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by Ken Allan Dronsfield




Corn Stalk Scarecrow


In a nightly show,

branches stand bare

upon a moon's glow

corn stalks bow.

A red fox sings loud

upon a coolish night

within a foggy shroud

in an early October.

Frost patiently awaits,

to kiss the green grasses

and leave a wisp of white

upon amber pumpkins.

Cute chipmunks play

and store winter food

Blue jays forage and stay

along walls of granite.

Corn stalks left behind

staring at the scarecrow

during the harvest time

Jack O'Lantern smiles.



a line, (a short blue one)


Times of Joy


Gentle be the love of thy mother's mother.
soft voice speaking of memories with clarity.
of kindly crafting knitted mittens each Fall
treasured by all, then in her Winter of days.


of holiday's past and family gatherings
Easter bonnets and September sonnets
while roasting chestnuts on a big bonfire
stories of times on the boardwalk in July.


Riding for ice cream in her old yellow Buick
grand cream interior and fat whitewall tires
glorious days now a memory in the haze
times of joy with my dear mother's mother.


(Initial Publication, The Pen Magazine)



a line, (a short blue one)


Raven's Gold


coffee pot perks to the morning beats
banging of trash cans along the lane
garbage truck rumbles down the road
flies spy the fresh donuts and smile.


blue jays spar in the old lilac bush
leaves of color float from the heights
Raven's flock in a golden unkindness
geese fly high heading to the south.


Maples are adorned with old pails and
making syrup for blueberry pancakes,
fresh apples rest in baskets on the porch
a last tomato ripens in a sunlit window.


tinkling of spoons in hot coffee mugs
kids laugh running to the school bus
pumpkin proudly sits upon my steps
the Raven's Gold is my favorite flavor.



a line, (a blue one)


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