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by KJ Hannah Greenberg






Finger waves, also glitter, sprinkled liberally

Among curls, colored locks, maybe extensions;

Women-wrapped morphsuits, all spandex shiny.

At present, metronomically entranced by Malabar,

Purslane, nettles, hops, grown past gramps’ lintels.


Given: suffered personal or social defects fallibilities,

Staying constrained to marrying within local tribes’ limits,

Anguishing through other forms of endogamy at work and prayer,

Pulled apart associations, small sunbird groups, maybe webmasters,

It’s no wonder large intercellular spaces function validating cohort life.


Hungry persons still ought to be clothed, cared for, fed,

Individuals accustomed to leading horses can’t comprehend

Donkeys, zebras, mustangs, others of imagination’s gnawings,

The rhetorical technique of making summaries, mentioning nothing,

Except children’s torment; federal lagniappes bring no faded rainbows.


Psychic pain, birth processes, women’s hysterical lemma,

Physical tribulations of menopause, no matter our compromises,

Make us argue, in cathemeral intervals, all matter of skeed, plus tosh.

Thus, it remains impossible to will away most loss under star-necklaced

Skies, understories of water, soaring skyscapers’ secret rooms, passages.


It’s smarter to magic bacteria than to hijack thoughts,

To mend stock funds, than to send gigapan photos, elsewise,

To smile at everything amidst seething difficulties while lunching

Slanting trilby hats. Consider that professing omitting pasquinades,

Usually rots, unless counterpoints grasp well fair, flickering cucurbitas.


Psychologists don’t employ hand-me-down efforts,

Respective to clients, sisters, earthworms, or traffic lights.

Glowing things, aloft beyond worldly phytotelmata-bound trees.

Ordinarily wage religious military campaigns via jumbled tweets,

Clicks, actions that make infants blub, broods of lapidaries, excepted.


Yongs, administered, at regular intervals, over prolonged periods,

Yield offsprings’ hearts. Had heaven not selected, then sharply coiled,

Made difficult probable versions colored with twitterpated images, perhaps

Young archons could have been brought to safe houses, even if fully exhausted.

Instead, radioactive satellites crashed, people died, neighborhood shelters got too full.




a line, (a short blue one)


"Toughie" Wackadoodles in the Woods


Eccentric, fanatical persons possess measured sanguinity,

Which often seems misplaced when they can’t survive

The wilds without clothing, food, water, shelter.


It’s not so much they lack élan as exhibit forgetfulness,

Fail to frank egos, get confused by bosh, perplex over

Handholds, reservoirs, maybe sources of nourishment.


Parents oughtn’t be blamed; there’re no prosecutorial acts

Informing offspring on perceptions of proprieties; naught

Helps contempt’s sisters deal with such mud innocents.




a line, (a short blue one)



Odd as Cows in Fur-Lined Trees


Deconstructing the global milieu gets odd

As cows seeking safety in fur-lined trees;

Bovine sleep standing, while we lounge

Somnolent on sofas, davenports, couches.


Political changes seem best when whisked, diced,

Then spiced up with media criticism. Alternatively,

A Common coquelicot of rhetoric might appease

Foreign appetites bent on ruling what’s not theirs.


Fortunately, it’s possible for current events

To disturb us sufficiently to make us remember,

We’re the needed ultimate bulwark against

Hatred and discrimination directed at Jews.


Womanizing linguistics, word salad, hallucinations,

Invasive social orders, intergenerational rebellion,

Colonial wars, disturbing instances of power plays;

Ain’t nothing vernal relative to international racism.




a line, (a blue one)


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