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New poems by KJ Hannah Greenberg


Dear Tablet (A Requiem by a Seventh Grader)


Dear Tablet,

How many times,
Was your face scored,
With my leaky pen?

When you were lost,
What did I use,
For a margined friend?

You’re wise, you’re keen,
You’re full of facts.
(I told you all I know).

From proper nouns,
To artifacts,
From new to status quo,

From algebra to Japanese,
From literature to art,
'Til woe that tired, teary day,
I shredded you apart.

My laptop and my Blackberry
Can hold more than your space
Plus when I must rethink grand things,
They’re able to erase.


a line, (a blue one)


The Klal’s Redemption Requirement


Lod’s traffic recollects
Flying up to the holy city
But opting, instead, for a nap
In large private, apartment centers

Chastened by teachers
Snoozed and schmoozed, stopped, stared
Smiling, at friends,
Geshems' possible.

During kiddish,
Sipping long, slow memories with mezonot.
Of Hairnet-of-the-Month Clubs,
Velvet tussock grasses,
Mementoes of “failsafe” times.

Plus their communal wine-fueled fantasy of
Blossoming a fresh sukkah.
Where heaven promises
Donah’s free.

Teudat zahutiot sweeten
Skyward sightings.
Neshemot risk
Spiders and frequent lice.

Sacred promises’ small owners
Onetime toys and shattered
Expanses alternating daily
Until ruchnius is rearranged.

Filled up to walk home.
Without looking toward Shemyim.
Leaving only half bent bottle caps,
To nest among the succulents.


a line, (a blue one)


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