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New poems by KJ Hannah Greenberg.


Pleasant Wishes, Little Kisses


Pleasant wishes, little kisses, kittens, puppies, fish,

Tender whispers, vined Septembers, that hormonal itch.


Antiquated promises, posies soldiered straight in rows,

Bottles, powders, stale pizza pies, pairs of exposed toes.


Sailing past some bits of heart, flecking some near landscapes,

Skipping over leaks, longings, smarts, seeking cheap escapes.


Pairing’s long been oversold as an answer to nights’ woes

Fun, solace, other salves, need spring from separate prose.



a line, (a blue one)


Fortuitous Wanderings


Silent, lime-colored worms slither,

Scale silk meant to wake sulking monsters;

Webs shimmer when witnessing certain morbidity.


Dark days, rain clouds gather,

Push boys plus girls to huddling,

Fill university halls with rank puddles.


Some brides face away,

Ignore photographers’ prompts to pirouette,

Choose, instead, smileless, shadowed portraits.


Unpleasant gifts stay stacked,

Remain ribboned reminders of celebrations

Forced upon oboe players always missing high C.



a line, (a blue one)


Here, Pingo Sits: Intragalactic Placement of Sentiment


Here Pingo sits,

Not a second too more,

Cerebral gates, her realm to explore.


Their puzzle’s her riddle,

Those high mentations, her ride,

To cosmic impasses strung up tight inside.


Fresh cranium bubbles,

Completely absence of love,

Confound her reliance on results, thereof.


The quandary, titanic,

The equation’s bespoken insane,

Pointing, pondering just distorts what remains.


Thought krankens route freely,

Emotion’s monsters won’t synchronize,

Discordance, infighting, is what such beasts prize.


When old-fashioned hardships,

Astride dear, defined friable parts,

Freeze, they perplex thinkers of middling smarts.


a line, (a blue one)


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