I thought it was me they wanted!
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Volume Three
by John D Robinson



I’m Popular With The Girls


Marline is hot and horny

and would like to fuck me

all night long,

Aimee says she’d suck me

to a frazzle,

Mary Jane is a bored and

lonely housewife and

wants to have fun with me,

Louise has some naked

selfies to offer,

Michaela will masturbate

for my pleasure,

Tina states that she is

looking for a threesome,

Alison enjoys being

handcuffed and wearing

thigh-length leather boots,

Rachel digs fucking in

public places,

Sophie is a slut and a

nymphomaniac ,

day after day these and

other women email me

and I never respond,

playing hard to get,

like countless other

recipients, I keep my

money and pecker in

my trousers.



a line, (a short blue one)


The Pimp


‘The violence escalated,

he was bringing back

dangerous people and

he’d watch as these low-

life-fucks hammer into

me with their pricks

and fists:

I had to get away from

this and the alcohol and

cocaine and abuse and

madness’ she said.

An attractive 37 year

old, with 3 estranged

children and a history

of self harm, domestic

violence and prostitution

stretching back for over

2 decades: her arms

were a mass of razor cuts

and cigarette burns and

her eyes were alive with

pain and wanting, with a

need to love, anyone,

anything and to get even

a hint of a love

returned would be enough

and it hasn’t happened,

not yet and maybe it

never will, like so many

before her.



a line, (a short blue one)


Enough Now


I’ve been fucked too

much already by

drugs and alcohol


religions and politics

and taxes, by teachers

and employers and

manufacturer’s of shitty

goods and solicitors:

I’ve been fucked all

along by rules and

laws and regulations

and love and

friendship and

constantly by the

opinions and thoughts

of everyday assholes:

I’ve been fucked

enough, time to stop

being fucked, it’s time


I started the fucking,

you better watch out

brothers and sisters.



a line, (a short blue one)


The Report


Police and paramedics

reported upon entering

the house that they

could not see the floor:

plates of rotting food,

soiled nappies, dirty

clothes, overflowing

ashtrays, broken toys,

discarded packaging

were trod upon as

they made their way

into the bedroom

which was in a similar


the night before,

19 year old Kylie had

partied until 3:30am

and decided to head to

her mother’s: she

climbed into bed next

to her ma and didn’t

awake until 2:30pm:

she dressed ready for

work and then noticed

her mother hadn’t stirred:

she was dead, Kylie had

slept beside the corpse of

her 36 year old speed

addicted heart-attack

mum: 2 young sisters

were upstairs in a

bedroom that was

filthy and they were

hungry and unkempt:

Kylie had been

raped at 13, had a

child at 16 that was

taken into care:

she sat amongst the

shit and chaos and

wept: the police and

paramedics did what

they had to do

treading across

carpets of desperation

and suicide.



a line, (a short blue one)


Working From Home


A fine summer afternoon and I

decided to work from home for

the afternoon, as did my wife

who was wandering around the

house wearing just a short

blouse and panties:

‘Aren’t you a lucky man?’ she

asked, standing with her back

to me, shaking her ass:

‘I sure am’ I said staring at

that ass, the sun streamed

through the windows, the skies

a brilliant blue, Sibelius

sounded from the radio as I

rolled a joint:

‘I sure am’ I said again

looking and smiling at her

ass, ‘I sure am’




a line, (a blue one)


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