether you have or not, JBP has penned a piece from an Orcs point of view. Are they really all bad or have the books and films misrepresented them?
You decide!

Apart from that, there's nothing new.
Still, that's not bad for starters is it?

See you soon.


4th January 2004

It's 2004.

Who'd have thought it eh?

Back in 1974 it was 30 years in the future...
In 1964 it was 40 years in the future...
and now it's NOW!

Makes you think doesn't it?


Oh well, I can't help if you have no imagination can I?
Just remember to write 2004 on all your documents from now on.

It's a leap-year by the way.


27th December 2003

We survived Christmas!

I've even written a new page 94!

I've got loads of socks and a new jumper, I'm wearing it now. Do you think it suits me?


Oh well, I'd better keep it on until aunty Irene's seen me in it.

Bit hot though...


Christmas Eve

Ho Ho Ho!


Well it's Christmas isn't it? 'Tis the season to be jolly, so jolly it is then....

Ho ho ho...

We have an exclusive Queen's speech preview for you.

Merry festivities from the whole bunch here on planet Winamop!


18th December

It's just one endless round of nosh-ups, booze-ups and c*ck-ups at the moment!
That's Christmas I suppose?
I just mention this, not to illicit any sympathy for my beleaguered constitution, but to explain why there isn't as much new stuff on here as I would have liked.

There is a review of Joe Strummer's posthumous album on the music page, but that's it.

It'll have to suffice, I'm off out to another festive event now.. save me some bicarbonate of soda for later!



10th December

It's not 8 days since my last entry is it? Doesn't time fly when.. err.. when ummm, well, I must have been doing something I suppose?

I received a nice e-mail from Laura Hird last week but as it was buried under a massive pile of spam I didn't unearth it until today.
Anyway, Laura has this site which carries links to all manner of material, including literary sites, and she has listed Winamop amongst these.
Her reward will undoubtedly come in heaven.

Back here a little lower down, there's a new Page94 and that news just keeps on coming in... I'm a bit worried about the veracity of some of it though!

Ah well, back to the Christmas shopping. Now what can I get for aunty Edith?


2nd December

Christmas is coming, the goose is looking worried....

Well, we're in advent now so it's downhill all the way to Christmas and have we got a bumper Christmas edition in store for you?



But we do have one of those "frightfully amusing" chaps who tie knots in balloons in order to make effigies of poodles or whatever. If anyone's got any idea of how to get rid of the tedious twit would they please assist.

It's the squeaking I can't stand....

There's a new News item or two by the way.


19th November

This is your editor speaking.
Welcome to planet Winamop, where all is fine and dandy.

There is a new playstory by John Atkins, OCR'd with "Finereader" which seemed to work fairly well and the news is being updated every couple of days.
Our pub-quiz team is doing pretty badly though.
Send more encyclopedias!

Do you know where Fray Bentos is?


16th November

Rain and gales here yesterday. My dustbins have blown over!

Still haven't scanned-in J.A's playlet thingy. I'll get round to it tomorrow, I have some new OCR software to try out, free on the cover of a magazine, must be top quality!

Hold your hats on...


10th November

Just returned from Newcastle where we saw a new play by Sean O'Brien at Theatre Live.
Keepers Of The Flame sees the pigeons come home to roost for a poet whose work gave succour to the right wing in the second world war.
Even as an octogenarian the repercussions continue and we were left with the rather bleak impression that if you get in with a bad lot as a young man it's exceedingly difficult to get out!
Watch out for miltitary-looking men in black shirts...

See it if your bottom can take 3hrs on a thinly-upholstered seat.


6th November

New page 94, and we're live at the MTV Music Awards in Edinburgh....
Actually I'm just watching it on TV.

What a cheap-skate.


4th November

I've got a cold.


Large pack of stuff arrived today from John Atkins.
One item he describes as a playstory, he has written it specially for Winamop.
The other is a play about oysters(!) we may record that as a "radio play" for future use.

Good Man.

I will get the playstory scanned in (he types all his stuff) and up on the site as soon as I can.



1st November 2003

Only one set of "trick and treaters" turned up at Winamop Towers last night. They were happy enough to depart with just chocolate bars too. At least I think they were happy, it was hard to tell through the green masks, they didn't throw eggs or anything.
This Halloween thing never used to be much of an event in England. Scotland took it a little more seriously, but now it has gone big-time. Corporate interests dictate that we must celebrate every festival by buying something. What suckers we are...

Fancy me giving away good chocolate!

Deary me.

News has been updated by the way.


27th October 2003

Just returned from sunny Devon where we enjoyed good weather/company/beer/food. Oh, those autumn colours!

Wayne H. W Wolfson has come up trumps again with two little stories, Drugs and Symphony and Every Pretty Word.
Read them and wonder (and don't forget Wayne's CD).

I have to do some work for the next few months (!) so updates may become less frequent but I will endeavour to have something new for you every week.

It's a hard life isn't it?


23rd October 2003

Some news items added.

Someone's nicked my idea for stickers you could stick over the health warnings on fag packets saying things like "Smoking is great!". I saw them as I was browsing through the "Boys Stuff" catalogue that came through the door this morning.
Aah well, I'll just have to think up another get rich scheme...

I see we have a few regular readers, judging by the webstats (which are slowly improving) so lets have some stories, poems, jokes etc from you eh?
You can do it. Write something!

Go on.


14th October 2003

JBP has sent a poem. He's feeling miserable because he has a cold, ahh bless!

Not much else to report, except that the world is absolutely whizzing round; I'm doing 1000mph standing still!
Perhaps I should change my medication?

Don't worry, I'll be fine...


9th October 2003

It's National poetry day evidently, so I'd better write a poem... err.. let me see. (sucks end of pencil and stares up at the ceiling).. hmmmm

There was a young lady from Brest... no that won't do.
Something more topical. Yes! Got it.

It's national poetry day
and poetry must be done
I really have nothing to say
I'm writing it just for fun

But isn't it irresponsible
to bring a new poem to life
when its meaning is undefinable
and its existence all to brief?


Well that wasn't very good was it?
Never mind. I did my best, which as usual, wasn't good enough!

I've added some news today and another music review to the Music page because I was listening to Dido's album and it annoyed me.

Back to AC/DC for me then.



8th October 2003

A whole week since I last put fingers to keys on this page? Shocking lack of dedication!
I have been updating the News page regularly though, so don't be too hard on me.

Finally got round to writing a new Page 94, couldn't resist a pop at Arnie. I know he's very strong and rich but he is a long way away from here and he's probably very busy at the moment.

Also way overdue was the review of Wolfson and grenadier's album The Last Martini. That's done now too!

We now have the stats up and running so I can see how many people pass though the site, all displayed in a variety of pretty coloured histograms. Thanks Supanames!
However colourful the charts there are still too few of you out there.. So let's have some publicity!
I considered running round various televised events dressed only in a Winamop thong but rejected the idea as the weather's turning cold and I didn't fancy the trip there on the bus.
I think the best idea is just for you to tell all your friends. They'll tell all their friends and... oh hang on, won't their friends be the same people that you just told?



1st October 2003

Wayne Wolfson has sent in a review copy of "The Last Martini", his album collaboration with Grenadier.
It's well worth a listen, we shall be reviewing it shortly.
The banner ad on the home page will take you to Wayne's site where you can buy the album.

News has been updated.

We have painted the front door!


September 28th 2003

If you're reading this our new server must be working. It seems much faster to me, I hope it's OK for you.

Updates have been made to News and Alt pages today.


September 22nd 2003

I read a lovely story of bureaucracy versus a dead goldfish today, I wrote it up for the News Page.
Having written our piece it occurred to me that nobody would believe it!
I have therefore added a classification to each news item such as "T" for "True" or "L" for "Lies".
I will augment it as necessary with "ST" for "should be true" or "UB" for "Utter B***" etc.

If only tabloid newspapers would do that!


September 19th 2003

The Doktor has been in contact again, twice in 3 days!
He has sent a revised version of his "Medical Notes" piece which now runs to 20,000 words.
This includes his second visit to the operating table and the replacement of all the iron-work in his back.
A challenging read but the humour peeps out and surprises you just as you're feeling depressed.

We are upgrading the site. This means we'll be able to carry audio content soon. Whether that turns out to be a good thing or not remains to be seen!

Until the next time...


September 17th 2003

A package came through the door today.. a CDR with some of the Doktor's photographs on it. I've made small versions and put them on a page for your perusal.
He does prints mounted in frames if anyone wants one. Contact us (mail link at the bottom of the page).

Wayne Wolfson informs me that his CD will be out soon (Wolfson and Grenadier), full details when we have them.

I spent the morning trying to clean stickiness out of a laptop keyboard, not mine thank goodness.
Basically, you can't!
If you're daft enough to get stickiness into your keyboard your stuck....
It's going to cost £100 for a new keyboard!

Ooh err...


September 14th 2003

Why's everywhere so crowded?

I went to the city: It was full of people.
I went to the country: The roads were full of cars.

Must be the good weather making the British forsake their TVs for the outdoor life. In fact I can smell a barbecue being lit somewhere close by at this very moment!

Perhaps we really are becoming European and it was only the weather that was holding us back?

Must go. I'm off to sit outside in my vest with a hanky on my head!


September 11th 2003

More Shakespeare!

Check out JH's essay on Comedy of Errors, it's MA level evidently....

Hello Jim! (Just thought I'd surprise our reader)

Bye for now.


September 7th 2003

We've been busy! (again)

There's a new page 94 from Weevil and an exciting consumer piece on the new 118 services. We'll be getting a spot on daytime TV soon at this rate!

Trying to keep the news items flowing too.


September 4th 2003

September already? Foo, be Christmas soon, where does the year go eh?

There's a couple of new news items... I promise I'll keep it more up-to-date in future.



August 29th 2003

Well we're back at base, sore footed and all "festivalled-out". Once again it didn't rain so we were able to hang around outside various bars and cafes and take in the atmosphere (and beer).

We saw several pretty good shows and a couple of so-so ones, situation normal there I suppose. The organisers reckon it was the biggest attendance yet, everywhere certainly seemed packed, so I guess the bars, cafes and venues will all be happy with their summer. I'll be pleased to get back to paying £1.55 a pint for my beer!

Not much, in fact nothing to report on the website front. I'll get my nose to the grindstone next week honest...


August 20th 2003

Hello from Scotland!

New page 94 added today. Hooray!

Yes, culture-vultures that we are, Winamop visits the Edinburgh festival in force.
Unfortunately, due to a small navigational error, we find ourselves in the Orkney Islands. As soon as we've re-orientated the Harry Moss motoring compass and returned South, we'll start hanging around in the Pleasance courtyard drinking beer... no, sorry, I mean we'll assess the cultural merits of fringe theatre, etc. etc.

By the way; having spell checked the above paragraph, I find that we are bound for the Dingleberry festival and that we are currently on the Rodney Islands.
Sounds marvellous!

To John O'Groats and beyond!


August 8th 2003

Fifty-four footnotes!?

I mean... why?

Do you have any idea how tedious it is making up 54 little gif files and adding 54 popup text boxes to a page of text?
Well I can tell you it's pretty damn tedious that's what it is.... oh yes indeed!

All this can be experienced in our new contributor JH's first essay for us.
It's part of our new Shakespeare section which has quite a bit of meat in it now, five essays with more to come.

I feel almost worthy.



August 2nd 2003

Shakespeare is here!

Our team has risen to the challenge (or at least two of them have) and penned their Shakespearean essays. You can read them from here.

All this is excellent news of course, raising our profile as one of the web's more intelligent written-word sites, but it's taken me ages to add all the "Shakspere" buttons to the pages!

Weevil would no doubt tell me (too late) that I should've used a modified cascading style sheet or somesuch gobbledygook.

I used Shakespeare's own spelling of his name .a. because that's his name but mostly .b. because it's not so long!

I have also wasted a sunny morning creating a few more "printer friendly" pages. I think most of them are done now.
Let me know if you find anything wrong won't you?


July 30th 2003

At last some time to devote to dear old Winamop!

There's a new page 94 and some news items. It's not much but every little helps, and it gets us to 50 unique pages (not counting the printer friendly versions).

My thanks to e-mail contributor "Amptech" who sent a missive titled "wow".
It read thus:

If only all my e-mails were as succinct!

More would be nice, I'm a bit bored with on-line casinos wanting me to add them to the links page...

Send me your thoughts, your dreams, your innermost desires... err. No scratch that last one. I forgot I was on the Internet! Goodness knows what that may bring in?



July 18th 2003

Nothing much to report. The weather has been so hot and sunny that rather a lot of time has had to be spent sitting in the garden.
It was awful not to be attending to this website but I managed somehow.

The occasional link request comes in, latest was from someone selling blinds and shutters in the US, not actually offensive so I put it on the links page.
Cross-linking helps get the web-site up the pecking-order on the search engines.


That's all really.

Oh! - I did add a ditty and the odd news item but it's hardly very exciting.


July 14th 2003

I have just returned to Winamop central from an all-day drinking binge and I think I need a lie down...
There's a new Page94 if you're desperate for entertainment but nothing much else has changed.

I had a nice mail from Wayne Wolfson last week who has received his mop. He gave me this link so that I could listen to his new single, made in collaboration with Boston based producer/composer Grenadier.
This is a taster for the album "The Last Martini" which will be released soon.
It is a dark and moody track which takes quite a few listens but is somehow hypnotic.
I asked him whether there was more "light and shade" on the album and he replied "The whole CD is dark, I don't do light and cheery."
If it takes your fancy we'll keep you posted as to how you can purchase the album on its release.

Keep smiling!


July 5th 2003.

JBP thinks we should have a Shakespeare section and has already sent in his article.
We do have some of the country's leading Shakespeare scholars on our books so it isn't impossible. What is rather difficult is actually persuading them to write something!
I will pursue them with threats and bribes. No, hang on a minute... bribes would cost me money, I'll stick to threats.



July 2nd 2003.

A small package arrived today from John Atkins.

He has sent some "Twiglets", a hitherto unknown poetic form which appears to consist of an inordinately long title-cum-introduction followed by an inordinately short poem.

They have been duly placed on the site and are there for all to wonder at.

The Doktor is still in hospital recovering from a couple of long operations to insert yet more iron-work to support his damaged spine. We went to see him, he stood up, we were impressed.
I hope he will write a further chapter of his medical notes whilst incarcerated.

It has started to rain.


June 22nd 2003.

A little house-keeping to the site today. I added an advert to the alt. page and tarted up the about us page with some mops...

Talking of mops, which we often seem to be around here, I have sent Wayne his mop so we'll see what the U.S. customs make of that!

I spent the day being a tourist in London yesterday, most enjoyable. I paid a visit to the Tate Modern via the no-longer-wobbly bridge and actually liked some of the stuff in there!
One artist who's name I haven't forgotten is Cy Twombley, who could forget a name like that?

Sometimes it's hard to tell art from joke... One exhibit was the image of a light switch, projected actual size, at point-blank range on the wall, hence it was a very light switch! (geddit?)

I was still able to harrumph at the piles of bricks and canvases with no discernible images or patterns on them though. A day well spent.

I'll become a "culture vulture" yet.


As of June19th 2003.

Two days of no Internet connection! I had to "get a life" instead... shocking.
Our tame Weevil has now sorted it and I'm back on line. Bye-bye life!

Top news is that we have received two short stories from Wayne Wolfson which are very good, I recommend that you read them. They link from the "Prose" page and, now that we have a reasonable number of entries, I have rearranged the titles alphabetically.

I have also added "printer-friendly" versions of almost everything. What a hero I am.

I spoke to John Atkins on the 'phone, he had received his mop. He may send some short poems.

Winamop is now listed on Webcrawler and, joy of joys, today it appeared on Google!

I'm happy now.



As of June 13th 2003.

Oh joy!
Searching for Winamop on Lycos and yields a link to the site and the link via Linkpartners has been picked up on the BBC search engine.
A month and a half since we set off on this folly and we're listed at last, no thanks to "" who appear to have achieved absolutely nothing.

Bitter? Me? Not at all, I like wasting money!


As of June 11th 2003.

I finally succumbed and paid a search engine to list us... (sob!). Listing should appear on Lycos group engines in the next day or so. If that's how you found this, it was worth it!

I received the disk of short-stories from JBP yesterday and have managed to recover the files with the help of Scandisk....

There are four new stories to read now and, best of all, "Ode to Tea" has arrived and is on the Ditties page.

On the last few stories I have added a "Printer-Friendly" version which I will carry on with and also update some of the old pages with PF versions.

I'm off for a pint now!


As of June 7th 2003.

Just found a copy of a silly poem written on a piece of cardboard, so I've put up a silly ditties page to put it in. More soon!

I also typed out John Atkins' "History of Obscenity" which is another of his songs but reads OK and is pretty funny if you remember the Chatterley case. I suppose it has resonances today with some weirdos trying to ban Harry Potter for daring to mention magic..... Plonkers!

Some stories are "in the post" so I'll be putting them up soon, when I've figured out how to convert them from Brother word-processor format!

Life's just a series of challenges isn't it?

Good Morning.


As of June 5th 2003.

I have a feeling the search engines will find us soon, we're standing by for an onslaught!

I have added my story "The Walk" (therefore proving I'm desperate!) and made a couple of small changes to the index page.
Trial visitors still seem to have trouble with navigation, only looking to the top buttons after clicking around randomly a few times. I suppose we're stuck with the Winamp layout until the joke wears off!



As of June 3rd 2003.

Nice weather we've been having isn't it? I don't like it too hot though, oh no, brings me out in a rash. I couldn't live in one of those hot countries could you? Now they tell is it gives you skin-cancer standing in the sun too!
Oh good it's started to rain again.
Bloomin' weather!

Sorry, don't know what came over me.

You OK are you?


Still no joy on the search front. Even the Hippo doesn't work....

Short stories are on their way, and the famous paean to tea will be with us soon.

Y'all come back soon huh?


As of May 28th 2003.

I think we need more short stories.

Yes I do!

The Internet has many sites full of humorous writing of various types (mostly American) but not too much in the way of good stories. A couple of our regulars may be persuaded to contribute. Watch this space.

I registered the site with "Search Hippo" yesterday. Let's see if that helps to spread the word.

Meanwhile there's a new Page 94 to keep you amused.



As of May 24th 2003.

Still not listed on any search engines, except via another of our sites... thanks a lot "" a most effective service! (irony)

We are based in Birmingham UK, a city which has re-invented itself over the past few years and is bidding for City of Culture 2008. It probably won't get it but I should point out that it has at least 5 theatres in the city centre, the best reference library outside London, Symphony Hall, the ballet and a museum complex which tries but is hampered by hopeless management.

I found these web-sites championing Birmingham's cause, I'm not sure that they'll help much! "Birmingham, It's not shit!" and here's a lovely song about Brum.


As of May 21st 2003.

Missed a week, the novelty has worn off...

Well, I do have an excuse. I was out of the country.
Jet-setter that I am, I have just returned from the U S of A where I ate good food and drank bad beer.
Most enjoyable!

Back to matters Winamop.

I returned to find a package from John Atkins on the mat.
It contained extracts from his sketch show "On The Very Edge" which never saw the light of spot, but made me chuckle.
I have included a couple of items so far, one, a song, is in poetry and the other, a sketch, is in fun.

A lot of the other material would be better performed.
We have the talent(!), we have the technology, but do we have the time to do it?
Should we do it?
The site is supposed to concentrate on the written-word but on the other hand there isn't much British comedy audio out there.

Other news from the team.

The Doktor is back in hospital (see medical notes) because he has a screw loose... in his back.
It's going to be a while before it's mended because the consultant has gone on holiday and, having heard the news today, he'll probably be on strike when he comes back!

"Bummer". As they say over there.


As of May 11th 2003.

Missed a day, the novelty must be wearing off at last.

Still not listed on any search engines... I very much doubt if anyone is reading this!

I could say anything I liked.......

If only I could think of something.


As of May 9th 2003.

Bought some more mops, the man in Bargain Ave was delighted.

I have updated the Welcome page to include links. It was a waste of space before anyway!

I've been having a look at the competition, courtesy of the article in the Guardian Online. It was helpful in finding the URLs for the links page.
Only one site seemed to carry links so I contacted them, they seem to be hooked up with "" so we'll see what happens.

Received some Clerihews from JBP and put them on the site. He is going to get John Atkins (an old friend who is a novelist and essayist) to contribute to the site.

I wrote a story, it wasn't very good. I'll only put it on the site if I get desperate!

Good night.


As of May 8th 2003.

Received a new story from Jim Bumgarner today, thanks Jim, our first submission since launch.
Jim's story has a couple of rude words and some minor sexual content so he gave it an "R" rating. I don't think we have "R" ratings in the UK but basically it's a PG.
I investigated the Internet Content Rating Association's guidelines and got a rating for Jim's story and The Doktor's medical tale. I haven't bothered rating the rest of the site as clean and wholesome, so I'm free to say "bum" at any time!
According to the ICRA site, "bare buttocks" rate pretty high on the offence scale... that's 60% of British humour banned then!

As my html software crashed for the 5th time the other day I though I'd better get an update. I looked for Softquad on the net and found that they'd been taken over by Corel.
It's usually bad news for users of old software when a new company takes over, and sure-enough the patch for HoTMetaL Pro 5 had disappeared from the net. In fact they have discontinued the product completely. Thanks Corel!
Fortunately Dabs had a copy of HMPro6 in their bargain bin so I'm now updated beyond my wildest dreams (my dreams haven't been very wild recently).

In The Guardian today the Online supplement had an article on writing on the Internet. It mentioned a number of sites but not Winamop. Hardly surprising since we aren't listed on any search engines yet, but I will investigate them and add links somewhere on the site. Then maybe I can persuade them to link back to us? Worth a try eh?



As of May 7th 2003.

This isn't really meant to be a daily diary you know!

I have got other things to do.


(Nothing happened today).


As of May 6th 2003.

So far we have received 2 e-mails. One from Ian of the purple elephants who makes indecent suggestions to Miss Winamop and one from BBCi pointing out three (yes three!) spelling mistakes on the front page.
I have since found several more in other pieces I have written. I am a buffoon.

As yet we have failed to get onto any search engines. Things can only get better.

Mops have been sent out to the launch contributors, numbers 2 to 5. I have number 1 here!

Having told a few people about the site and watched them try to use it, I noticed that it seemed to take some of them ages to get to the content. In order to help I have made a few more things "clickable" on the front page.
I have also corrected some weird html errors that had crept in and added the "Being Here" poetry page.

Must buy more Mops... It's not all glamour this editing business is it?

Pass me that bottle.


As of May 5th 2003.

This will be the page where news of the development of the site is posted. So far we've only just launched the thing so the news is; "It's launch time!"

No. I said "Launch time", you can't have a sandwich yet....

We have 32 pages at launch, not bad really, and there's plenty more to add when I get round to it.

We have no sponsorship, it's all done for the love of it, but we might get some T-shirts made soon. That would be exciting wouldn't it?.

Feel free to tell us what you think. The mail link, as always, is at bottom right. [later note: No it isn't, it's on the Home Page at the bottom centre!]

Until next time.





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