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by Blanca Alicia Garza





Autumn Skin


My beautiful lady with Autumn skin,

do not be ashamed

of the marks that time left upon you.

Look into the mirror.

You're still beautiful...

You're still fire...

burning with intense desire.

Your body once was Spring,

then Summer, now it's Fall.

But there's still passion

in your soul and body.

Your skin still gets

goosebumps when touched.

Look into the mirror once more,

you're beautiful...

you're fire... you're desire.

My beautiful lady with Autumn Skin.


(Initially published in The Birdsong Anthology)




a line, (a short blue one)


Golden Moonbeam


Like leaves in Autumn

tears fall from my eyes

your name written gently

upon every one.

Missing you my heart

shall forever cry

until my final breath

has come and gone.

Four Autumns have passed

since you're gone away

to that wondrous world

of cherished dreams.

I'll see you once more

at the end of my days

and meet you there

a flash on a golden moonbeam.


(Initially published on Whispers)




a line, (a short blue one)




Lonely and sitting by

my window on a

cold Winter's night,

a cup of coffee in my hand,

a pen ready to spill

my soul in the other.

Thoughts come and go

like waves while bittersweet

tears wetting my notebook,

craving your presence

saddens my heart.

Pieces of paper

scattered on the floor,

the Moon shyly peeks

trying to comfort me,

I yelled to her in hopes

that you can hear

the echo of my voice,

so many times I tried

to reach out for your

hand to dry my tears,

to feel your tender touch,

I tried to ease my

pain with a smile,

because I knew that you

were on the other side

feeling the same.




a line, (a short blue one)


Soul Serenade


Bare my soul but not my skin;

touch my heart, but not my body.

Talk to me in the most sweet and

beautiful way, run your fingers

through my skin and write me a

love poem. But never shall you

feel the music and wonders of

my body until you finally learn

the song of my soul. I will touch

your body like a fine guitar,

leaving heart prints all over you.

My soft and delicate caress will

serenade your heart and I'll find

the path to your soul and make

you forever mine through eternity.


(Initially published on Whispers)




a line, (a short blue one)


A Cold Shiny Stone


Flashbacks of my life

come to my restless mind

with every step that

I take towards the door.


My eyes clouded by

tears did not allow me

to see clearly, but

I will not shed anymore

I will not take a step back.


Maybe someday you'll

understand that you

can't heal a wound with

a cold shiny stone,

nor with the most

beautiful flowers or

the sweetest words.


Or perhaps you do not

realize that I've gone

until you notice that a

decorative object is now

missing from your home,

as that was me to you.


Although I'm leaving pieces

of my shattered heart

in every step I take

towards the door

I will not shed anymore

I will not take a step back.


(Initially published on Raven Cage Ezine)



a line, (a blue one)


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