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Five New Poems
by Gary Beck



Social Adaptation


In the 1950's

when a girl dumped a boy

he listened to sad songs,

forgot her by and by.


In the 1960's

when a girl dumped a boy

he smoked pot,

protested the war.


In the 1970's and '80's

when a girl dumped a boy

he got drunk,

demanded his ring.


In the 1990's

when a girl dumped a boy

he stalked her,

sometimes attacked her.


If the trend continues

of violent resentment

when a girl dumps a boy….



a line, (a short blue one)


Unregulated Emissions


The Information Age
will soon be replaced
by the Explanation Age,
conducted by the media
bringing in diverse experts
who explain everything
to a vulnerable public
desperate to understand
what's happening to us,
economic collapse,
natural disasters,
man-made disasters,
that continue to get worse,
despite our being told
by well-fed politicians
things will get better.



a line, (a short blue one)




Leisure time was once the goal
of middle-class America,
vacations of sun and fun,
adult recreation,
parties at the club, tennis,
while their children of neglect
discovered alcohol,
marijuana, teen sex,
anti-social attitudes.
Parents didn't bother
with behavior instruction,
so children of neglect
were held responsible
for what they did wrong,
with no mitigation
despite having to learn
how to do things on their own.



a line, (a short blue one)




Prosperous America
at least for the select,
is a complex state
with a vast variety
of endless problems,
and we are fortunate
to have dedicated people,
despite disloyal opposition,
who give their best
to resolve difficulties,
regardless of importance,
to improve conditions
for those of us unable
to advocate for ourselves.



a line, (a short blue one)




A man passed me on the street
on a cold winter day
wearing a stained Met's jacket,
torn army cami pants,
an expression of despair,
a forgotten veteran
consigned to homelessness
after serving in a foreign land,
then returning to a foreign land
where he was no longer needed,
cast out by those he protected.


A woman passed me on the street
on a cold winter day
wearing a mink coat and hat,
exotic rhino-hide boots,
an expression of despair
since her pampered tea cup dog
didn't seem to appreciate
the doggie mink coat,
diamond earrings, pearl necklace
that she went through so much trouble
to get for her ungrateful pet.



a line, (a blue one)


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