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Regard Carefully by KJ Hannah Greenberg



Regard carefully this complex, not-yet-fully automated universe,

Which sets its spin among cosmic desiderata, space stations, love.

Cost-effectively filling, embracing, controlling, compensating

Rapacious others wanting no allowance, space, concession.

Imagine permitting nothing riven to fly, to swim, to walk, to be adjured

By couples’ voluble hankerings. Such “civilizing” quickly collapses.


Hence, regarding commonplace orbs of feelings, also crystalline tears,

These get fondled too frequently. In craving deep, recondite grottos,

Our private mise en scene crumbles. No clement judge jumps up,

Develops avengers for our shared cold, muted walls. Our bulwarks

Stifle heaven’s harmonies, even staccato, acciaccatura, semifusa.


Hence, where birdsong echoes, when fires’ animation casts

Shadows along the edges of ethereal luminescence, clouds hope,

Somber, effete mortals stoop, conquer nothing, maybe cry.

No more than external churning remains to mark like coruscations.

Glitter’s threshold is a short-lived cupidicity. We erred with prolix texts.


So, life passes. Birth washes death washes continuity. We disappear.

Unkempt children bend, break. Colts bolt to stallions and then

Horses get shot. Mimsy thoughts become the calumny of legend.

Most existence warrants no kindred asperity. Under twinkling stars,

Man, beast, machine, alike, fade sooner or later, pay back creators.


a line, (a blue one)


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