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by Gary Hewitt


I was complaining about working five minutes over my shift two weeks ago. I clocked out to the voice of my supervisor telling me not to be late the next day. I wasn’t to be paid for my generous extra time.

I looked up into a kaleidoscope sky on the way home. I remember a bang like a thousand lightning bolts slapping the Earth with lazy fury.

I fell along with a few people around me. I didn’t know what the hell was going on. I helped a young boy of around fifteen. He was bleeding from his ears and kept calling for his father. I told him everything would be fine even though I didn’t have a clue. I guess this is what we do.

I looked out across the expanse of London and saw a huge plume of fire spiralling through the clouds and into the night. I saw several more small blood summer stars hurtle towards our planet. Then all hell broke loose.

Fire and brimstone rained on our world. I thought I was a goner. All around me the air was ablaze. I saw the most dreadful things. I turned to the south and kept walking away from the corpse temples.

I’m now starving. I hope I see someone soon. I hate being alone. I just pray I’m not the only one left..



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