a pileus is a close-fitting, brimless hat..
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by KJ Hannah Greenberg



Death Beneath a Pileus


Beneath mushroom’s shelter lay an injured almiqui.

Though its poison killed the cat, it stayed desultory.

Without full use of legs or claws, the minute brute

Would perish.


Small mammals know no ligatures, no embrocations.

They hunt seeds and bugs but grasp no fine ablations.

When injured, they waste away, nourish snakes else

Birds of prey.


Little rodents doomed to die elide all squeaks and calls.

Silently such critters quake, noiselessly they fall. Yet,

Toxic psilocybins masticated tempers agony. One bite

Eases expiry.




a line, (a short blue one)





Yielded orientations remain doctrine when regarded as worthless. Pitifully, when toffs Disdain denizens, they’re little better than ginks besot by skaus or blesmoles. Sneering,

As focused on directive, else simply self-serving scales, “merely” determines credence

By a count of relics, a rebate in banalities, titmice, chipmunks, hegehogs, other things

Worth vumming (punctuation and spelling get shunted before articulation and timbre.)

Alienating humans results in broken governments, relationships, and business practices.


Even the most beautiful braes don’t successfully stand the test of narcisstic publics. It’s Tantamount we regard those selfsame villains as culpable. Nolens volens, they’re nasty.

Such awareness as sprouts from natural inclination, personal interest, else trade usually Struggles with lingo, regularly averts academic agios from sufficing for absent experts. Thereupon, it’s unwieldy to jaunt over bourns and hillsides. Latterly, folks realized that Derisible persons, with fool’s gold brains, make poor neighbors, ought to be deprecated.




a line, (a short blue one)



Jiffy Bag Revenge


In some investigative situations, “the morality of meaning” gets diminished,

Becomes “communication’s ethics,” befits principled practices of interaction.

E.g., when accepting deliveries of large and padded envelop-sized packages,

It’s helpful to film all comers. Regularly, porch pirates artfully pinch goods.

Cameras help determine whether attitude or action is one’s leading response.


A neighbor pumped out her kitty litter into a handful of bubble-lined postal

Vessels. She’d lost a prized gilet and some comfy slippers to robbers whom

Deigned to pilfer from her front steps and mailbox. She operated exclusive

In her absoluteness. Let portico bandits be burdened by feline turds! Madly,

That female viewed frame after frame of videotape. Thereafter, she smiled.


A more exacting link between semantics and pragmatics eluded her, but she

Appeared satisfied with the caricature she recorded. An imbecile concerned

Only with fiduciarily rewarding choices had gotten his mitts polluted by the

Unserviceable leftovers, which some cherished moggies deposited in inches

Of clay pellets. That “proper” consequence revenged the lady, made her day.



a line, (a blue one)


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