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Wayne H.W Wolfson.


I see

So often if one travels there is eventually during the journey the site of tourists holding some kind of camera/camcorder device, making movies of all that they see.
For several reasons It is faulty logic though to try to capture the temporary surroundings in this manner.. Usually by filming, the camera operator has now put a sort of barrier between themselves and their surroundings. The experience is diluted. Also let's be honest very few are a Bergman or Godard, a friend's shakey cam capturing the queue by the Eiffel Tower is not worth preserving for posterity. Technologies quickly change now too so all the footage of vacations being shot often need to be transferred to a new format which rarely happens. The most basic reason why the movies do not work though is people have short attention spans. To have a half hour footage of walking through some market place in a far off land, even if the friends you are showing it too keep their eyes straight ahead staring at the screen, the mind wanders, the essence of the place is lost on them.
Although seemingly it is not as immersive lacking motion and sound, a photograph is always more effective, the viewer looks, they see. For myself I have gone one step further, I draw and paint. I have gotten the compactness of what I need to create down to a science. Not only do I not have to worry about someone's eyes or mind wandering during a key scene, but as I am creating points of interest it shows more intimately what I am looking at and contemplating. I benefit too as it offers a catalyst for contemplating, what am I drawing/painting, why and how does it interact with everything else around us.

BathrobeI by Wayne H.W Wolfson


Watercolor & Paper.

Our everyday lives usually are not packed with drama but there is an emotional resonance given off be even the most mundane of things even if only a comfortable familiarity.


Blue as in you 2 by Wayne H.W Wolfson

Blue As In You 2

Wash Pencil & Paper

I just discovered Wash Pencils in December. I quickly took to the medium and treasure how I can get painterly looking drawings no matter where I am using paper, pencil and a brush which i dip into a bottle cap of water if I am at a cafe.


The Artist by Wayne H.W Wolfson

The Artist.

Ink Brush Pen & Paper


Dawn by Wayne H.W Wolfson


Ink Brush Pen & Paper

I picked up the ink brush pen the first time 2 weeks ago. I enjoy how it adds a graphic quality to pieces and as i now feel uneasy going out without something to mark up a sketch pad in my pocket, it is perfect for when I can not decide what to bring, being the sort of hybrid between drawing and painting.


Something Beautiful; Chausson by Wayne H.W Wolfson

Something Beautiful; Chausson

I have an ongoing series "Something Beautiful.." which is mainly flowers/trees which catch my interest. With all my work, in person the pieces have more depth but I do not want to tweak the colors digitally. I use a basic pocket camera put the work on the table and snap away. My photos of my work are meant to give the viewer the gist of it.


Happy Anniversary 'Mop!!!

W.Wolfson 2013

a line (small in size)


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a line (small in size)


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