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Didn't Kill 'em: A Musical Confession
by KJ Hannah Greenberg



“Didn't kill 'em.”

“Oh girl.”

“He didn’t take the trash out, again.”

“Make you sweat.”

“He’s not reliable.”

“Here and now.”

“Marriage was supposed to make it better.”


“You listening to me?”

“Close to you.”

“And I’m pregnant!”

“Hold on!”

“Two months. Didn’t tell ‘em yet.”

“Vision of love.”

“You’re right. He’s okay. I’m not pregnant; we are.”

“Cradle of love.”

“That’s cooking. I think I’ll tell ‘em when he gets home from work.”

“Don’t know much.”

“You will, soon. Think Tony’s going to propose to you?”

“If wishes come true.”

“You deserve a good man.”

“Do you remember?”

“George? Ha! Dan, too. Tony’s beats them all.”

“Love takes time.”

“Say ‘yes’ when he asks.”

“Girl, you know it’s true.”

“Can I be in your wedding party?”

“What it takes.”

“I’m your best friend.”


“Okay, I’ll tell Ramon. I’ll forgive him the trash left in the can, but just one more time.”

“Price of love.”

“I really wanted to kill ‘em. Such thwarted tenderness. Such a waste of a good morning.”

“Here we are.”

“Credit’s yours. Ramon owes you.”

“The king of wishful thinking.”

“For sure, but we had fun making this baby.”

“Free fallin.’”

“Hush. You’re embarrassing.”

“The humpty dance.”

“That’s going too far.”

“Can’t stop.”

“I can. Should I leave now?”

“Just between you and me ….”


“Another day in paradise.”

“Stop! I love you, Sis, but some things are private.



“Two to make it right.”




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