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by KJ Hannah Greenberg






My heart’s shoji was convex, ever protuberant.

No simple testa bulged, swelled, extended its

Popped out cutis, else stayed prominent within.


Others mocked my bloated, tendered, overfull

Emotions, those projected, stuffed sentiments

Blossoming round, beyond ordinary capacity.


Seemingly, bulbous, bellying temperament is

Unorthodox. Globular affection’s not routine.

Circumnavigating common sense is irregular.




a line, (a short blue one)



This Grand, Grand Glorious Day


What a grand, grand glorious day!

This sweet, melodious passage through,

Time and space with you,

Oh, this grand, grand, glorious day!


What a grand, grand glorious way!

This mysterious, delirious reality,

Joy to you and me, our love’s capacity,

On this grand, grand glorious way!


What a grand, grand glorious stay!

This fortuitous, illustrious syncope

Just the two of us, with little fuss,

For this grand, grand glorious stay!




a line, (a short blue one)



Advocating Reform not Dialogue


Regularly, reformers are hypocrites, folks professing to declare

On behalf of lesser lights yet focused on sucking splits of power.

Such doubled repression does naught for persons complaining,

Legitimately, apropos basics like clean water, sanitation, food.


Composing chronicles of global subjectivity is a smoke and mirror

Show, is prestidigitation that excludes conversational elements of

Reality-maintenance. Interpersonal perceptions of dialog oughtn’t

Be universally applicable. Generalizations nurture unsuccessfully.


Rather, when attempting to produce rigor via systemic explorations,

Across sundry contexts, there remains the danger that classifications

Inherently, will prevail as more applicable to limited circumstances,

Nuances of detail will disappear when trying to create comparability.


Even given idealized testimony, experiences’ persuasiveness stems

From non-illuminating depictions of ethical accountability. Sundry

Discrepancies between ideals and realities carry on being disturbing

(It’s evil to perpetuate hidden transmissions on the role of citizens.)


Plus, it’s false that basic communication rouses social responsibility.

Contrariwise, such talks teach acquiescence, administer hierarchical

Patterns of obligation, prop up the shrouded activities of “superiors.”

Authenticity seldom gets illuminated whereas stratification endures.



a line, (a blue one)


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