winter draws on
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by Ken Allan Dronsfield




Sting of a Snowflake


The old barn moans and groans

as bones creak on this coolish day.

Stepping outside into fields of corn

cut and harvested, barren of view.

I watched the winds conspire with

shafts of wheat to tickle the sunset.

From a dark cloud floating above,

a lone snowflake floats down and

stings the tip of my cold red nose.

I'm feeling a tinge of sadness as

those summer dreams drift away.

Twilight time chases the day away

near the dead crab apple trees on

the old farm where I once roamed.



a line, (a short blue one)


Where Tall Trees Dance; A Sonnet


Afternoon's here in the valley of wood

where the tall trees dance; as long walks covet

ambiance of romance and gentle calm.

silence, serene, the only sound being

light snow falling; like twinkling glimmers of

diamonds tapping branches on the way down.

snow covered and my candle is alight

on the window sill near the warming fire.

The reddish orange glow and falling snow

elicit memory of marshmallows,

steamy mugs of delicious hot cocoa.

our boots, hats and scarves hang by the back door.

time to remember those grand youthful days

and the simple ways here; where tall trees dance.



a line, (a short blue one)


Au Revoir to Summer


Last nights dishes wait in the sink

hot water and soap to arrive soon

cat sits nervously pondering when

his dinner will finally fill the bowl.

Summer's sun has left for Florida

chain saws echo across the valley

pumpkin looks pitiful on the porch

wish I was more skilled at carving.

Standing in the back yard alone

watching the leaves gliding down

like paper airplanes here and there

some helicopter spin to the ground.

A sense of sadness is now borne.

colder days are well on the way.

Au revoir to Summer, Bonjour Fall.

whilst I've only written a bit all day.



a line, (a short blue one)




face, a wrinkled rustic tan

eyes, clouded faded blue

tattered, old yellow raincoat

stands, watching the sea

dog, spying hungry gulls

boat, needs loving care

ocean, claims yet another

clouds, billow and race away

waves, crest and roll to land

memories, fade upon twilight

inhales, now become shallow

voices, gently call him home

ascend, that great stairway

effortless, steps taken above;

beyond, the Moon's darkness

his spirit, in respite rises higher.



a line, (a short blue one)


A Stellar Ballet  (Villanelle Poetry Format)



Time's not sleeping but forever creeping

Breathe to live while the blood is steeping,

in shadow dreams lies incessant weeping.


Heart beats as a clock, a tick and the talk

love burns with a flame in an all night stalk

Time's not sleeping but forever creeping.


a moon rising high in this fleeting twilight.

in a teary haze, whilst affixing my sight

in shadow dreams lies incessant weeping.


Love kind and true, now absent and ablaze,

the full moon exhales within a lunar phase

Time's not sleeping but forever creeping.


unto a midnight waltz, as feelings decay

stars twinkle and whisper in a stellar ballet

in shadow dreams lies incessant weeping.


How starved your wicked ego has been,

to devour my heart with a treacherous grin.

Time's not sleeping but forever creeping

in shadow dreams lies incessant weeping.




a line, (a blue one)


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