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Just plain ordinary Jesus
by EG Ted Davis




You have PhD behind your name,

you title yourself a doctor.

You might impress the non-believing humans.

You might even impress the political hierarchy.

But are you impressing the God

of whom you speak of,

as you smile, mouth filled

with aesthetic gold fillings.

You see, Jesus was a doctor too,

without the Dr. designator

in front of his name.

He was actually recorded

as healing others - have you.

But nowhere is his name as historically

recorded by the scribes-is he

called Dr. Jesus Christ -

so is it for prideful swell

that you designate yourself as such.



or in reality is your face just

another on the latest HD device,

venomous as a serpent,

and thirsty as

as a famished leech

for the American Dollar Bill.




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