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July's collection
by KJ Hannah Greenberg






The flow of tears, at times, provides introductory instructions

On relationships otherwise distinguished by vicious hustles;

Water is capable of militating, of preventing further exudates.


Global folks can grasp the appallingness of knock-on effects

In government offices, as well corporate boardrooms, since

Denizens’ ideas matter, despite new, flourishing workarounds.


After all, when we babysit politicos, mind middle-aged soldiers,

Look after industrial tycoons, we’re helping ourselves improve

Results, are practicing measured, freed, personal authorizations.




a line, (a short blue one)


Foodstuffs of the Heart


Foodstuffs of the heart, camped at the shore of Kresta Bay, that Russian CIA base,

Exposed all manner of droit items, witnessed weighty, externally visible changes,

Including spiritual growth celebrations. In valuing religiousness over pyrrhic wins,

Soldiers, their guqins retired, fastened to no other zither music, no more irradiation.


Their linguistic bort, save for casual passels, whose infrequent merriment aimed to

Embrace peace, avoid foofaraws, likewise skirt the untying of worthy from awful

Relied, somewhat, on simultaneously discouraging modest carriages, plus Internet-

Sourced foci on the written word (some grunts realize statistics are stage-managed.)


From spun outlets to more distant ocean edges, elegiac noises, limited rights, travel

Narratives all yielded to vegetative density. Sea and land-dwelling creatures, in turn,

Froliced whereas glacial icefields remained unimpacted or where critters could dwell

Obstructed by “enablement” (selling one’s wares in tourist shops rots, lacks validity.)


Simply, supernal gifts, like microclimate warmer than Washington (a biome reliant

On verbal examples and explanations), illuminate new ideas while reifying old ones.

One by one, the benefits falling out of such “awareness raising” include: journeying

Backwoods, marketed masterpieces in brick and mortar stores, and sleeping soundly. 


Consider, the steering of intertextuality, the taming of grand structures into outsized

Designs normally brings gig economies to the brink (hubristic individuals are inclined

To underestimate intellectual property), fails to praise morality, offsets vital projects.

For now, falsehoods pull at resources. Tough tasks peris in lacking healthy responses.


Whether or not occluded compassion recuses us depends mostly on abject experiences.

Categories of effects, which catalyze likeminded individuals’ climacterics, test us less,

Leave behind few global, mythical beings or helpless victims; precision’s not wearying.

Dubious multitasking exhausts probity as justifications become society’s surplus plugs.




a line, (a short blue one)



Kowtowing to Social Fads: A Tragic Romance


If viewers saw gushing, they’d be dismayed,

Pay minimum for such designated meddling,

Insofar as the high-flying lady had forgotten

Mawkishness putrefies airwaves’ personages,

Plus regularly contributes cultural weirdness, 

Catches links to more verdant lives than hers.


Being sagacious, he weighed and measured

Disruptive antics, allowed schemes to swing,

Let fall hardly any truly subjective ambitions.

Rather, he directed microphones, computers,

Audio equipment for her exclusive pleasure,

While he overwrote code, paid editors extra.


After donning her chime-laced cap, snatched

From a previous release party, she mustered

Consolation from her Snapchat hangers-on.

The smart bells/whistles of his construction,

Anyway, intervened, only deactivated by his

Private channels, which she charily avoided.


In lieu of broadcasting wholly pure attributes,

Polysemic perspectives, sparkling cordierite,

Moonstones, parures, gold dust, refinement,

She revised termagant, sapphires, old civility

Up until her soporific management mangled

The couple’s soon-to-be-mediated romance.


He deliberated forever forgoing viable efforts,

Hiring some not-at-all-surreptitious detectives,

Dumping exploding crowds for hobo alliances.

Finally, while in self-enforced semi-isolation,

Bottles of stuff helped him to move his mind

Elsewhere, anywhere, another place from her.



a line, (a blue one)


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