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by KJ Hannah Greenberg




Trailed by Dusty Snakes


Brown birds, trailed by dusty snakes, lit

Upon those prickly pads, source of food,

Shade, water, home to few, friend to all.


Lizards pranced, all the while avoiding

Those spikey extensions, rising free of

Winding forms, praising the sun-baths.


Several kilometers south, stately palms

Bent from fruit, reached roots into low

Trickles, profiting camels plus drivers.



a line, (a short blue one)



Cattails and Bullrushes


The sexual politics of mental illness inside of mailboxes,

Versus zyphers’ continuity along with advertised deceits

That use sassafras leaves, if toxic or otherwise anodyne,

Beyond cruel opossums, part-time jobs, minus fraternity

-pinned youths, steal statistics’ agendas, possibly history

Homework, together with regurgitating adverbs as verbs.


Past forty terrors, the desert no longer gleans happiness,

Aujourd’hui petunias, knee socks, library cards, far-off

Plagues. It’s subdued, receives grey kittens, frayed orbs

All silky cotton, cattails and bullrushes, wedding guests,

Visiting elders, strung pearls, minute potatoes, feasibly,

Furthermore, summer’s lotus blossoms sinking in oases.


The most salient vicissitude of sundry dinguses remains

The alienation of bird whistles, paperchains, small dogs,

Aluminum bonnets, as well as fortified cereal. At times,

It’s better to affect creativity, self-concept, little, weird

Modes of transmitting beliefs than to trace findings that

Synthesized over cold, chicory coffee. Java is important.


Elsewise, persons are injury by ranking hierarchy. Rare

Prayers create understanding, conviction, or passionate

Stases, though “worth” is even now cued via blistering,

False eyelashes, heaters, children’s crayoned drawings,

Sparkly lipstick, fishing rods, apartment rental charges,

Funny sounds that cars make when stalled by hoarfrost.




a line, (a short blue one)



Tehillim and Vanilla Cupcakes


Psalms, alike vanilla cupcakes, can gather

Real pertinence in life, toward preliminary

Prongs for examining principled practices.


Once farsightedness fails to cover topics,

The iniquitousness of discourse overrides

First-order and second-order approaches.


Theory-of-knowledge questions, similarly,

Manifestation-of-knowledge interrogates,

Are, most of the time, worthy of answers.


Rhetorical breakwaters protect unlimited

Spans of attention, pass people to unique

Relational explorations, rule perplexities.


Contemporary processes for sanctioning

Language, in the end, include useful and

Relatable arrangements, ethical statuses.


Creativity, identity, moreover, social lists’

Shortcomings, involve muddling personal

With public onuses, ill-applying strategies.


When regarding discarded support favors,

Peddle naught; proffer new growth, gratis,   

Illuminate common positions’ significance.


(The ultimate cultural catharsis may well

Stay constituted by items’ transcendence

Along with theories’ impartial behaviors.)



a line, (a blue one)


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