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by KJ Hannah Greenberg




Mackerel and Chocolate Spread


Don’t eat mackerel and chocolate spread,

Before bed, even if pregnant, especially

If not.


Compounding weird foods results not only

In familial fleering, but also in psychedelic



It’s not that two-headed wildebeests are

Problematic as much as that losels claim

Real estate.


No one gets hanker sores from imagined

Paramours. Rather, it’s their cruses, heps

That prove hallucinatory.


Better to nibble at cookies, swallow tepid

Milk, take hot baths, than to fall to deliria

Sourced from fish and fats.




a line, (a short blue one)



Cogs and Spindles


plus fresh fasteners cause unfortunate torsion amongst sea babies.

Our pollutants oughtn’t to trap walruses, dolphins, otherwise fish.

What’s more, it remains inscrutable that such carelessness hastens

Death among seals, turtles, whales, jellyfish, seabirds, also octopi.


After all, canteens, utensils, straws, chow wrappers must be kept

On land, away from innocent scales, fins, flippers, protuberances.

Our toxic, plastic broth, strewn amid the oceans’ five gyres can’t

Be shared with faultless species, creatures bracing the ecosystem.


Marine demises should be natural, not synthetic, should be found

Under seaweed, upon sand, nearby crabs, not clad by fishing nets,

Discarded soda cans, beer bottles, human halbiments, hoved over

Death rolls, else asphyxiation, perhaps alimentary poisoning, fear.


Yet, whilst creatures of the deep require arbitrium, rely on bipeds’

Profundity, they’re doomed. Not merely species or entire habitats,

But, similarly, civilizations, continue tainted by status quo actions.

Today’s none too soon to rescue briny wildlife, to heal our waters.




a line, (a short blue one)



A Great Deal of Study


Meditation and self-discipline need to explicate,

To deepen understandings of domains stemming

From dominant deficits. Despite diverse reasons

For our dearth of security, most folks depend on



Encompassing such efforts requires diligent stabs

At rationale meant to elsewise elucidate scholarly

Behavior as operates behind outer or manipulable

Forces. Alternatively, banter fetches no personal



Consider, analytic gears cannot adequately apprise

Attention doled out to the masses. The elite protest

The quota of foci concerned with traits or situation,

Models springing from heads, serving as unnatural



However, per existing interactions, scarce folks fasten

On highlighting shortfalls of acknowledgments given

To any plebeians. Amongst most entitled, displeasure

Remains plentiful, likewise, satisfaction fuels distinct



Time, energy, plus growth constraints, indifference,

Disbelief, even censorship, retribution, and isolation

Underwrite aristocrats’ lack of emphasis on sharing

“Goodness.” Blue skies never meant centuries sans



After all, divisions among echelons instigate principal

Conceptualizations, maps that specify, likewise orient.

These tool could be accessed by working-class people.

Walls continue to exist, nonetheless, for supporters of




a line, (a blue one)


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