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If you are here then you must be considering sending something in to Winamop?

Don't worry, we're not too proscriptive, if you think it's good enough to have your name on it then we'll probably go along with that. Everybody has to start somewhere and many contributors who started with us have gone on to much greater things.

Some things we won't publish:
Incitement to violence.
Very offensive language (I do mean very offensive, we aren't a children's site, but we usually add a little red R to the link if the language is strong).

Oh, and to all you poets out there, consider a rhyme or two...

You won't get paid (I wish I got paid!) but we make no claim on the copyright and you can ask us to remove anything of yours from the site if it should come under some other agreement in future. Otherwise everything we ever publish stays on the site as an archive.

To contribute, just e-mail the material to me, the editor, by using the e-mail button below. I can cope with most formats but it's better not to embed pictures into Word documents or PDFs because they're a fiddle to extract!




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