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New poems by KJ Hannah Greenberg


So, I Appreciate Brakes


So, I appreciate brakes, which work. Always.

Also, enough toilet paper to get through the night.

Finding my spectacles, likewise, rates as “needed”

As does tea in the morning, plus seltzer for lunch.


A day empty of phone messaging, too, brings cheer.

Having sufficient hours of sleep, regular showers,

Hot food, comforts me, plunks my life in working order.

Equally, I’m glad when I can manage time at the gym.


“Worth” ain’t restricted to dollars, euros, yen.

Neither is quality’s texture measured by fashion.

More exactly, goodness’ properties most often arrive

Upon easing away from irritations, troubles, or woes.



a line, (a blue one)


Reluctant to Use Their Words


Modern heroes, plus their familiars, act reluctant

To use their words for redirecting public opinion spins,

Suffered in private circles, closets, and official caches.

‘seems low-context societies’ leaders communicate

Popular sentiment via broad, designer curricula.


Folks from morbid waitstaff, in regal dining halls,

To woodland byways’ tenants, toady no exposed

Parental underwear, charity, or pantuoms. They depend,

On perceived truth, lack of justice, also warrior vices.

High tech, agricultural, maybe military might, still reign.


Holiness, more than other recently received real estate

Beyond clipped lawns, luminescent paper cups,

Multiple cigarette butts, Grandpa’s sort-sleeved shirts,

Proffers better deep sales fish than do corporate jocks.

Box radios, test kitchen results, turgid voters count, too.


Past midlife, ranking surpasses media-sodden affrays.

Not always, but sometimes, favor supports losers,

Promotes marriage as business, portrays relationships

As never amounting to cocooning, cooing, calling,

Not for cultural intent, long spans, fame or profit.



a line, (a blue one)


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