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New poem/flash by KJ Hannah Greenberg


Their Aquarium Full of Millipedes


Her corazón kissed her wherever and whenever she desired. Compensating for a testicle crushed, while riding a mechanical bull, he gladly imparted frequent, public affections. Consequently, she was surprised when he demanded that she relinquish her share in ownership of their aquarium full of millipedes.



a line, (a blue one)


Forbs be Blessed


Snow melts into water, evaporates as air,

Condenses to white powder via true conservation.

Lacking her signet ring, she chimed “forbs be blessed.”

Each phase, equally consequential to firmaments,

Forests, wetlands, and, ultimately, streams plus seas,

Layered his meaning, made strata, accordingly.

Joined, they culled new conspiracies of leisure,

Participated as only pastoral people could.


Not focused on underbrush, disregarding rain,

They watched their skin glisten, puffed chilled air,

Inhaled hair perfumed by pine sap, ate acorn cakes,

Supped on bitter ground apples, fastened words

Under spider gossamer, such trenchant translucence.

Sometimes, quintessence doesn’t divest balance.

Else, deeply sewn valleys won’t fulfill sanctuaries' role,

But will repeatedly contrast light with shadowy places.


When flowerbeds tint with otherwise vanquished gloom,

Those tableaus, whose overt conceit equals pink-red dawns,

Promise twinned souls no perdition, no release, just cycles.

Continuing to identify nonnatives’ scion as “unofficial”

Makes random caliches, feeds giant green moths, reaches up

Toward skybound whangees, or legions of trading centers’ oozing

Converts, while dispersing romance’s greenness. Commercial

Communications’ perimeters remain ill-suited for love.



a line, (a blue one)


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